Thursday, January 23, 2020

Woah, What a Month!

This month has been horrible. Truly it's been horrible for me. This is why I haven't been in to write anything. I didn't know what to say about anything.

First off, after my last post, I went out with a friend for coffee and as I took her home, I asked one of her neighbours if he could move his car and he took it all the wrong way and treated me like crap. Then, attacked the car, kicking in the boot/trunk. And when I defended my property, he turned and punched in one of the windows... well, it was on for young and old after that! I don't remember much from it as my brain has protected me from the trauma of it all, but really, it's just been awful.
I got the window fixed and the boot will be fixed in a couple of months' time. I'm just taking each day as it comes - and some days are good and other days are crap. My PTSD is back with avengence; playing tricks on me and I'm aware of every single tiny noise around my place. I hate it I'm jumpy now. 

Well, if that wasn't bad, I came down with viral laryngitis last week - and as I kicking it out of my system - it turned into viral bronchitis! This week, I got an x-ray done to see if it had affected my lungs and my doctor found something going on with my heart. So, today, I'm getting a Doppler ECG done... all of this in one week. 

What a pain in the arse.

But I'm just taking one thing at a time to get everything done right. 

You see, I've been told to chill out and take care of myself. My doctor has given me orders to chill out and not stress, get early nights and just do whatever I want to do to enjoy life... and that's what I'm going to do. And that's how I'm going to get better. 

I'm sorry I haven't been here, but I just didn't want to load all of this on any of you. But this has been my horrible month. But, hey! It can only get better, right? Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Heck of a New Year...

Okay... I haven't said anything here because my New Year didn't start the way I thought it would.

Normally, I'm gardening, cleaning out, washing the car, and mainly just minding my own beez-wax - you know, doing my own thing.

But this year, well, it was different. 

I took a friend out on the first days of the year and got my car beaten up by some guy three times my size. And all I did was ask him to move his car so I didn't run into it on the way out of a very tight driveway. 

Easy-enough request - and I asked nicely as well. But it seems you can't ask anyone anything anymore, no matter how nice you are about it. He took it all the wrong way and acted as though I was in the wrong. 

Suddenly, things turned from him being a smart-arse to him kicking and punching my car! I couldn't believe it! I ran out and shoved him hard... and well, that's all I really remember. There was a lot of yelling, screaming and him wanting to hurt me. 

Once his family got him under control, and safely back inside his home, they explained that he had mental problems and anger issues. Yeah? Well, that doesn't excuse him from doing what he did to my car and then turning on me, and my friends.  

The fortunate thing was that he turned himself into the police and wants to pay for all the damages he did to my car. From what I have heard, he knew he was doing the wrong thing and couldn't stop himself. I do believe it was right for him to admit that I didn't mean anything wrong by asking him to move his car. I didn't want to damage his car - or mine - and just wanted to make sure I could get out of the driveway without incident. 

It's been less than a week, and the window he punched in has been fixed. And my insurance company has been wonderful about this whole thing. As for the massive dent in the boot (which was looked at today by Swain's), they won't be able to fix that until mid-March. Oh well, can't get everything done exactly by my timetable, right? At least she can be fixed. 
The funny thing was the guy assessing my car asked 'His Four Wheel Drive had a bull bar did it?'. I side, 'There was no vehicle involved. A guy over 6ft and built like you wouldn't believe kicked that with his feet.' the guy went very quiet and wrote down what I said, mumbling, 'Oookay.' 

Well, that was my first week of the New Year. I'm just looking forward to having my Little Green Machine back to normal again. She's halfway there... I'm not worried about her too much, so long she locks and the boot doesn't come open while I'm driving - which she doesn't - that's all that matters. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

48 Hours

It's only 48 hours before the beginning of 2020.

So much has happened in this decade, so many things have gone on. So many great people who have come into our lives have been lost - in our personal lives and in the film and music world. 

I mean, David Bowie, Robin Williams, Prince, Paul Walker, Leonard Nimoy, Luke Perry, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds (one day after her daughter), Elizabeth Taylor, Bill Paxton, Tom Petty, Aretha Franklin... and there's so many more of the people who changed the music and movies in our lives. A lot of us loved them, and will always be changed by them and their voices. Many more of them will always be missed by us all, no matter how many years pass. 

