Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainy, dull Saturday

This morning, at around 6:30am, I was awoken by the great escaping black chicken. She was urgently clucking around the door of my room loudly, making sure I didn't forget her or her friends in the chook pen at the bottom of the yard.  By 7am, she was still hanging around my door, so I got up and readied myself to go outside... and you know, she was out there on the lawn waiting for me.

But today was the day where I seriously got myself packed and cleaned up the house.  So I cleared the lounge of my painting gear, put away my external hard drive and 'Aloha' pencilcase - with all its bits in it - and then I packed all my stuff out of the pantry, my vitamins and my medications into my milk crate. Then I put the freezer packs into the the freezer so they were ready for tomorrow.
My bag was next. I repacked it neatly and then put all my electronics into my Bookcrossing briefcase.  I still have a few things to go in the way of packing, but it's all last minute stuff to put away tomorrow morning after I get up.  It's mainly the sheets I have to strip from the bed and the duvet I borrowed from Gabe & Kat over the last week. The sheets are mine and I brought them with me, and I'm glad I did as we have had some pretty cold nights.... not to mention some just-as-cold days here.  But I've recovered quite well over the last week; and am feeling better as each day passes.
I am able to walk faster, sleep without painkillers, never lost my appetite, and got back into cooking within 4 days of getting out of hospital... so I was itching to get myself back on my feet again and not lay about the house, and this is good.

Also today, I've been without a computor. I'm typing this post up on a Samgung tablet - and it's driving fekkin' nuts as it's so slow to type anything on this; you're a fast typist normally.
Anyway, the reason I am without a computor is because the one I wascusing here at my brother's house started playing up on me on Wednesday, and by Friday night I found it was making strange whirring and beeping noises... and seeing my last few computers went out making those noises, I thought to save any big problems and turn it off - also they won't lose anything on the hard drives either. So, it's the tablet I'm using and this thing is frustrating.... so many darned typos which I have gone back to fix.

I am also itching to get home to my new bed, my huge collection of books and my internet system....aaaahhh, yes, no place like home. So, how has the first week of the school holidays been for you? Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day To Pack

Today, I woke to a dull day, but I got up, fed the chickens and found that it wasn't getting any cooler or warmer than it was going to be for the day... so the cloud cover from yesterday afternoon had stuck around and kept the temperatures down for the day.

But today is going to be used to packing everything.  It's not going to be necessarily be busy, just fiddly.  I'll be packing up my clothes, computer gear and painting stuff.  Then, I'll make sure I'll have all my bathroom gear and then pack up any food I can and be ready for tomorrow; to go home.  I just hope it doesn't rain too much.

I'm looking forward to going home, mainly because I can move around more easily than I did when I arrived here.  My surgical stitches have healed really well and the dissolving stitches are gone now... just have to wait until the sticky strips fall off and make sure I'm healing okay properly and then get back into my yoga to get my muscles stretched properly again and back into my walking again; as I'm really out of shape and have slowed down.

But today, I'm cooking up a nice cannelloni for dinner... a big one.  I'm making enough for Gabe and Kat too, for when they arrive home so they don't have to cook anything, just put it in the oven and heat it up and eat it, and it'll be ready to eat.  Very nice!  Oh, and the one I'll be making is on the Recipes label on this blog, in case you want to have a go at it.  It's a great recipe to have up your sleeve in winter and when you have plenty of pumpkin of sweet potato in your crisper.  And you don't have to have just that, so long you get the herbs right, you can put anything in cannelloni shells.

Anyway, I've done a little bit of work this morning and am looking at doing more this afternoon and then, there's just a bit more tomorrow morning then I'll be home by tomorrow night.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Few Hours Out & About

Today, it's been nice.  But the sun has vanished on us here in Brisbane, replaced by the cold breezes and Winter lows of the day.  
This morning, I got in and did some laundry while the sun was out, however by the time I was onto the second load, I noticed the cloud was coming over and moved it from the clothes line and onto the clothes horse under the deck.  I had plans to go out for a few hours today and didn't want to have my clothes wet if it rained while I was out.

Well, I did end up going for a walk late this morning - at around 11am - and I went to Electea Coffee House on the corner of Queens Parade.  Normally, this place is about 10 minute's walk, but it took me a good 20 minutes to get there and back.  But I did stay there for a good look-see for a few hours and for something to eat as well before I returned home.
While there, I shared a table with a lady and her daughter, Emily.  Emily wasn't shy in spreading herself out as she ripped open a new pack of children's cards and spread them all over the tiny table our coffee and food sat on.  She was funny.  The lady told me about a home business she was starting up called 'Nourish 'Em' where it was about feeding children - especially hers - organically-grown, fresh food and not packaged stuff.  I told her that I ate food that I made from scratch; which takes me hours to make... and it does help to not have a full-time job to really make it work out.  But having the time to work on the dinner really does pay off.
After the lady and her daughter went to the park, I had a good look around the store to find a few good things to buy.  I picked up a book called 'Waiting' and a vinyl with songs on it about NYC from the 1970's.  Then, I spotted a tea/coffee set in a corner where a mother's group was chatting away.  So, I excused myself and had a look at it; and found it amazingly beautiful... and I bought it for Gabe and Kat!  It was an Albanian Tea/Coffee set and the owner wrapped it up and bagged it for me.  After I paid for it, I thought it would be a good time to get in and have some lunch - so I did, ordering some eggs with spinach on Lemon Sour Dough bread... yummo!  And to add to that, I had a hot chocolate.  Very delicious.
By this time, the place was packed with customers who were trying to keep out of the cold and they were struggling to find places to seat them all comfortably.  So, by the time I finished my meal, another couple of customers were waiting to be seated.  I thanked the people who served me and the owner and was off on my way back to Nathan Street. 
Once back here, I wash up the tea/coffee set and have set it up on the end of the dining room table, so Gabe and Kat can see it when they arrive home on Saturday.  I can't wait to see what they say about it.  Well, that was my day out... and I'm really tired from all that walking. Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kicking Back

It's been a week since my surgery at Greenslopes Private Hospital and I'm recovering well here at Brighton.  My brother's house is nice, big and quiet; and  his chickens are cheeky, funny... and there's always one which gets out in the morning, so I'm woken at around 7am by an urgent clucking outside my door.  Yes, she knows where I am.

