Monday, February 28, 2011

February's Something Different!

Weather features a lot in this month's posts... and for good reason.  February is one of the hottest months of our calendar year here in Australia and this year is no different.  But in the past few months, we've had the same amount of rainfall as we did back in 1974.  So, when we were told we were going to get hot weather this month, we braced ourselves.
In one of my posts, I'd had been working on a new book and it consumed me so much, I lost sleep (which isn't so unusual when I'm working on something new) and seeing the hot weather was keeping me awake anyway, I didn't see much use in sleeping anyway, so stayed awake.  I waited until I really needed the sleep and ended up crashing when I needed to.

But all wasn't about the weather, writing books and overtiredness.  On 13th, February, the family got together to celebrate Dad's birthday from the week before at Gabe and Kat's place.  It was a weekend when Riley was around and so it was perfect for Kat's family to come by and join in the merriness.  We spent a good amount of time hanging out in the heat and chatting, eating snacks of cheese and biscuits and chips.  Then, Gabe got in and made his famous pizzas.  

During that afternoon, Dad was away driving a limousine for a wedding; so on the way to Keperra, Mum and I dropped him off to Tony's to pick up the car, as he was the only limo driver who drive this particular model limo (it's one where if the motor cuts out or is switched off, your foot brake doesn't work, and a lot of younger drivers don't remember that). Anyway, while there, Mum and I took some lovely photos of a Rolls Royce around the corner under a carport that was dressed and ready for a wedding; a nice old one.  
That night was a fun night of pizzas, music and cooking marshmallows over an open bonfire in the backyard.  All the kids enjoyed it and I showed them how to get their marshmallows charcoaled just right and make sure they don't fall off their sticks... but then, it takes a lot of practice to keep them from falling off.
Then, this year, I decided to join in the World's Greatest Shave!  It was a spur of the moment decision and instead of shaving my red tresses off, I'll be colouring; deciding on blue and purple hair spray.  Very fun and cool punky colours which are completely opposite to what I have currently.  I put my goal down as $500 and have reached almost $200.  Even if I don't get to my goal amount, at least I've raised some of it to go to a worthy cause.  And I've done this because a lot of my friends on Bookcrossing and across the globe - as well as in my family and friends - have fought and survived and are currently living with, fighting and working with doctors to survive Cancer.  So, seeing I'm a survivor of a type of cancer, I thought to get in and raise money for this very worthy cause.
Last week was last week.  I got my hair cut, spent some money, worked on getting more sponsors for the World's Greatest Shave and bought a birthday gift for a great friend of mine.  I'm sure she'll love it.
The weekend has been busy and I'm paying for it with sore muscles now.  I've been cleaning out my old units that held my television, dvd, VCR and HD box with cds and a lot of other stuff I need to put away into a new television unit my Uncle Allan gave me when he updated to a new one for his house.  Now it's here, I've got a bit of work to do to get it all back into it and my lounge room looking somewhere near normal.
After we got the whole entertainment system hooked up again - which wasn't that hard really seeing it was all very new - Mum, Dad and I had about an hour to get ourselves ready to go to River Hope at the Greenslopes Bowls Club.  And what a place!  There were so many bands and so much entertainment!  On two stages, bands played; on the outside stage, were the cover bands and the inside stage was where the originals played.  Gabe and his band - Blue Honey - played.  And it was great when they did! 

