Saturday, November 19, 2016

Haven't Stopped This Week

This week, I haven't had a day to myself.

It's been a familiar tune, hasn't it? Well, okay, not familiar, but happening more often. The closer we get to Christmas, the busier we all become.

This week, I had craft group on Monday, with a very sore tooth. I had no idea at the time that I had damaged my gums a few weeks ago. But eating had become almost impossible. Anyway, I just didn't eat anything much for about three days... mainly I drank milk, water and cold tea and yoghurt because they didn't hurt my mouth. 
Tuesday had me out and about at the NaNoWriMo meeting at the Logan Central Library, where I wrote about 2,000 words with another writer. We really got chugging along there. Emily finished her book, whereas I got my characters caught in a storm - not a bad writing session.
Wednesday was the longest shopping day on record. I went to the dentist, found out I had damaged the gum above my sore tooth with a toothbrush bristle (who would have thought I could do that!). Then the dentist asked me if I had used a harder brush, and I said I may have once a few weeks ago, and he said that's what did it. Well... okay. I was relieved to know I didn't need to have the tooth out.
Grocery shopping was done, and then I did some Christmas shopping and I arrived home. By that time, it was around 2pm! Woah! What a day!
Thursday had me up at 6am to put a few things away and do a couple of loads of laundry as the day started. In the afternoon, my folks and I took off to see my niece, Riley, off to her formal/prom and she looked wonderful! She and her date were driven in a 1962 Impala! What a car! Afterwards, my brother and his girlfriend, Mum, Dad and I were off to the Nundah Hotel to have dinner. We arrived home at around 8:30pm. 
Yesterday, I had an appointment at the Chiropractors. I did more laundry and started tidying up the house for Christmas. I bought some cheap streamers for outside the house (five streamers for $5.00 - what a deal!). When I arrived home, I was so tired!
Today, I slept in. After such a long and busy week, I didn't really want to get out of bed. But I needed to. I put all the craft gear where the tree was going to be set up upstairs wardrobe in my bedroom. Then, I moved a few things around, put the rubbish out, organised the coffee and washed up a few things before I made more easy-yo yoghurt and then made breakfast... yep, I've been busily working away at housework before breakfast. Now, it's afterwards, I just want to chill out this weekend and enjoy myself. 

What a week! Was your week as busy as mine? I hope so - or if you're busy enough as it is, I hope you found time to chill out. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Been A Week

I've been meaning to write something for over a week now, and then something up came up; and I couldn't write for another reason... then the next thing I knew I had a whole weekend flit by and now, it's Wednesday (a hot and horrible one, where we are now waiting for a storm to cool us off) and still I haven't written a damned thing.

I guess John Lennon had it right: 'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.' 

Boy did he hit the nail on the head! 

But really, I haven't had a day to myself in almost 3 weeks. Two weeks ago, I finished fixing up my Great-Grandmother's wash table and brought it home... so it's all done and dusted (except for the back and the arms). Then, Dad came around to look at my kitchen tap and the side car port door - which needed fixing in a big way. The tap took only a few hours, but the door took a longer time. 
Then, in between all that, I had volunteer work at the gallery, shopping bills to pay and other things to work on around the house - like my grocery shopping to do, laundry and washing up as well as putting away laundry when I could. 

It's been getting hotter as well... man the weather has been weird. First freezing cold, then boiling hot... and it's only Spring! 

The Melbourne Cup was amazing! One of my horses came in 3rd and so I didn't win much money. Oh well, next time. At least I won something.

Then, Dad finished up with the door and I started watering the lawn twice a day as the weather turned really hot... and if it's going to be this hot now, it makes me wonder just how much hotter is it going to get? Not too much hotter I hope... it's going to hit almost 40 degrees Celsius this week; and that's our Summer normally.

Well, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month and I'm clocking along with that really well this time around. My book this year is a time travel one - kind of like Jack Finney's way of writing - and so I hope it works out well enough to be looked into by somebody. I have been going to NaNoWriMo meetings this year, as there's some going on around Logan this time - as most years, they're around Brisbane city and not on the outskirts. I hope to work it out better and work on some serious writing at my next meeting. Well, that's what I've been up to lately. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.