Today, it's on the cooler side, and windy, but I'm not worried.  So long I keep myself rugged up, I'll be okay.  
Last night, we had the moon - a full moon - the closest to earth this year.  It's called a Wolf Moon and it also means it'll be the brightest it'll be for over a year.  The tides will be very high today and over the next day or so too.  An amazing thing this Wolf Moon, don't you think?  I took a few photos of it, and found it lovely.
Also last night, I made myself a pizza from scratch.  It was great... right up until I realised I forgot the yeast!  Oops!  Oh well, I added it in with a bit of water and it rose.  Then, I cut the dough in half, wrapped on half up and put into the freezer and rolled out the other half and made a nice pizza with it.

I've been taking it easy here too; and yeah, feeling a little guilty about it too.  I wish I had more energy to get out and about, because I do want to go to Electea Tea and Coffee House - about a 20 minute walk from here - but I know it'd be wrong and too far for me.  But it's just such nice weather and if I took my time, it'd be worth it... really it would.  
Anyway, I might do that on Thursday; I'm not sure yet.  Tomorrow, I have to go and get some milk, vegemite and a pen or two (as the ones I brought along aren't working)... and so, I'm hoping to be able to get to the coffee house at some point and enjoy myself there.
I've been knitting up a storm too.  I began a scarf at home - a nice brown, fluffy one - and it's almost finished, as I've had plenty of time to just sit here and knit while watching a movie during the day.  I know that sounds lazy, but really, it's the doctor's orders to do nothing all day and rest... sounds boring really.

But this week - already - I've done some laundry, the washing up is done in the morning, my bed is made and chooks are fed.  And, until around 3pm, when the chooks are let out, I don't have to do anything but read, knit or paint; unless I want to have a shower... but that's just to keep warm.  So, yeah, I'm just kicking back right now.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back At Brighton

Well, I'm here at Brighton, minding my brother's house again; resting up after my  time in hospital.  There's the chickens to look after, and one single cheeky chookie who gets out whenever she wants at 6am every morning and takes a wander around the yard all day... she's the one Gabe and Kat have given up on trying to get a handle on.  They just let her go and do her own thing.

Today, I've been to the corner store.  On their way out, I asked if they could drop me off there and I'd dawdle back... of course they could.  So, it took me around 15 minutes to get back here which normally took me 5 minutes at a brisk pace.  But then, Kat asked me to put out some laundry for her.  This was put on at around 8am, and I've only just finished hanging it out bit by little bit... as I'm exhausted and sore still.

However, I've been sitting on the net not doing all that much.  I brought along some knitting and peg painting to get done here as well as some reading too.  So, I have some good stuff to get into; and I've also brought along all the food I'd need to eat with me from my grocery shop from last week.  There's absolutely no need for me to go to the store unless it's for milk - but that won't be for the next few days.  But by then, I'll be a little more able to move around, and more rested up.

The garden here is looking just lovely.  Winter in Australia is just wonderful.  In some parts, it snows while in others it gets really cold, frosty and plants that flourish in the cold, really do come into their own.  So, I'm seeing this happen around my area and around Brisbane right now.  
I arrived here in Brighton, Brisbane, last night, and it got really, really cold.  Mum insisted that I brought along my own flannel sheets; and I'm glad I did!  It was so very cold in the guest house and I had on 2 duvets there and it was cold this morning until around 9ish when the sun warmed up the area.  But even now, closer to lunch, if you're out of the sun, it's quite cool.

I'm hoping to keep myself occupied this week with a few activities.  There's my knitting, painting, reading and other little things that will be relaxing too.  I brought along all 7 seasons of 'Supernatural'  with me on dvd to watch... and then, I've got my books too - traditional ones as well as my e-books on my iPod that I nab for free off iTunes.  So, while I'm healing up, I'll get myself through a few scarves, some Crafty Pegs and quite a few chapters of some books I'm plugging through - no worries!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Week Away

Today, I woke to lovely sunshine and looking forward to going away to spend a week at my brother's house at Brighton.  This is to help me recover from my surgery; and all I'm going to do there is knit, paint pegs and read... and most definitely sleep.

This ought to be a good thing for me as the place is nice and quiet.  And it's a good area too.  I'm going to take a lot of food with me and enjoy the time alone to get over my surgery scars - which aren't hurting as much as they did when I arrived home on Tuesday.
The sticky strips are going well and wounds aren't sore anymore and aren't red either.  But I'm making sure I eat plenty of good food and get as much sleep as possible to help with the healing.
The only problem I have is a sore throat and a runny nose; but that from the change of season, and I'll be okay once that gone too.

Seeing this is going over the Winter School holidays, I'm sure this will work out well.  I also hope to see my niece too - but if not, that doesn't matter - so long she has a good time during these school holidays.

So, what are you up to this school holidays in this part of the world?  And if it's Summer where you are, what are you doing with yourself?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Road To Recovery

Right now, it's pouring rain outside and it's cold.  I also smell like Lavendar Oil... but that's to keep infection away.  I've had a hell of week; and my Mum's been here at my place to help me through the pain of it, which I'm thankful for.  

On Tuesday, I was off to Greenslopes Hospital to get an ovarian cyst removed through keyhole surgery.  It was day surgery, and I arrived there to be admitted at 12:30pm, my surgery was at around 2:30pm and then I was discharged at around 7pm.  So, I arrived home at around 7:30pm.  Mum was there the whole time to take me home.  
But it was a good experience for me.  I felt well-taken care of and the nurses were wonderful and kind.  My blood pressure was low in the first recovery and so they gave me something to eat so I could be moved to the second recovery area.  And before I knew it, I was coming home.

But sleeping here at home on Tuesday night wasn't smooth.  The pain from the surgery was terrible.  I took painkillers, but they wore off at 4am.  However, as the days progressed, and I took it easy around my house, I found it easier doing things.  My right shoulder was hurting me like hell when I arrived home for the first 24-48 hours and now, it's four days later, and I have no pain in the shoulder at all.  However, I've had an IUD put in and there's some pain associated with that showing up.  So, I'm working through that too.  

And just late yesterday afternoon, I started to cook again.  I began cooking a Pumpkin, Walnut and Spinach Cannelloni and finished it up completely... and Mum loved it.  Then, this morning, I cooked up pancakes - with all the trimmings of fruit, lime & sugar and maple syrup and plunger coffee - and Mum and I had a wonderful breakfast together.  So, I'm on the mend - most definitely.
Last night, we stayed up, picked out a movie from my large collection and watched it.  It was good to stay up and get into that again.  But I was off to bed around 10:30pm and before I knew it, I had nodded off to sleep and Mum turned off the reading lamp of mine.