This year has been a difficult one for me as I lost another lot of friends who were close to my heart. One of them was my ex-boyfriend, Mark Davey. Even though we didn't date for very long, and I broke it off (because I wasn't ready for a relationship and really didn't want to hurt him - but I did), we did stay friends. However, as he became more sick with cancer, he pulled away from everyone around him. It still hurts to think and talk about him; but it's been only a couple of months. What does hurt the most is that Mark and I share a birthday, and that really will hurt a lot next year; not having him around to celebrate with me. 
I do have quite a few of his paintings in my house now. There's the first one he gave me on our first date - which is in my bedroom. It's the bunch of flowers he gave me, 'because these don't die.' I love them. Then, we bartered when I gave him a book on Frida Kahlo, and I scored on of his sculptures. Then, when his family gave some of his paintings to the LAA, I picked out 'Changing Positions' and wondered if there were any other Hibiscus ones around... and found a good-sized purple hibiscus painting, which nobody wanted. So, I took that one. They are all in my house; and I love them.

I've lost another few friends in my life who were close to my heart. Sue Notary passed away in June here in Brisbane, and I was going to go to visit her the following week. I couldn't make her service. She and I have been friends for some years, and I met her on a Facebook group. What a lovely lady to know. 

But this year, I've been painting and working on my next exhibition next year. It's been something which has been keeping me busy. During this past Winter, I worked on the upkeep of my garden and it's been looking good too. I moved things around, and have begun to throw things out. 
And on Christmas Night, I sat down and filled 6 rubbish bags with junk to throw out in the bin outside! On Boxing Day, I filled another 2 bags and tossed them in the bin outside. Then on 28th, December, I filled another 3 rubbish bags and threw them out in the bin too. Yes, I was on a roll! My bin is almost full, and I'm almost finished in cleaning up house - not quite done, but almost. I still have to clean out things and put things away. There's still so much to get done, and yet, it's just 2 days away from the New Year.

I wonder if I'll make it to before it's the New Year. I'm hoping so. What about you? Are you madly cleaning out the house for the new decade - like me? Or are you still working on getting in and working on the leftovers in the fridge from last week? Only kidding. I don't have any leftovers in my fridge; as on 27th, December, I had to go shopping and pick up some groceries. Well, that's all from me right now, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

It's Christmas!

I'm not going to blame my lack of posts on this. Nope, I'm just damned lazy.

Yeah, that's it. Also I haven't been feeling great lately, either. I've lost a few more friends in the past few months; and just withdrawn a little more - not a good thing to do. But in doing that, I've concentrated on my art, my knitting and my garden.

So, when the time came to head down the coast, I was more than happy to get down there and chill out painting, walking in the early morning sunlight and get some serious photographs. 

It's always good to get your head straight when things aren't going well, isn't it? And the best place for me to do that is away from the city, by the ocean. It's just how I've worked. I got in and read half a good book, started reading another one, and did some painting, finished up knitting something and went out with my Mum to a few places around Brunswick Heads. 
Yep, it was a perfect time away for me. We ate mud crab, had good laughs, watched reruns of 'The X-Files' and Dad thought my night-talking was hilarious (I mumble in my sleep). 

Well, it's coming to the end of the year, and when I came home from the coast, I walked through the door of my house and thought: 'What a completely messy place I live in!' I hadn't unpacked when I started decluttering around my place! I had to, I just can't live like this. There were bags of things I sorted out, a grabbed a box and filled it up and stuck it next to the door and found I was unpacking from the coast and packing other things for the closest charity store at the same time.

I'm really looking at what I want in my house - and it's only days away from Christmas. The good thing is that I've got food in my fridge, the backyard is flourishing, the lawn is finally growing (from seed) and my good friends who looked after my yard for me did a great job. I gave them a lovely box of chocolate for being there when I needed them. And yesterday, I gave away 2 handbags, a set of drawers which sit on the counter, upcycled another set of counter-top drawers and filled a box with old paintings, clothes and other things I no longer need. I'm going to be doing this again this coming week, in readiness for the charity stores opening again. 

And next year? Well, in the first two weeks of January, my house will be cleaned out so fast and well by that time, the place will be unrecognisable. I'm not going to let it get filled up like it has been again. I'm not sure what's happened lately, but I just can't live with the crap around me like I have done in the past two years. 