During the day, there was Barefoot Bowls and other entertainers enjoying the days.  Kids ran around after Captain Jack Sparrow and there was music floating through the air as bands came and went all day to raise money for the flood victims of Brisbane and the Lockyer Valley (where they're still working on bringing life to some kind of normal for them all there).  I stuck around with Geoff and Vivienne Treagus for Darren Percival who was amazing at the end of the night!  He's a one man band where he makes all the noises of base, electric guitar, harmonies and then gets in and sings too... you've gotta see him to believe how much goes into his acts.  Then, he gets into the audience and totally enjoys himself; getting us to join in the act... great fun!  
I got home at 8:30pm and was completely stuffed yesterday.  I didn't watch that much television... instead I sat on the computer and tried to upload my photos of what was taken yesterday.  But alas!  All the photos of Blue Honey's concert didn't upload... none of them!  So, I have nothing to show to say that Gabe and the band played there... now that just sucks big time, doesn't it?  
Well, today, I'm on the last day of the month.  I've nabbed a couple of small Egyptian Sage's from outside unit 6 (I did ask if I could first; and didn't just take it.  The resident was pleased I asked first and didn't just yank 'em out).  Then, I've put the furniture outside I don't want in the house... that is two lots of shelving, and soon, my old television unit... to be taken to Endo's for somebody else to love and enjoy in their homes.  Now, this is it for the month of doing something different.  Let's see if I can get in next month and throw out more junk, eh?  Now, that'd be great!  Until next month's Do Something Different, take care... and I'm always here.

Friday, February 25, 2011


What can I say?  It's the end of another week and I've gotten nowhere with my next door neighbours and their water hammer; them to fix it.  It's been almost a year now and they still think it's my problem and my fault that my house is noisy... weird.
Well, this week, I got in and worked on my portrait; and got somewhere.  It looks pretty good.  I went out on Monday and bought some paint; exchanging some empty tubes for new ones at Riot Art.  Then, I bought some black paint and was set to get into working on it.  While I was at Garden City, I got my hair cut and did a few other things as well as bought two books; the only ones I purchased for the month... so I've been good.  Last month, I only bought two books too!  I'm getting better at buying only what I'll read instead of what looks good; and I'm making sure that's what I do.
Tuesday was a day of sticking around here after a stinking hot day that Monday was... and that day turned into a horrible line of storms that cooled us off for the week; causing us to pull out the blankets and sleep really well.  So, at night, I've had to close up the house a little early because the breezes are turning cooler than they were last week.  Our seasons have changed rapidly here.
We've also had evening showers and so when I wake in the morning, my clothesline is wet and all the plants have rain drops on them.  I've also noticed that I have acquired new neighbours over the back fence in the last week.  There's a father and son team who moved in last week or so and they spent a lot of time cleaning up the back courtyard.  Then the young couple who moved in this week who I only caught a glimpse of last night - and didn't wish to say hi to me, rushing inside before I even got out a 'good evening' was kind of weird.  But I suppose they're okay and quiet.
Today, I went out to the Chiropractors soon after my neighbour decided to stay home after she went out at 6:30am.  After spending most of her morning in absolute silence, she turned on a tap and my place went nuts... with water hammer.  How fortunate (maybe not for Little Miss Stevie because she was stuck with it for the day), I went out after midday.  I caught a bus to Springwood, went to Suncorp - only because their phone banking wasn't working - and got out some money, bought a cheap money box (something I'd need a can opening to open after using it) and then I walked to Mum's house.  Before going to the chiro's I printed out an e-mail for Rockaway's Music Store and took off... then I went.
After getting my treatment, and getting a couple of sponsors for the World's Greatest Shave, I went to Rockaways and spent an hour and half trying to choose a couple of John Farnham vinyls for a die-hard fan of the man... something she wouldn't have in her cd collection.  I got talking to an older man who had travelled from the other side of town to come to the music store.  He and I swapped music and concert stories and he said that it was amazing that I loved music in the exact same way he did and yet I was so young.  I told him that my maths part of my brain didn't work and that my folks pushed me to be able to keep time with music; and it lead me to learn a musical instrument... and now I love music of all kinds; not just rock, not just classical, no just jazz... all kinds.  He reckons that's it with music; it's an international language for everyone. 
Well, I watched 'UP' tonight on dvd and loved it.  Don't know why I didn't watch it at the movies... but I didn't.  I'm so glad I waited until I got the surround sound system though as it sounded amazing!  I could hear every single rock and leave move around the place... very cool!  Well, until my next post, keep well, keep safe and I'll still be here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The World's Greatest Shave! - An Update!