Today, I'll be on my own after Mum picks up the rest of her stuff.  She's had a few appointments during this week where she's had to leave me alone; but that's just something she's had to go and do.  I'm surviving okay.  I just find bending down and picking up things hard to do and tying my shoelaces pure hell and hurts my belly button with all the bending down.  So, all I've been doing it wearing my slippers for the last few days, no sneakers or lace-up shoes... not a good look really.

Anyway, I'm healing really well.  One of my friends advised me to get some Lavender Oil into my belly button wound to stop infection; and so I have, as she has had 4 of these keyhole surgeries done.  And out of the 4, two of them got infected and she found Lavender Oil helped with the infection and healing.  Well, that's my news updated about this week... a lot has happened.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There And Back Again

Well, it's the day after my surgery and I'm going okay.  I'm still in a bit of pain, but that's mainly around my belly-button (which feels as though somebody poked me really hard with a chopstick!).  One of the probe things went in there, and the other two holes they worked through aren't sore at all.  So, I'm going well.
My back is sore and so is my right shoulder.  But that's expected from the gas they filled my body with to work.  

Getting in there was good.  Mum drove me to Greenslopes Private Hospital.  We checked me in at around 12:30pm and my name was called by a nurse where I had the same questioned asked of me about 20 times of what I was getting done, what I was allergic to, my birthday, name and age and what medications I took every day... not only was I exhausted answering them all, but I was also very grumpy as by the time they moved me into the theatre, I hadn't eaten or drunk anything since 8am that morning and it was going onto 2pm in the afternoon.  And to add onto that, I had a pounding headache too.  So, having a nice snooze was something I was looking forward to.  
And speaking of which, the anesthetist was very nice.  He was very gentle putting the needle in, and then asked if I liked to travel.  I said yes, and he asked me where I'd like to go next... I answered San Francisco and ... well, that was the last thing I said until I was gently shaken awake by one of the nurses in recovery.
Unfortunately, I was there for over an hour because my blood pressure kept yo-yoing... so I said that I hadn't eaten anything all day and they went off and got me some food - just basic stuff - and once I began eating and drinking, I was going okay.  I was also burping a lot too - so much I wondered what was going on.  One of the nurses told me that it was because of the gas the doctors filled me with to work on me; and the more gas I let out now, the less pain I'd feel later.  So, there I was burping and belching for a few hours and unable to stop... funny, but it hurt to laugh, so I tried not to laugh.

By the time I had finished eating, the nurses asked if I thought I could get dressed.  They sat me up in the bed and helped me with my clothes and I dressed myself; and I left recovery #1 in a wheelchair to go to recovery #2 which is where you sit in lovely recliners while the nurses there take the cannula's and other needles out of your arm; and then, you can go home after you eat more food and they check your blood pressure.  

When I was taken downstairs, it was dark outside and past 7pm.  And the nurses told me it was also cold.  So, I put on my beanie, scarf and jacket to keep warm.  Mum drove up and helped me into the Pajero and before we knew it, we were off home.  Dad came over and gave Mum here dinner while she made me some green tea.  And seeing I had a bit to eat at the hospital, I wasn't all that hungry when I got home.  We didn't watch television, instead just sitting around and talking until late.

I took some pain-killers at around 10:30pm to tide me over until today; but they wore off at 4am.  And I was thankful Mum decided to share my new bed with me as she helped me take them before we both went back to sleep until 6am when my alarm went off.
Today, I'm okay; better than last night.  I'm not as agile as I would like to be... but I'm going well.  The pain comes and goes and I'm not on pain-killers anymore; but I'm tired.  So, I'm taking it easy and not doing anything much for the day.  
Mum's done my laundry, cleaned my kitchen up and is currently out doing my grocery shopping for me, while Dad's here at my place watching me while she's out.  They don't want leave me alone; and I don't blame them.  But it takes a bit for me to get around... but I'm getting there.  
So, there you have it... my day at the Greenslopes Hospital.  I wore their height in hospital fashion of open-backed gowns, pressure stockings and booties; along with the sexy red shower cap you put on your head for your visit into the theatre... otherwise, I'm currently at home and taking it easy.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tomorrow's The Day

Okay, for you who haven't been following my 'Medical Crap' tag over the last few weeks, I've been booked in to get an ovarian cyst taken out and an IUD put in.  And the day it's going to all happen is tomorrow.  It's day surgery and I've been moved from the Wesley Hospital to Greenslopes Private Hospital.

This is good.  I'm happy this has been changed and it's still going ahead; as it's something I've been looking forward to because I've been in a bit of pain lately.  Anyway, it's going to been bugging me over the last week or so; and so I'm happy that it's being done tomorrow.
Yesterday, I did some modeling for a friend of mine and where I took some photos for him... but I could only manage a few poses before I was in pain again.  And today, I found it hard to tie my shoe laces or bend down as the cyst pushed against my hip.  This is a godsend right now; and I am looking forward to going into hospital - something which sounds funny when I read it back now.
So, I'll be admitted into hospital at 12:30pm and will have to fast from 8am.  I'm hoping to take some track pants in and Mum will be staying at my place for a day or so to look after me; and she'll be doing my shopping too.  

Well, just keeping you all updated with what's going on with tomorrow.  And it might take a few days before I'm back online again.  So, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm still here.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last Minute Stuff

Today, I was out to Garden City for a few hours.  However, it was a cold day to do it.  I found myself walking around getting things I needed to get and making sure I had everything before coming home.  

Now, I had to get my prescriptions all done up, buy two pairs of track pants - for when I leave hospital and for recovery - and then, I had some general shopping to do for the house.  I bought some flour, steel wool and some picture hooks to use in the bedroom for the paintings.  
Then, once I had all the gear I needed and wanted, I stopped by Gloria Jean's Coffee House and bought myself a bagel and a hot chocolate.  When I settled at a table, I found a book on my iPod and started reading for a while... it was nice to relax for a bit before I took off again to go home; because once home, I had more work to do.

When I did arrived home, I had to put the two pairs of track pants in the laundry and do my hand-washing and hang it all up on the clothes horse to dry.  Then, I washed up all the new stuff I bought for the kitchen, and then I folded up the clothes I took off the clothes horse that was on there first (and was dry) and put it all away in my bedroom.
Now, I have this new bedroom suite, everything fits in it.  All my clothes can be put away and I am able to fold everything and put it all where it's supposed to go.  It's so nice to have a bedroom suite where it has enough room for everything!  And it's made sure I can put my laundry basket where it's supposed to be: in the laundry!  So, I'm glad I have an organised bedroom now; which in turn has gotten me to organise my living room and dining room too, because a few things used to overflow into those two rooms from my bedroom.  Now this doesn't happen anymore.