So, what about you? Are you suddenly cleaning up and throwing things out? Are you doing a big clean out and giving things away? Or is it just me? Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here. Merry Christmas and I'll see you in the coming New Year. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Last Day of the Month

I haven't been in here very much. But there's been so much going on lately in my life that I havent had time.

This month, I did the National Novel Writing Month; and smashed it by a day... with 8 words to spare. Last year I had 16 words spare. I really know how to cut it fine, don't I?

Anyway, last night, I was watching 'The X-Files' on Viceland, when an 8-legged young Huntsman took a stroll across my living room floor. He was very young because he stopped under my kitchen table and waited there for me to get my shoes on and grab the bug spray... normally something like that knows to hide. But I came back, and he was still there looking at me as though we were going to be friends. Yeah, me? Friends with a spider - I think not! I don't know who was more freaked out, me or him... but he's dead now.

Today, I got in and started cleaning up the house. First place was my art area next to the back door. I pulled out everything and reorganised everything, throwing out 3 big bags of crap, tossing out a box of sprung pegs I was hanging onto 'just in case' I needed them. And I also threw out picture frames I didn't want anymore as well... you see charity stores aren't going to use them, so I'm saving them the trouble of throwing them out. 

Well, the table easels were sorted, the calendars were too, and the blank canvases got a home too... I'm proud to say that the boxes by the door were gone through and I now have 2 plastic boxes and that's it. This took 3 hours to do and I stopped for a drink or two of water and an ice coffee... now I just want to go to sleep after something to eat. 

Anyway, in between all of this, I went out and bought my Christmas present to myself: a pair of Instep shoes. I've been meaning to get a second pair. They're just so darned comfy.  After I got home, I was back into the cleaning out... and I got it all finished. 

Before this was done, I did 3 loads of laundry, washed up some of the dishes and put out 2 other bags of rubbish. And after the clean-out, the bin outside is now full to the brim. What a great day I've had. 

Tomorrow, I'll be doing other things around the home office to clean up, and working on a Christmas present; so it won't be so hectic. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

East Coast Bush Fires

Okay, by now, you've all heard about the huge bush fires which have been terrorising us up the east coast of Australia from the back of Sydney, up the North Coast of New South Wales and the Gold Coast and around the back of Noosa and around the back of Ipswich, Logan City and further north here in Queensland.

Anyone who knows me personally as a good friend, I'm here to let you know: I'm fine. Stressed out to nothing else, but fine. I hate natural disasters like nobody's business, and get to the point where I lose sleep and suddenly bust into what I call 'stupid tears' but it's a way of dealing with the stress. 

But I'm okay otherwise.

I'm knitting like nothing else. I made a long beanie in 3 1/2 days - and that's fast for me; as it normally takes me 2 weeks. I needed something to do to keep my mind off what was going outside. I've been decluttering day and night so I have tidy house to clunk around in during the smokey and hazy days - which are no fun because I cough during them.

We're going into our 2nd day of smoke haze; which causes Brisbane to have worse air quality than Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing. On Monday, I wore a mask while I drove my car. You see, I hate having my window up when I drive because I like to be able to hear the other vehicles around me; and not be locked inside my car by my window and be deaf to the world. So, I wore a mask while I drove and scored a lot of people staring at me - mind you, they were all cocooned in their cars with their windows up and in their air-conditioned comfort. Yeah, good for them, wait until they park that vehicle and have to get out and walk around without a mask on. At least I had that covered.

Am I scared about the bush fires being this close? Yes, I am. I'm as scared about them as I was when we had the Brisbane floods in 2010/11 and the news was banging on about how many roads were cut, how much water there was around the place, how much food there wasn't in shopping centres... how much fuel we should have.. how much... what we should do. Emergency kits. And speaking of, I've even had my mind playing tricks on what I should be packing if we do get told to move (which is most probably never going to happen if it rains tomorrow - which I hope it does). 