It's been a little while since I last wrote about this... so I thought to let you all know how this is going.  I received my kit last Friday and have raised over $100.00 of my $500.00 goal!  The first people I asked to sponsor me were the Slacks Creek Post Office; and they did with $5.00.  I tried out the Woodridge Fire Station - who put in their own words - nah.  But their Captain kindly said that they did their own shave for the Leukemia Foundation and it was nice of me to ask anyway.  
I worked at the Logan Art Gallery on Friday afternoon.  So, I asked everyone there to sponsor me and I raised $30.00 on that afternoon!  What a day!  It was so very cool of them to help me with with.
Yesterday, I had my hair trimmed; so I didn't use so much spray on the day.  Now, it's a little short, but my hair will grow before the day, so it'll look good.  I went to Garden City to purchase the hair spray colour and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to get the colour out at the end of the day.  You see, I have coloured my hair before with permanent colour and this shampoo really does work to get a colour out if I didn't want it; or wanted it out sooner than if it wore out, I shampooed it out with this shampoo and conditioner.  So, I'm using T-Gel Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner 2 in 1... I hope it works.  I'm sure it will.
I wore my badge for the World's Greatest Shave yesterday and took along my sponsorship book, but I didn't get anymore sponsors.  But when I got online, I found that I had been sponsored again by my Mum for around $50.00 or so.  So, I'm going well!  If you'd like to sponsor me, just go to this link The World's Greatest Shave Profile
I hope you can keep track and see how far I go.  And I've found an event I'm going to attend in my local area. 

Centro Shopping Centre
Cnr Fitzgerald Ave & Rochedale Road (Service Road)
Springwood 4127 
12, March, 2011
10am - 12pm
Outside Woolworths.

I'll be there with my Mum and other friends who I hope will be there; as I've put it up on my Facebook page to see if they wish to come along.  I will be putting up photos of me with my hair coloured for the day on my Facebook page and also see if I can get my Hotmail/Live photo albums working too.  Well, that's all for now.  Take care and I'm always here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World's Greatest Shave!

It's that time of the year again!  Yep, it's where you can choose to shave off your hair, beard, leg hairs... or you can colour your hair some wild and weird colour all in the name of a great cause.  The Leukemia Foundation has put out the word for people to volunteer themselves to be sponsored and have themselves shaved or coloured to raise money for blood cancer.  And I've put my name down for it!  
I'm not going to shave my long tresses off, instead I thought to play it safe and colour my hair a wild colour; I just haven't decided which colour yet.  I thought that hot pink might go well, but then, green might a winner too... or even an electric blue!  So, if you're one of my close Aussie friends and haven't received an e-mail about this, let me know about it and I'll forward it to you so you can sponsor me for this great cause.  And don't worry, the colour will only stay in for a day and will wash out completely.  And if you don't want to either, you can wig it for the day; yep, wear a wig!  Or wax hair off some part of you... if you can stand the pain of that.... in any case, it's to change the features of your hair.  And it's fun and to raise money!
I may even make a day of it and put up some photos on Facebook about it or on 365 Project and you'll all be able to have a look at it... or even photobucket as an album.  

So, what do you say?  Have you ever shaved or coloured your hair for this great cause - or any other for that matter?  I've collected money for MS when I was in high school and raffled off tickets for lots of yummy chocolates for the Logan Writers' Guild when we were trying to raise money one time (and we raised over $500 at that time!  It was a great success) and so this is a great cause and I've wanted to take part for some years; and thought that this year better than any other to do so.  If you'd like to take part, just google the title of this post and you'll find all you need to take part; or if you'd like to sponsor me, let me know in your comments.  Thanks guys.  I hope you have a great day... and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping Day

For a shopping day, I had things go from bad to really good.  I didn't get any mail and my red umbrella crumbled into tiny little bits in my hands as the heavens opened up, but then, I was in luck at the Life Line store when I found a wallet from Switzerland and a set of Worry Balls that had musical notes and Treble Clefs all over them... very nice.  So, I bought those and brought them home; seeing I didn't find any clothes or anything of interest  to bring home otherwise.  In turn, I donated about five handbags I wouldn't have used in the last year; and most probably won't use in the future either.  So, that was a load off my mind; and out of my house, letting somebody else use it instead.  