This weekend, I have a whole lot of last minute stuff to do before I go to Greenslopes Hospital for my operation.  Yes, my surgery was moved to that hospital but it's for the same day - Tuesday - but I have to find out what time I have to be there the day before.  So, I'm still getting the ovarian cyst taken out and everything is going to plan, but I've been sent to another great hospital... and I've been to Greenslopes Private Hospital before.  So, I'm not worried about being there; especially as a day patient.

Well, I still have a few things before Mum shows up and then, I'll be set.  And the best thing I've done ever to date is getting myself a new bedroom suite.  I bought it for two reasons:  firstly, I wanted to get myself something big and major for my 40th birthday; which is a big turning point in my life.  And I normally get myself something big for my birthday every few years.  Also, because I'm going into hospital, I needed something where I'd be able to be comfortable to rest on... not just a new bed, but a lovely new suite where I'd be able to sit comfortably during the day and sleep during the night.  And the firm mattress is doing my back wonders!  I haven't slept so well in so many years!  Buying an expensive mattress was well worth the money!

I better be going.  I still have a few things to get done; and besides, I'm making pizza tonight and I have to get the dough made and wait an hour for it to rise... sounds great, eh?  Well, anyway until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy Morning

Today, I've been busy; and it's not yet midday.  This morning, I woke to my third alarm (I have three because of my medications to keep me on track) and once I turned that off, I thought to stay in bed.  I have no real reason to be anywhere to go anywhere today.  It was nice to stay in my new bed and just look around and knew this was my new bed; now lovely.
My sore muscles aren't as sore anymore and I do love the feel and look of my bedroom suite.  All my things are easy to get to and I'm not running around my room looking for what I need; it's all in the tallboy waiting for me to pick and choose.

But this morning I was busy.  I went and checked the mail - and there wasn't anything there - and then I walked to the service station next door and bought some milk and a roll of duct tape.  I arrived home, opened the side door and taped up the old bed I've got up on bricks next to my house in the carport properly to keep the rain out.  And the tape's holding.  If it doesn't, well I have more than enough to wrap the whole thing up!  
Then, I turned around, pulled out my old pocket knife and cut up all the cardboard boxes and put all the plastic and Styrofoam into three garbage bags.  The bags when into my wheelie bin and the cut up boxes went into the recycle bin up the back of the complex.  However, I had make room in that first.  So, I opened the lid up and pushed down the cardboard from the bedhead first, but it wouldn't go any further.  This was when my neighbour's Dad noticed I was having problems and he came and helped me.  He pulled out the large pieces and folded them down and pushed them into the bin, then he helped me put the other cut down boxes into the big bin and closed the lid up for me.  I thanked him very much for helping me and he was happy, so was I.  I thought I was going to be out there longer.  

I then, came back home, waved goodbye to him and then jumped online and checked my mail.  It's pretty quiet on here today.  I got a bit of mail, but nothing really urgent.  And I found out that somebody out there in cyberspace has been bullying somebody who's running a great page on 'Supernatural'.  This person is spreading rumours about Dakota (the page admin) where they say that she doesn't give credit to any of the artists who put in their art on the page.  This is total rot.  I've never seen her not do that since I've joined the page.  So, Dakota put out a statement less than an hour ago of what's been happening over the last few days and she's hoping it gets around to push this Tweeter out of existence and to make them stop.  There's nothing worse than a cyberbully who doesn't know the facts of a site; or one who doesn't like somebody just because they don't like them.

Anyway, I have a list of things to get done before Saturday night is gone.  I have to clean up the living room and wash the kitchen floor.  It's not really much when you think about it, but it's just fiddly stuff as a lot of stuff gets put away.  This is preparation for next week when I'm going into hospital and Mum's going to take care of me for a few days.

Now, for those who know, the Wesley Hospital is where I'm supposed to go, but I may not be getting my operation done there as it's not currently open.  My doctor has yet to contact me about getting me into another hospital... fingers crossed it's still going ahead on Tuesday, eh?  And I'm in private health insurance, so it doesn't matter which private hospital I'm in, so long the operation goes ahead.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And Now, A New Bedroom Suite!

Over the last week or so, I've been talking about getting a new bedroom suite.  And yesterday - the only day over the last few days it was fine without any rain - it arrived!  How's that for irony?

I was up at around 8am, cleaned up, stripped my old double bed, and had it all ready to go and put all my stuff into a reusable shopping bag.  Then, I had breakfast after getting dressed and made sure there was enough room in my bedroom for everything to be.  
After around middday, Dad arrived to wait out the afternoon with me until arrived.  And just as I hung up from Dad's phone call (as he had been in the city with Mum for the morning), I received the call from the delivery guy from 'Bedland' and he said he was on his way from Victoria Point!  So, I called Dad back, and he was as happy as I was!

Before long, the truck was here and the guy was unpacking everything from it.  I was thrilled; but I was also watching the weather.  Those clouds weren't looking too good.  They were low, grey and full of rain.  But, no rain came over the whole day.  Instead, it stayed kinda coolish and we had time to get the old bed out and new bed in and we had the whole bedroom suite all put together by the time 3pm or so rolled around.

I also put on a well-deserved plunger coffee for Dad too and pulled out a nice Hanks Root Beer from the fridge for myself.  We were just fixing up the drawer handles in the beside tables - which were harder to do than the tallboy - when we knew we were near the end of the job.  The delivery guy had been gone after he had to go back to the store and get the slats that had been left off the truck by the guy who loaded it up.  

Anyway, last night, I unpacked all my suitcases I had kept stored in my bedroom wardrobe, put all my make-up in the top left drawer of the tallboy and found a lovely scarf to put on top of the tallboy so it didn't get marked by my jewellery boxes.  Then, I made sure all the stuff by my bed was where it was supposed to bed and cleaned up as much as I could before going to bed.  It wasn't all that late, but I was tired.  This had been a long day, where we had worked hard on putting it together and knew I enjoyed it... I love the colour, I love everything about it.  And last night, I had the best night's sleep in a long time.


Tallboy - Up Close 

Side Table 

Overall Suite With Artwork Included 

I took a lot of photos of this suite, but I've only included the ones that look good.  I've also done up 6 paintings that will be gracing the wall above the bed soon.  There's only one there so far, but I have to get some temporary hooks to put up on the wall as they're not heavy paintings.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wet Old Monday

It's past 2pm on this public holiday Monday and I've yet to see the rain stop from late last night.  Yeah, it's been pouring on and off heavy and light since around 1am.  This has kept the temperature down to a nice coolish 16 degrees Celsius and dull.