Anyway, Just letting you know, I'm okay. The smoke haze is coming back today, and I'll have to close my windows here in my home office so my computer doesn't get stuffed up by it. But you know, I washed my car two weeks ago, and it's got a fine coating of soot on it... I keep washing it off, but it keeps coming back. I'm not washing it again until this is all over! Well, anyone I know out there, I hope you're all well, you're all going okay. Take care in this and keep in touch. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

This Month of Busyness

Well, I've been meaning to come in here and write - but well, everytime I do, life has just gotten in the way!

Let's start at the beginning, okay? 

My birthday was in the first week, and I drove to my brother's house with all birthday gifts for him and my niece (as they have birthdays two weeks after mine). Anyway, we had a great day and night together, with plenty of laughs and music. Their dog was just a sweetheart and sat my feet and enjoy the doggy treats I bought for her from Mount Tamborine last month. 

Then the following week, I scored a nice, heavy easel from the LAA. They were giving it away; and it was just perfect for the days where I'm going to sit and do detail work on a painting. So, it's a great piece to own. 
During the month, I worked on my garden, and shopped at Bunnings to get myself a good lot of cheap plants and some mix for the garden. I also moved my plants around to make more space for the Tahitian Lime tree; as it needed the room to grow. 

I had moved the office around a little last month, and so I began to shred a lot of paperwork from the filing cabinet and looked into what kind of new desk I'll be getting for my office - as I'm going to be doing that in the new year. However, the front garden and backyard still have a few little things which needed work on. 

My artwork came along well at the Tuesday Art Group. I finished on painting, and continued with a few others. There were two I'm working on; on called 'The South Arm' while the other is called 'The View' - both oil paintings and both nearing their completion. I can't wait finish them both, and move onto new work. I've decided to not only paint landscapes of the Northern Rivers area of Brunswick Heads, but also Brisbane, Sandgate and around Thorneside and Logan City. It'll give for a wider scheme of projects and I'll be able to work on a better lot of places over the next year or so. 

My beanies are finally in their exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery's Pop-Up Store. They're all for sale and I do take on commission works if you wish. Just tell me what style you're looking at, and the colour you'd like, and I'll work on it over the next few weeks. I'm a fast knitter. 

This month has been a wild ride. I've had some sadness just before my niece's birthday, though. My dear friend, Mark Davey, who lived to paint and draw every day, passed away from cancer. He was suffering from another illness, but that wasn't what took him away from us. He was the best man anyone could call a friend. He encouraged me in my work, pushed me to become a financial member of the Logan Artists Association and showed me ways to paint like I've never thought possible. I will miss him dearly as a friend, a fellow artist and a Birthday Buddy as well (as we shared a birthday together). Rest well, Mark. Paint your part of Heaven in the way you did in life - with every colour on your palette; and more you never saw here.  

Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Busy Month

Oh yes, it's been a busy month; and I've finally got time today to tell you all about it.

It's raining. It's Spring and it's raining - finally. The thunder is rolling overhead, which is lovely, and my garden is getting watered without me having to do it. And I've worked on it for most of the year - just little things really - but the plants are going well. 

It's October already and my birthday has been and gone, my brother's birthday is today, and I'm working on cleaning out my home office. I've almost got the black 2-drawer filing cabinet cleaned out, and will be shredding more things from the place today. Along with that, I'll be moving all my stationery into a better place, so it doesn't take up the space on top of Grandpa's desk. I still use this desk for what I need and I'll be cleaning it out for what I want - as it's got so many little things in it from his time (and I love so much in there but it's not of any use for anyone now). 

A lot of what I've been doing lately is preparing for the Pop-Up Store at the Logan Art Gallery. I've made a few beanies and found an old suitcase which I've had in storage for ages. I cleaned it up and cleaned it out and have begun to put things inside it to take to the demonstration day there. I can't wait until that day. It's going to be a good day. 

Otherwise, I've been putting things away, cleaning out and donating items to charity. The garden also got a clean up over Winter and now, just yesterday, I put out some lawn seed and watered it in. And thankfully, it's raining and I don't have to water this afternoon. It'll help with germination of the seed. 

I'm doing National Novel Writing Month next month; and so far, I've been very prepared with everything - from the research to knowing what I want to write about. I've begun a draft of the work too. So, I'll be working on something straight away when it comes around next month; which is great! 