I bought myself a new umbrella (and it only cost me $6.95 for it at 'Carolyn's' next to Woolworths) and it's a good one too... it has lasted me all day so far.  But let's see if it lasts me over the next two days and it would have broken the 48-hour record for umbrellas in my house. The last umbrella I bought was very pretty, cost me $10 and only last me 2 days... very bad craftsmanship if you ask me.  And the place I bought it from wouldn't give me my money back; especially seeing I had my docket with me and all.  They gave me a store credit; pretty crappy if you ask me.

Well, I made my way to Woolworths and bought up big in fruit and veggies.  The tomatoes had water damage, the bananas were completely green (I was expecting that; as I was told that they picked them all and cut down all the trees before Cyclone Yasi hit) and I bought three blocks of 72% dark chocolate.  
But I got on with my day and just made it to K-Mart Plaza as it began to rain.  My shopping there only came to around $109; not bad if you ask me.  And I stuck to my list and it ended up being a top-up shop fortunately; even when I posted off something overseas too.  So, not a bad day out.
I got home just in time to watch the rain pour from the sky... it seems like today I was just in time to see it all happen.  How fortunate.  Little Miss Stevie had her butt cleaned out with water this afternoon as her bum feathers were covered in poo and I had to do something about it; and she really didn't like it.  However, I think it'll help her if I get in and help with it each day until her leg is stronger and she can care for her bum feathers herself.  

Okay, enough gross stuff about my little bird. Gotta go and chill out sussing out what's on the net now; what's good to read, what's not and enjoy life while it's raining outside.  Take care, stay safe and I'll always be here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday Get Together

Yesterday, Mum, Dad and I went to Gabe and Kat's place for a family get together.  On the way there, Dad was dropped off at Tony's place to drive a limo to a wedding.  It's an old one and Dad's the best limo driver around to be behind the wheel; as if the engine stops, you don't have any brakes.  A lot of younger drivers don't know this; so this is why Dad's often asked to drive these older cars.
Once Mum and I took all these photos of Tony's cars, we chatted for a while and then took off; trying to figure out where to go to get to Gabe and Kat's house via the refedex.  It took us around half an hour and one wrong turn to get there and it was wonderful once we did.  Riley was there and she and I hung out and had some serious time together.  Then, we had some lunch and Gabe began on the pizzas - all seven of them - for dinner.  He makes the most amazing home made pizzas... they are delicious! 

By the time the yeast had risen and the ingredients had been cut up, Kat's family was all there, and the one-armed bandit had been working well and the space invader machine was getting a good work out by all the kids - young and old.  It was going well.  
We got some cheese and biscuits, chips and other nibblies going and then before long, Dad had called up and it was time to pick him up.  So, seeing Mum was picking him up, Kat said she'd drive Mum there and back.  It was a relief to know that she was with somebody who knew where they were going.  Anyway, they were back in no time and a good lot of the pizzas were done and the vegetarian pizza was almost ready to eat.  
As the night went on, we all talked and chatted, drank and enjoyed the night.  The bon fire got going and the kids cooked their marshmallows around it... some of them losing a few in the heat of the flames.  I had some; and they kids saw how good I was at keeping my double-decker marshmallows lit and charchoaled when I had pulled them out of the fire; and without them melting at the same time (the secret is to keep the stick spinning around so the sugar can't droop!).  I had six marshmallows before being handed a pavlova with fruit!  Yummo!  But then, there were other goodies that were being handed out too; like ice coffee... coffee push with ice cream!  Yummo... very rich and creamy.  
When everyone began to settle from all the excitement, I looked at Gabe and Kat's selection of books.  I love doing this as it tells a lot about the people who live in the house and their personality.  I found a very old The Skateboard Book by Ben Davidson from 1978 in paperback and cook books, motorcycle books and a large variety of gardening books too; as well as travel books.  There were funny books and also books on musicians by musicians.  I loved how many there were of those.  
By around 11pm, we were off to go home; and I got home here at around midnight; where I still had to have a shower and see if I could sleep (which I couldn't) and then I got myself online to look at a few things and once in bed, I found it hard to get to sleep.  Well, that was my Saturday.  Until my next post, take care and I'll always be here. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tired, Tired, Tired