But today, I've been doing a few things around the place to prepare for tomorrow.  I moved the Singer sewing maching step downstairs next to my back door to keep it out of the way for the delivery of my bedroom suite.  You see it usually lives at the top of the steps and would be in the way otherwise.  So, giving the guys as much space as possible would be in my best interest... and make it easier for them too.
The day is probably going to be like today too, so I gotta figure out some towels to wipe down anything that might get wet between the truck and my house.  Now, that might not sound like much, but really it is when you think about it.  I'll put a towel outside so they don't track wet footprints up and down my stairs inside.

Then, Dad and I will get in and move the old bed out of the way before they show up.  The base will have to be moved out of the house and we'll see if it's going to sell on Gumtree.  I hope it does.  But if it doesn't sell by the end of this week, Dad and I will donate the whole setting to Life Line.  We'll see if they can either take it all from us dropping it off or they can pick it up... which would be better for us.
But that's only if we don't sell it.

Otherwise, today has been pretty boring.  With the rain pouring down and the cold, I have been online all day chatting and enjoying the music on ABC Classic FM as they count down the Top 100 music scores in movies.  And it's amazing what's been used in movies from all the times on the silver screen!  I have enjoyed it totally - the good, the bad and the ugly equally.  Even though I didn't vote, it's been wonderful.

Tonight, I'll be getting in and tidying up the house a little more than I did yesterday.  The bedroom will be packed up more than it is now and then tomorrow morning, nice and early, I'll be up, dressed, strip the bed completely.  I'll move the small beside table into the office (out of the way) and pack up the rest of my things on the top of it, move the lamps onto the kitchen table and move the top mattress up against the wall; ready for the base to be removed.  And once the 'Bedland' people arrive they'll be able to move the new bedroom suite in straight away without much fuss.
I'm really looking forward to having this bedroom suite moved in as it'll be the end of one era in my life and the beginning of another.  I bought my original double bed a few months after I began working at RACQ at Eight Mile Plains as an office junior in 1991/2.  It was a big job and one I remember saying I was going to do when I was in high school; and kids laughed at me about... yeah nobody believed me when I told them I was going to work at a big insurance company.  
I bought my first double bed at a second-hand warehouse where it had been used in a commercial and then shipped off to be sold.  So, it was on a television set for a few hours, laid down on by an actor a few times, then re-wrapped and sold off to me.  I had it for almost about 15 or 16 years.  But I have taken great care of it.  That's the thing with beds.  You have to take good care of them.  There's no stains, tears or anything wrong with it... I have found it's just time for an upgrade an when I was looking around, I was hoping to get something for a double bed suite.  But the selection for a double bed was only 1/5 of the selection you'd get for Queen size or even King size bed suites.  So, I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to a Queen size bed to get the bedroom suite I had my eye on.  
So, this is why I have upgraded... and yeah, it's costing me more money than I planned to spend; but it's worth it I think.  I'll be caring for this bedroom suite well.  It's an investment for me as I'm hoping it'll last me a long time; as long or even longer than the suite I've had for the last 11 years.  And the one I've had for the first 11 years here, I was given by my parents who gave me their original bedroom suite from the 1970's.  I just hope it finds a good home after me; as it's a nice suite but I feel as though I'm out-growing it and need something more modern to cater for my clothes and other things in my waredrobe.

Well, it's getting on now and I really do have to work on tidying up a little more.  There isn't much to do, but it has to be done so I don't feel as though I'm being pressured and am running out of time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Yep... today was a lazy day - very lazy.  After the last week of running around, shopping, bussing it everywhere, window-shopping for a new bedroom suite and then getting home exhausted and just on dusk each time and not wanting to know what to eat... then have a new kettle not work properly and have to return it, I felt that today was my day to bludge my day away.

And I honestly deserved it.

After I bought the paper, made pancakes and did my laundry, I sat down and read the newspaper and ate my pancakes and washed up.  Then, I jumped on here and did nothing but surf the net.  I haven't had any time to do any writing or editing of any books lately either.  So, when I got my butt into my office chair I had no intention of leaving it until I was good and ready.

And at around 1:30pm or so, I got up and decided to have a nice hot shower and wander on downstairs to begin cleaning up the living room.  I threw out the boxes my pizza stone came in and the kettle too, then out went the bits of cardboard which were wrapped up in the new sheets and the plastic that was wrapped around the new sheets too... so two rubbish bags later, I was outside putting them out in the bin.  I then took the new paintings out into the carport and sprayed them with varnish and left them to dry.  They look great; and I have one of them hanging in my bedroom already - and it looks wonderful too as it's on a hook that's already there.
Books were found and piled up, a notebook was found for the computer room/office and then I collected up all the jackets, clothes and throws that were on the back of the lounge, folded them all up and made it look neater.  Then I had a look around and felt the place get colder and decided to close up, make something to eat and sit down and watch some television.  By this time, it was around 4pm. 

Now, I've had some great home-made pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot soup with garlic and curry powder and have been watching some 'Supernatural'... a great night of great entertainment... while I worked on a painting of a flower.  I thought to paint up some new little paintings of flowers to see if they'd sell.  And if they do?  Great.  If not, well, they'll go well as gifts to friends.
It's past 10pm and I'm hoping to get an early night and work on tidying up the living room and kitchen a bit more tomorrow.  I have to vacuum, dust and clean up everything before I go to bed tomorrow night.  Then, on Tuesday morning, I have to call the Wesley Hospital and ask them about the consent form I have - to see if I have to post it in or bring it in next Tuesday.  Now, I know about the Legionaries Disease going on at the hospital; and I haven't been contacted by my doctor to change the date of my surgery.  This is good news; I may not be operated on in the new section where the disease was mostly found.  And besides, the work I'm getting done is just day surgery; so I'll be out the same day.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted about the goings-on about what's happening at the Wesley... and anything else happening with my surgery.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

I Love Cooking!

Cooking is a big part of my life; always has been.  However it hasn't been until the last few years I've gone out and really bought up big on the kitchen utensils and recipe books to learn to make what I can normally get as takeaway food.  Seeing I can't afford to buy a lot of things, and I enjoy cooking in my kitchen, I also love to learn to cook new things.

When I first moved out, I was into the fastest way to make things.  But when that fell through as quickly as my food was produced, I started looking through my recipe books I already had and learning how to make stir-fry sauces, learning exactly what to put into those stir-fry meals to make it taste like a takeaway - or better than a takeaway.  And I also started questioning where my food came from, how good it was for me and how I could store it to keep it longer.  
I found that not everyone was as curious about food as I was.  So, Mum bought me a wonderful book about food: 'What Food Is That: And How Good Is It For Me?' (or something long those lines).  It's a great reference book on nearly every food possible you'd come across in the shopping aisle and at the veggie market.  It tells you how to take care of food once you get it home, what you can cook it with, how to cook it, where it originates from and what the nutritional values it has.  I'm amazed at how much this book has in its index about food.