But I'm taking it easy lately, seeing I've got laryngitis. And the doctor told me to chill out and not talk unless I need to; no whispering or singing. No singing? Oh man... but then, I have a cough which sounds like a horn now. I guess it's going away. I just have to make sure to not sing or speak - kinda hard when my phone rings and people keep trying to sell me things all the time or the NBN keeps telling me to join the NBN when I've already done that. Or some body is trying to scam me saying somebody I know is in hospital.... well, how can I not speak? 

Oh well, can't win 'em all, right? 

Anyway, that's my month. It's been busy and weird. We've had a heatwave and freezing cold nights. We've had four seasons in one week - and a day too - and yet, it's still October. Halloween is coming up and I'm looking forward to that as well.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019


It's the beginning half of my birthday month; and so far it's been so busy, I've barely had time to sit still.

I've spent last weekend at my brother's house for my birthday - where we all swapped gifts. And thank goodness we did that! Because this weekend, I've begun losing my voice. On Thursday last week, I was forever clearing my throat, and just couldn't loosen up the frog from my throat in the morning, and by last night, I simply couldn't raise my voice higher than a whisper. 
This morning, I was coughing and sounded horrible. So, off to the doctors I'm going to see what I've caught. I'm feeling fine, it's just my throat which isn't.

Anyway, this week, I had so much planned to do - like heading back to the gym on a more regular basis - but that will have to be put on hold until this throat clears up. Then, my art group will have to be missed until I'm better (yeah, I'm not going anywhere near there until I'm less contagious). 

I've been decluttering my place in big ways again too. I cleared out a big space in under the stairs and it was great to get rid of things I seriously didn't need anymore and get them off to the charity stores. 

But today, I reorganised my back garden too. My Tahitian Lime Tree needs a new - bigger - pot and so does my Ficus, and I'll be buying a the new pot for the Tahitian Lime first. It's trying to put out fruit, so I'll get some citrus mix for it and then a large pot for it too, and repot it by November. Then I'll do the Ficus before Christmas.

This first half of my birthday month has been great - except for my forced silence of my voice - otherwise, I'm going well. So, how are you all? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

A Busy Time!

I've been meaning to come here and talk, but every time I do, I feel as though I have to wait and see how something in life works out first.

Now, it's Monday morning. Spring is definitely here in Australia and the birds have eaten every berry off the Moch Orange shrubs in my garden... such cuties they are! And I've finally got time to sit and talk here.

My life has been weird lately.

I'm knitting a lot of beanies - more than I did with the commission for the Logan Art Gallery - because I'm doing a demonstration in a few months there; and need to have enough to show while I'm there in November. But I'm also knitting a lot because it's something to do with my hands at night and I really do enjoy it.

I'm painting still too. But I'm not doing it for profit, I'm painting because I love to paint and make lovely pictures. It doesn't matter what I paint, so long I enjoy my work.

And then there's the garden. I've been working in it a lot lately. There's been herbs to replace, the lawn to work on over the next few weeks (because it's just dirt now) and plants to replace because they've died and need to be replaced with lovely new greenness. 
Otherwise I do enjoy being in my garden; as it's my escape from the outside world.

Speaking of escaping from the world... I'm finally getting into my home office declutter. Yay! Yes, it's been a long time coming and I'm working hard on getting rid of the crap from this particular room. So far, I've won a small shredder and gotten in and shredded 2 rubbish bags of paper from the top drawer of the filing cabinet and they've been tossed in the bin outside! Woah! That's a lot of stuff to get done. And my tall bookcase and Grandpa's Desk have swapped places in the office in the first part of the office make-over. 
I'll be getting rid of the saggy bookcase and the desk I'm currently working on - and replacing the bookcase with a good, sturdy IKEA one to put next to the tall one. The tiny one by the window will go where the old saggy one went and then the old desk will be tossed, and I'll get a plain, ordinary student desk with drawers - nothing exciting. This corner desk is falling apart and wobbles all the time. So, it's getting tossed. The filing cabinet is going to be my Dad's, and everything the office will be moved around... I'll have more floor space and it'll be better in every way because I'll be able to open the other curtain in the daytime. 

So, part one has been done, and I'm looking forward to part two and three happening soon. I'm just working on saving up money to buy the desk and other bookcase. I'll need another shelf for the small bookcase... but that's nothing really. Well, it's a lot of news in a post, right? But, that's what happens when you forget to write. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.