Over the last week, I've been so very tired; and I know why.  I have been working on a book and it's been consuming my mind and keeping me awake over time.  However, as the day progresses, I feel better and more awake; it's really weird.  So, I try to get myself to do more things in the afternoon; and get myself tired.
Yesterday, I turned the computer off at around 3pm or so and did some washing up, had a shower, shaved my legs and sorted out the dirty laundry for today's washing.  Then, I sat down and had some cheese and biscuits and watched 'Head of the Class' after working on my self-portrait (which I'm finding harder than I first thought) and at around 5:30pm, I got in and made myself a simple salad wrap.  It tasted pretty bland, but I ate as much as I could before making a pot of Green Tea and grabbing some chocolate and then settling in for a few sitcoms and 'Neighbours'.
By the time 'Fringe' and 'Big Bang Theory' had finished it was 11pm and I dragged myself off to bed; being very tired and ready to sleep.  But once the head hit the pillow, and I had turned out the light, I was wide awake again.  I didn't know why; but I couldn't sleep and couldn't relax.  I had done all the right things and still felt like I needed to be somewhere besides right where I was... which was in bed.  My brain was still ticking over at the details of my last story I had worked on earlier that afternoon.  Bummer!  I really hate this part of being a writer; when I get into writing a book and it takes over my life to a point where nothing else really matters, but the book.  
But everything else does matter... my health, how I sleep, what I do and where I go does matter.  I must take care of myself otherwise I'll end up burning out because I've burnt the candle at both ends too much.  And this is what I don't like about being in this industry; not that I'm not published yet, that's not the problem.  It's that I have gotten some brilliant ideas, written them all down and suffered through the rough nights and horrible, zombied days that they cause and yet I still have to put up with not being able to sleep when I want to; when I'm supposed to.
The best thing I can do during these times is just look after myself the best I can and go with the flow until I lay down one night and am able to close my eyes and drift off without feeling like I'm supposed to be working on my writing.  Once I get back into the flow of sleeping well again, that's when I know I can go back to my work when I want; not because I need to but because I know it'll always be there for me to have a go at.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Another hot and steamy day has been and gone across Brisbane and is coming to an end.  Today was also my Dad's birthday; but we'll be celebrating it next week as a family because my niece will be included in the dinner then.
I've spent my afternoon at my parents' house having lunch with them, dancing, singing and listening to music from the 1970's that I grew up with.  Even though I was born in that decade, I listened to - and still listen to - a lot of that music; on vinyl mainly.  It's always good to know something about that genre as well as today's stuff then you know whether music has improved or not.  Personally, it has in some ways; but not in others.
Gabe and Kat came over and brought Jay with them as they'll be away overnight; and Jay is staying at Mum and Dad's.  She's a great dog and is a real people dog; so sociable and friendly.
It was great to see my brother and Kat even if it was for a little while; as always.  They were feeling the heat as much as I have been.  But before long, they were on the road again and we were left with Jay.  The afternoon wore on and we sat out the front, drank tea, ice coffee (home made) and took photos - some of them silly - of all kinds of things.  Then, 'Nut Bush City Limits' came on and Mum and I did the dance and made it through the whole song - it was great!  Dad tried it and gave up after he accidentally kicked over the bowl of water we left out for Jay.  Now, it's just past 5pm and I've just put on the JazzTrack online... hot good is that??? I've never done that before. :)
It's a good thing we can get that on here at Mum and Dad's place.  It's the same show that's on the radio but you can put it on the net and play it through your speakers.  I do love my jazz; no matter what kind (well, okay, so long it doesn't sound like they can't play their instruments, it's great).  