However I didn't stop there.  I wanted to know how make different types of food.  When Summer came around and it was stinking hot, I asked my American friends for a good Ice Tea recipe and I got one sent to me through the mail.  It was wonderful!  I loved it and have been making it for almost three years now; and it's so refreshing to have Ice Green Tea in the fridge just sitting there waiting for me to drink.  I even made some last year for my niece's birthday and the two jugs I made didn't last 20 minutes on the table!

And this year, I found a vegetarian bible recipe book where the food in it was amazingly delicious-looking... and when I tried out a cannelloni, it looked just like it did in the book!  And it tasted just as wonderful!  I've perfected the recipe and made it for most of my family and they love it!
Now, I'm onto pizzas... I've bought a book on how to make the base and bought a pizza stone and a proper cutter too.  And my first pizza wasn't anything much - as they are with most first-times with most recipes - but the second time, I had a better idea of what it was supposed to look like and be like... so I had a great dough that rose; and rose well!  

Yes, I love to cook.  I love the mess I make in my kitchen, the amount of flour that gets everywhere, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with serving up something that tastes as delicious as it smells; and then, realising I have to clean up... well, that's a part of cooking!  But it's the fun part to see the pots, pans and bowls and spoons all become clean of the food and spices just so I can use them all over again.  
This is what the passion of cooking is about for me.  It doesn't matter how messy my kitchen becomes, it matters that I love the food I make and others enjoy my meals too.  I love how the recipes can be brought back into basic elements and easily broken down into smaller jobs to do.  

So, do you enjoy cooking?  Or do you find it too much of a chore?  My brother always told me that if you call cooking a chore, you've turned your joy into a job... how true that is of anything.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Long Weekend

This weekend I'm hoping to be able to kind of kick back and relax a little; after all, this week has been so hectic, I really haven't had time to do much except go out nearly every day.

Today, I'm hoping to get more done than on Sunday and Monday so I'm ready for Tuesday well in advance.  What's happening on Tuesday?  Well my new bedroom suite is arriving, that's what... and I'm hoping to have my whole bedroom all ready for it and my old bedroom suite gone by the time the new one is ready.
This long weekend is going to be about steadily working around the house to make it nice and tidy for the arrival of the furniture.  I'm putting away clothes, putting away my art gear and tidying up.  It's been a long time since my bedroom has been totally cleaned up and vacuumed.  So, I'm getting in and doing just that today and tomorrow.  I have to make sure the room is totally ready.

There's other things I need to do as well.  There's floors to wash, laundry to get done and the lounge room to tidy up too.  But I'm not rushing it all.  I'm just so tired from this week and the weather is making me feel dreadful too.  
However I'm going to get in and tidy up the living room more as it's a right mess.  Seeing I've finished my six paintings for my bedroom, I'm hoping to get in and work on cleaning out my living room again soon.  

In between my times on here, I'm also writing a flash fiction for a blog.  It's an exercise I've been taking part in over the last few months; and it's been a lot of fun  This week, though, it's genre mash... very interesting and very much a lot of fun.  So, while I'm working on my house, I'm also working on my writing.  Yeah, I'm working on two different things in different ways.  

By Monday afternoon - or evening - my house and my bedroom will be ready, cleaned out and and tidied up, ready for the next day's delivery of a new bed.  I hope I can sell the old suite soon enough so I don't have it cluttering up my house; as I can't store it here.  I use all my rooms and all my storage areas and having and old bedroom suite sitting here in my office just won't cut it if I have to keep moving it around and working around it.  I must be moved and it has to be sold as soon as possible.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be busy, messy and tiring.  How are you spending your weekend?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

WOW! What a week!

During this week, it seems as though I haven't stopped; well, it feels as though I haven't.  Since Monday, I've been out and about doing things and just wish I could sit down and do nothing for a few hours - or a day or so.  Okay, I'll let you in on my horrendously busy week.

On Monday, I was out at my craft group.  I got a good lot of my second last painting started and everyone loved how it was looking.  They were amazed at how it started out as just pencil markings and progressed so far in three hours.
Then, I read a little at Mum and Dad's place.  When I arrived back, Aunty Helen was there and they were chatting about things and I thought to sit and read for about an hour or so before Dad took me home.

On Tuesday, I was up nice and early and got myself ready to go furniture shopping.  However, I wanted to get some housework done first.  I washed up, did three loads of laundry and put away all my clothes from the old bedroom suite into suitcases for this week.  Then in the afternoon, Dad and I went out and scoured the Logan area to find a bedroom suite that was me.  And we found one I loved.  It's called The Westal and has a nice high solid head on it and no foot, but the beside tables weren't what I wanted.  So I asked if we could mix'n'match; when I spotted a set from another bedroom suite and the lady at 'Bedland' said yes.  She said the one I was looking at was called 'The Orlando' and said the tallboy and bedside tables were things I could mix with the one I wanted.  So, by Wednesday afternoon, Mum, Dad and I had ordered in my suite.  

Wednesday had me out grocery shopping.  I also went to K-Mart and bought a set of Summer Queen-sized sheets; but I couldn't find any Winter sheets.  So, I bought the Summer and thought I could find the Winter lot on Thursday at Garden City.  I also bought a kettle at K-Mart and finished up my shopping.

On Thursday, I had to return the kettle to K-Mart as it leaked on the first boil.  I got my money back and went to Garden City to do some other shopping.  Once there, I had my list on my iPod and stuck by it.  I ended up looking for my kettle first - and it turned out to be the most difficult thing to find; finally finding it at Big-W, a nice Kambrook kettle.  Then, I found the sheets I wanted and a mattress protector for the new bed at K-Mart.  Then, at Robin's Kitchen I found a pizza stone and a cutter for $12.95... yep, the place was having a 70% off sale!  I didn't go there because of the stone and cutter, I was hoping to get a kettle, and ended up buying the other things instead... funny how that happens.
Well, my little blue shopping trolley looked and felt very over its usual weight that it fell over a few times - especially on the bus - but I got it home and everything safely off and out of it.  Otherwise everything arrived here safe and sound and all in one piece.  The kettle works, the pizza stone isn't broken.

