Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy Shopping Day

Today has been cool and cloudy here.  However, I was up nice and early to get dressed and be ready to go out shopping.  I also called 'Bedland' at Browns Plains to see how long the bedroom suite I was looking at - and really do love - would take to arrive here if we ordered it today.  

Anyway, I took off at around 10am by bus and when I was almost at my stop at Logan Central, I got the horrible feeling I had left my back door unlocked!  Don't you hate that feeling?  Well, seeing where I was, there wasn't anything I could do about it.  So, I worked through my shopping list as fast as I could and tried to keep my cool for the whole time I was out; just in case I was wrong.
I went off to the K & B Pet Store to suss out their variety of fish and pumps for a new life in the fish tank.  I'm considering getting a Siamese Fighting Fish; not only are they beautiful, but they are lone fishies.  However I don't think I can leave them alone.  Good thing is that they can swim and live in still water, so I don't need a pump.

Anyway, I didn't want to buy anything on an impulse, not until I've had my operation and am settled in better.  So, I went on my way after looking at some fish and other breeds I could get my hands on for around $10 and asked how to care for them.  And I looked that budgie too, but I think I'll get my next budgie from Kat's brother in law as he breads them.
I walked to the Life Line at Woodridge and found a cute little bag and bought that, then went to Woolworths to buy my chocolate and ran into my Uncle Reg.  We had a quick chat before we went out own ways and I gave $5.00 to these people who were doing a fund-raiser for their son to attend the BMX Championships in New Zealand.  He's the only Logan City boy going out of the whole of Australia; and they were grateful I gave that much as most people were giving only change.
Anyway, I walked to Logan Central Plaza, paid off part of my layby at Woodys' and then dropped into K-Mart where I found a nice set of Queen Size bedsheets and a nice kettle.  I need them both.  The kettle is to replace the old one I have because my old one is leaking when it boils and leaks when I pour the water into the pot or a mug... and water just gets everywhere.  So, I thought today would be good for a new kettle.  
Coles was next and I bought everything I needed there and came home.  However, on arriving home, I hooked up the kettle and put it through its first boil to find that it leaked really badly around the base.  So!  I'll be taking it back either tomorrow or Friday for a replacement.  If it does it again, I'll get my money back and find a better one somewhere else.  I do like the dome style, but I don't want it leaking everywhere.

Well, that's me for today.  I have managed to get plenty of food to keep my house running for the next few weeks - and enough for Mum to use too when she's here too; so she doesn't have to do much shopping on that week.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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