I just wish I could play this kind of thing on my piano and really get into it... now that would be something else!  I'd love that.  I've been listening to JazzTrack for some years now and Mal Stanley plays some great music and goes to concerts and places where jazz is prevelent.  He's done tributes to some great musicians from history and I've found some great works I'd otherwise would never have heard of if I didn't listen to this station.  It's on Saturdays and Sundays 5pm - 7pm on 106.10FM here in Australia.  
Okay, enough plugging of this station and my taste in music... I gotta go.  It's getting late and I'm sure Mum and Dad are hoping to go out for Dad's birthday tonight with friends and relatives.  Take care, keep cool - or warm - and remember:  I'll always be here. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Horrible Humidity

It's been dreadfully hot during the last week; and we all thought that after the cyclone up north, it would settle down and cool off, but we were wrong.  The heat has been just as bad and it's been horrible trying to get to sleep at night.
I've been taking showers where the hot water doesn't get used, eating salad wraps for dinner and turning the fan on at around 7:30am and turning it off just before I go to bed at 10:30pm... just to keep the place nice and cool enough for Little Miss Stevie.  And if that's not enough, I'll give her a spray from the water bottle to keep her feathers nice and cool before we go to bed; just a little so she gets to sleep without having to flap her wings to cool off.  I'm trying not to use the stove at around dinner time because the heat just seems to stick around afterwards and not go anywhere; even if I leave the kitchen window open.
Yep, this heat is dreadful.  I've slept with my hair in plaits and the bed wet down every night this week just so I could drop off to sleep.  And once I do, I kick off the sheets as it's too hot to curl up under it; and I've often woken up on top of it anyway to the cicadas singing away to the sunrise the birds outside screeching to the coming hot day... another one to carry on the Summer and sweat.
I've been escaping into the spare room with my computer and air-conditioner - which struggles to keep this room cool - and just fluffing around on here all day.  The fan is on pushing the air through the house as the radio plays all day with all the windows open; and Little Miss Stevie is by the front window catching any slight breeze she can to keep herself cool.  It's a bonus if a little bit of rain wets her; but she doesn't seem to realise it until I close the window how hot it really is.
I'd love to talk about how good it's been this week.  But really, I didn't get any mail until yesterday; an invite to a 30th birthday party.  I'll be going and taking a cool gift for the birthday girl; she'll love it!  And today, I received a very retro postcard from California; from a Bookcrosser who thought of me straight away when she saw it.   Otherwise, I've been trying to keep cool during the day and night; as has everyone else here in Australia.  People in Far North Queensland are trying to clean up after Cyclone Yasi, people in Victoria are preparing for floods and rain.  And people in Northern regions of America from Chicago to New York are suffering the worst snowstorms they've seen in 20 years (I think; don't quote me on it).  So, really, it's not just us suffering through something bad... I'm thinking about all of those right now who are either trying to keep water out of their homes, their homes together or trying to keep warm.  I hope you are too.  Until my next post, keep warm, dry and positive.  I'll still be here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather Mayhem