Today, I was up again early doing laundry.  The day is bright and sunny - for once - and I decided to wash all my new sheets and mattress protector; ready for the new bed arriving next Tuesday!  Yes!  I received a phone call today from 'Bedland' and they advised me of its arrival - mattress and all! - to my little townhouse!  I'm so happy. 
However, I've been busy today too.  I did the laundry, washed up, wiped down the counters, swept the kitchen floor and then went out and checked the mail and did my fruit'n'veggie shopping.  Phew!  What a morning!  I didn't want to do anything else today but sit online and bludge... and you know, I might do just that for the rest of the day.

However, tonight?  I might get in and do some tidying up and moving of a little furniture.  Yeah, I have to ready this place for the new bedroom suite.  So, how was your week? As hectic as mine?  Hope not.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bargains Galore!

Everything seemed to be on sale today.  But I wasn't really looking for a sale; instead, I was looking to return a leaking kettle that I bought only yesterday to K-Mart Logan Central and then head off to Garden City and find a few things I needed to ready myself for my bed to arrive next week.

So, I left home at around 9:40am and saw some poor guy get arrested across the road by the cops.  They were parked outside the house up the road from the bus stop and I had just crossed the road when they drove off.  But it made me think:  would they stop to charge me for J-walking or not?  No, they didn't.  This was weird, but I guess they had bigger fish to fry this morning.  Anyway, when I got to the stop, one of the people there and I had a laugh about what we were both thinking with the police and if they were going to stop and charge me.  But seriously, I should have waited for them to leave before going across the road.

Anyway, the bus came, we all hopped on and it took us to the Logan Central Bus Station where most of us got off and I walked to K-Mart and got my money back when I told the lady what happened to the kettle.  She was amazed it leaked as much as it did and happily gave my money back to me.  Then, I was off to catch the next bus to Garden City and do the rest of my shopping - well the majority of it anyway. 
I went to the bank first and pulled out some money and walked around to find a kettle first.  Well, do you think I could find a nice kettle which didn't cost the Earth?  Nope.  It was annoying.  I went from Robin's Kitchen to Harvey Norman and then to K-Mart and there wasn't anything I was happy with.  And on the way to Harvey Norman, the ramp escalators going up, stopped working.  There were too many heavy things on it and it shuddered to a halt; and anyone with a shopping trolley had to either wait for it to get going again or kick up their front wheels of the trolley to make it work.  Not a good thing.  So, seeing it wasn't going to work after we all got off it, I walked into shop and reported the problem to them; asking them to get maintenance out to look at it.  They weren't surprised about it and got onto them straight away.  By the time I was coming out of Harvey Norman's 10 minutes later, it was working again.

At K-Mart, I bought my mattress protector and a nice set of flannel sheets for my Queen Size bed ... and then bought plain set too just to mix'n'match; it's always nice to do that.  Anyway, I went through the self-service check-outs and found I had a lot of things and I was struggling a little with it.  
I hadn't left Robin's Kitchen empty-handed, managing to buy a pizza stone and a cutter while I was there.  Not too bad if you ask me seeing they were both half price and I only paid $12.95 for both of them.  Anyway, I still had yet to buy my kettle and didn't want to leave the shopping complex without it.  So, I went to one more place upstairs and the shop assistant there told me that Big-W was the place to score a great kettle at a good price.  And that's where I found myself... Big-W.  I found a great range of kettles and scored myself a Kambrook dome kettle for a wicked $38!  Now, how cool is that?  And before I knew it, I was at their self-service check-outs and putting my new kettle through to take it home.

But I badly needed a break... a break from walking around, from looking at products, from feeling really horribly tired.  So, I made a beeline to Gloria Jean's Coffee to get myself a nice hot bagel and a hot chocolate.  And you know?  It's just what I needed.  I read a bit of a book on my iPod and relaxed in the place, ignoring the noise of the coffee machine, the people around me chatting and anything else going on at the other tables... I was having some much-needed 'me' time; and that's just priceless to have.  But before I knew it, I had to pack up my goodies so they were able to be stored on a bus and travel-ready... I had another half and hour to go before I arrived home.  And once I did, I was so very relieved to unpack my goodies, open and try out my kettle and look at what I had bought that my disappointment didn't strike until I pulled out the sheets for the Queen Sized bed.  I had one Queen Sized Sheet set and one Single Sized Sheet Set... but do you think I could find my receipt for K-Mart?  I had put it into the bag with the sheets... and the bag had bloody-well ripped.  So, the receipt has been lost, and I'm stuck with a set of flannel sheets I can't use.
Well, I might give these to my niece.  They're purple and if I remember right, this is her favourite colour!  Oh well, can't win 'em all!  But at least I know somebody who'll use them.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy Shopping Day

Today has been cool and cloudy here.  However, I was up nice and early to get dressed and be ready to go out shopping.  I also called 'Bedland' at Browns Plains to see how long the bedroom suite I was looking at - and really do love - would take to arrive here if we ordered it today.  

Anyway, I took off at around 10am by bus and when I was almost at my stop at Logan Central, I got the horrible feeling I had left my back door unlocked!  Don't you hate that feeling?  Well, seeing where I was, there wasn't anything I could do about it.  So, I worked through my shopping list as fast as I could and tried to keep my cool for the whole time I was out; just in case I was wrong.
I went off to the K & B Pet Store to suss out their variety of fish and pumps for a new life in the fish tank.  I'm considering getting a Siamese Fighting Fish; not only are they beautiful, but they are lone fishies.  However I don't think I can leave them alone.  Good thing is that they can swim and live in still water, so I don't need a pump.

Anyway, I didn't want to buy anything on an impulse, not until I've had my operation and am settled in better.  So, I went on my way after looking at some fish and other breeds I could get my hands on for around $10 and asked how to care for them.  And I looked that budgie too, but I think I'll get my next budgie from Kat's brother in law as he breads them.
I walked to the Life Line at Woodridge and found a cute little bag and bought that, then went to Woolworths to buy my chocolate and ran into my Uncle Reg.  We had a quick chat before we went out own ways and I gave $5.00 to these people who were doing a fund-raiser for their son to attend the BMX Championships in New Zealand.  He's the only Logan City boy going out of the whole of Australia; and they were grateful I gave that much as most people were giving only change.
Anyway, I walked to Logan Central Plaza, paid off part of my layby at Woodys' and then dropped into K-Mart where I found a nice set of Queen Size bedsheets and a nice kettle.  I need them both.  The kettle is to replace the old one I have because my old one is leaking when it boils and leaks when I pour the water into the pot or a mug... and water just gets everywhere.  So, I thought today would be good for a new kettle.  
Coles was next and I bought everything I needed there and came home.  However, on arriving home, I hooked up the kettle and put it through its first boil to find that it leaked really badly around the base.  So!  I'll be taking it back either tomorrow or Friday for a replacement.  If it does it again, I'll get my money back and find a better one somewhere else.  I do like the dome style, but I don't want it leaking everywhere.

