Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What's Life Without A Little Craziness?

There's been a few sleepless nights around here since my birthday last week - actually before that - but then, I'm not too worried about this. 

Every so often people around here - one person in particular - does some stupid things. And yet, he goes and blames everyone around him instead of sitting down and realising it's his life that is a mess. 

You see, I've had these dramas before when I first moved in here; and I've lived here long enough to not let things bug me, to let go of the wrong people and let the right people stick around in my life... this particular neighbour has still yet to learn this.

And this surprises me.

In a place like this, very little surprises me.

Anyway, after having apples thrown at my house because I asked him to turn down his music or close the door, then snapping at his visitor (because he's stalking my next door neighbour and stressing her out), I told the right people and tried not to worry.

Two nights later, on my birthday, I had settled in late - really late - when this particular, dramatic neighbour had a visit from his ex-girlfriend. She picked a fight, and it was on for young and old with those two. They had a screaming match in his house - throwing things and calling each other names - and she left. But instead of him staying indoors and sulking (like any normal person does), he followed her out to her car and really started in on her.


Well... I won't go into detail too much; as you can well imagine what happened then. Of course it went from bad to worse and their domestic went and woke up most of the neighbourhood... the police showed up and took him away (after the fight was over). 

Exactly why people do this is beyond me. But really, it get a little old when you get past 40 and you've seen this a few times in your life; and don't really want to be around it anymore.

But then, what is life without a little craziness? It's boring, solitary and very sheep-like (you know, very same and grey-looking). I don't mind a little craziness, but there's a time for it and a time to leave things be. Then, there's a time to do something about that person who is always turning life into a drama. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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