Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping Day

For a shopping day, I had things go from bad to really good.  I didn't get any mail and my red umbrella crumbled into tiny little bits in my hands as the heavens opened up, but then, I was in luck at the Life Line store when I found a wallet from Switzerland and a set of Worry Balls that had musical notes and Treble Clefs all over them... very nice.  So, I bought those and brought them home; seeing I didn't find any clothes or anything of interest  to bring home otherwise.  In turn, I donated about five handbags I wouldn't have used in the last year; and most probably won't use in the future either.  So, that was a load off my mind; and out of my house, letting somebody else use it instead.  

I bought myself a new umbrella (and it only cost me $6.95 for it at 'Carolyn's' next to Woolworths) and it's a good one too... it has lasted me all day so far.  But let's see if it lasts me over the next two days and it would have broken the 48-hour record for umbrellas in my house. The last umbrella I bought was very pretty, cost me $10 and only last me 2 days... very bad craftsmanship if you ask me.  And the place I bought it from wouldn't give me my money back; especially seeing I had my docket with me and all.  They gave me a store credit; pretty crappy if you ask me.

Well, I made my way to Woolworths and bought up big in fruit and veggies.  The tomatoes had water damage, the bananas were completely green (I was expecting that; as I was told that they picked them all and cut down all the trees before Cyclone Yasi hit) and I bought three blocks of 72% dark chocolate.  
But I got on with my day and just made it to K-Mart Plaza as it began to rain.  My shopping there only came to around $109; not bad if you ask me.  And I stuck to my list and it ended up being a top-up shop fortunately; even when I posted off something overseas too.  So, not a bad day out.
I got home just in time to watch the rain pour from the sky... it seems like today I was just in time to see it all happen.  How fortunate.  Little Miss Stevie had her butt cleaned out with water this afternoon as her bum feathers were covered in poo and I had to do something about it; and she really didn't like it.  However, I think it'll help her if I get in and help with it each day until her leg is stronger and she can care for her bum feathers herself.  

Okay, enough gross stuff about my little bird. Gotta go and chill out sussing out what's on the net now; what's good to read, what's not and enjoy life while it's raining outside.  Take care, stay safe and I'll always be here.

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