Well, that's me for today.  I have managed to get plenty of food to keep my house running for the next few weeks - and enough for Mum to use too when she's here too; so she doesn't have to do much shopping on that week.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Furniture Shopping With Dad

This morning, I was up early to get a few things done before Dad and I went out to price some bedroom suites and mattresses.  You see, for my 40th this year, I want to buy myself a whole new bedroom setting and mattress.  This is so I have a house full of furniture and I don't have to buy anything for a few years and let my money grow.  And so I can also save a bit on space.  
I haven't been able to put my clothes away properly in years.  A fair bit of it just sits in the wash basket next to my duchess and I end up going through the basket to find shirts that I can't fit into the drawers I have now.  So, this is a real need.

Anyway, I'm working on getting myself out there and looking.  And today, Dad drove me to Browns Plains to look at some good shops while we were there.  The problem was, we couldn't find the places we were looking for; not until we asked around and were told about them.

Bedland - not far from Grand Plaza Shopping Centre - is one place which is huge and has just about anything for house.  And their bedroom suites are lovely.  I looked at one which was gorgeous, but spotted one I really liked too.  However, the price was more than I expected.  So, we got the lady there to give us a quote and she said delivery would be free... so that's a bonus!  
Then Dad and I got lunch at Subway where we chatted about the price we were given at Bedland and he asked if we could shop around for a bit - well, of course, that's what today was about.  I loved what I saw, but if we had to mix'n'match, that'd be great too.  Anyway, we went around and looked for more furniture stores and found there weren't that many around the place here in Logan.  So, we came back to Springwood and found a place that auctions off furniture and tenders it too.  We looked at few beds and beside tables; but there were no tall boys.  Dad and I talked about a few things there and decided it was nice to see what range they had but it was probably better if we took the offer at Bedland. 
So, my job tomorrow - when I get home - is to phone the lady at Bedland and see how long it would take to get the bed here with the mattress if we were to order it on Thursday.  If it's the next day or Monday... great!  If it's six weeks' time, nah, we'll get it somewhere else.

Well, Dad and I arrived back at my place at around 4pm and I had pull in my laundry.  The clothes I've got in the wash are now the ones I wear mainly for Winter most days; whereas a good lot of them are in three suitcases and surrounding me in my office... oh joy, I'm sitting in a junk room... yay.  I'm so not impressed by this.  But I am looking very forward to having my bedroom looking new and fresh.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

... And Now, Fred Is Gone Too.

I've had a sad kinda weekend.  When I arrived home on Friday, I found one of my gold fish - Ginger - had died and was floating on top of the tank.  However, she had been there for a few days and had poisoned the water.
So, after cleaning the water, scrubbing the tank out, replacing the gravel and making sure it was perfect for Fred (the other gold fish), I put him back in.  At first, he was going well.  But he didn't eat anything and all he did was swim around for bit, then settle at the bottom the tank.

He stayed there for the next 24 hours and this afternoon, at around 2:45pm, I watched him as he struggled to breath on the bottom of the tank.  But I just couldn't watch him do that; so I scooped him out and put him on a piece of tissue and he slipped away quietly.  Poor little guy.

These fishies were around 5 years old and were bought at a market by my niece, Riley.  I'll buy a few more at the pet store down the road this week once I get the pump replaced - as the one I bought a month ago has an electrical fault.  It's so sad now I don't have any pets to keep me company... but not for too long.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

R.I.P Little Fishie Called Ginger

I came home from my folks' house early last night to find one of my fishies had died.  It was Ginger, the gold goldfish.  It hadn't been going all that well for a while, and so I had been half-expecting him to not be surviving all that well after I got home; but not up and die on me while I was away.  
But there was something about my place when I opened the door that didn't smell right.  I had taken out the rubbish before I left - so I didn't have a roach problem when I returned - so it wasn't that.  And so I inspected the fish tank and found Ginger floating on top of the water and immediately opened the top to pull her out... it's not good to leave a dead fish in a tank with another one.  But the water didn't smell good, so Ginger had been dead for a couple of days; this wasn't good.

So, today, I added to my list of things to do to get myself to the pet store down the road and see what I could do about the tank and the lone fishie.  But I didn't want Fred - the lone one - to have another fish added to the tank if the water or something in the tank was making them sick.  So, I had to fix up whatever was going wrong first.  
I told the people at the pet store what was happening and they asked me when I had changed the gravel last.  I said my brother said I wouldn't have to; but then, I'm not a fish person, so I don't know much about fish... he's the fish person in our family.  She could see I was concerned but also that I didn't have much of an idea about how to care for the tank that I had; so she was full of great advice about what to do with the gravel and how to fix the tank up so it was working. 

There was a lot of cleaning I had to do today!

When I arrived home, after Geoff took off and left me at it at the pet store (because he was going to spend most of his day at Abby Museum near Stradbroke Island), I went to work on the fish tank.  First though, I pulled out the furniture, put some of the water in the biggest pot I had and put the Fred in it and popped the lid on so he was comfortable.  Then left him on the stove; out of the way.  I had a lot of work to do; and needed the space to do it.  
I emptied the tank completely, pulled out the old gravel and then got an old towel, soaked up the last little bit of water and gravel and wiped up the green stuff off the glass with toilet paper and pulled apart the pump and found it was full of crap... fish crap.  After cleaning out as much of it as possible.  I washed the new gravel completely, and then scooped it into the tank bottom and put it in there - cover it about a centimetre - and then scrubbed all of the furniture, rocks and other stuff I wanted to put back in it.  Then, I place it all in and added the treated water back in - bowl by bowl - until it was full and turned on the cleaned out pump with the net over it to catch anything that might come out.  I waited for about 5 minutes to see if anything would come out - and it did and I caught it - before putting Fred back in.  He didn't seem too happy at first, but he started swimming around a bit.  A little bit of yellow crap came through the pump and I picked it up with my hands and the net... otherwise, I'm sure I have cleaned the tank as well as I possibly can.

I just hope Fred survives.  If he doesn't, well, he's had a good 5 years of life.  The lady at the pet store told me that it was a miracle that the fish survived that long... so I should be happy that they were survivors and good fish.  Well, I've had a busy day with fish, a fish tank and water... lots of water.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.