Now, last night was a horrible night.  Not a single breeze came through my window and I had to leave my poor little budgie downstairs in a closed-up house on her own... but I did spray her with a little bit of water before I came upstairs and tried to nod off - which didn't happen until well after midnight.
And even this morning, I had kicked off the covers and the breeze that did come through the lace of my window was hot and very little... so we were in for a real stinker of a day.  So, I did my best to keep my little bird from overheating and left the fan on 2 and left the front window open with towel along the sill in case it poured rain (like last time) and came in.  
While I was out, I walked a long way in the boiling hot heat.  It wasn't so much the sun that was hot, it was the humidity that really got us all; actually reminded me of the time I went to Vanuatu when I was 19 and how dreadfully hot it was.  But at least there was a lovely cool breeze when you sat in the shade.  Today, there wasn't a breeze; or if there was, it was hot.
I scored well at Life Line; two items.  There's a lovely piece of artwork of petrified flowers dipped in gold from Hawaii and a dress I bought; a Suzanne Gray one made in Australia, a size 10!  And it fitted me very well!  So, I bought those.  The Hawaiian art piece was very 1960's and has a domed piece of glass over it; so I had to be very careful about how I carried it and I showed a few people who thought it was absolutely gorgeous!  
I made my way to Woolworths only to be advised that all their cash registers had crashed; this included their ef-pos machines too.  Despite it being lovely and cool inside the store, I really wanted to get my shopping done... so I thanked the greeter at the door for the offer to come in out of the heat and kept walking to K-Mart Central Plaza.  I ended up shopping for all my vegetables and groceries at Coles there and picking up my prescriptions too.  Just as well I arrived at Coles the time I did as the people at the cash registers there were finding it hard to keep up.  I said that Woolworths' cash registers had crashed and the lady who was serving me told me that they had to close the store; this was very new news to me.  Amazing how we have become so dependent on computers as the years have passed by; and once they screw up, we are lost.  Fortunately, I'm not so attached to them that I panic when the power goes or when the I have dies.  I can pack my stuff and find my way to another; whether it be at a library or my parents' house, at least I know where I can find a good computer and internet access when I need one.
Well, once I got out of Coles, I donated to the Food Bin - as a lot of the food there was going to the flood victims around Queensland now.  I only gave a tin of diced tomatoes; but you can do a lot with that.  Next time, I might give a little more if I can; if not, I might stick to one thing.  And I went to the newsagency, bought my 'Good Reading' Magazine (yay! It came in!) and asked about how to go about putting in a Gold Lotto ticket for tonight's draw and getting a Gold Lotto card.  One of the ladies was very helpful as I haven't bought so much as a scratch-it for about 10 years.  She understood that when it comes to inflation, it's a matter of making sure you feed yourself first and buying those absolute luxuries later.  I said that I haven't filled out anything to do with Gold Lotto in such a long time I had forgotten.  She just smiled and said it's good I'm trying it out; even if I only do it once a month, it'll be good if I do win something.
I braved the heat again only to  be told that the ticket machine at the taxi rank had begun eating $2.00 coins.  So, I joined the queue and waited instead.  The next thing we knew, eight taxis showed up and picked us all up, taking us home with our shopping.  The cab driver I had said it was because it's so hot and Yellow Cabs didn't want to leave any of us out there in the heat of the shopping centres too long.  How good was that!  At least we know they're thinking of us out there.  And the cab driver was so fast and efficient about packing and unpacking my groceries that nothing was broken... he even let me off paying the .20c I owed him.  
But it's such a hot day still and it's getting onto 3pm.  Little Miss Stevie was tossed into her bath this afternoon by me as she didn't have one when I got home.  I made my drink and guzzled it down quickly, and the air conditioner isn't really making much of a difference to the computer temperature but it's fluctuating between 35 - 36 degrees Celsius.  At least it's not overheating.
Well, wherever you are today, keep safe from the cyclone in the Far North Queensland.  If you're not there, say a heart-felt prayer for those who had to evacuated from the path of the Cat 5 Cyclone Yatzi and keep cool... I'm trying to at the moment; and failing.  Take care wherever you are; and I'll still be here.