Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Furniture Shopping With Dad

This morning, I was up early to get a few things done before Dad and I went out to price some bedroom suites and mattresses.  You see, for my 40th this year, I want to buy myself a whole new bedroom setting and mattress.  This is so I have a house full of furniture and I don't have to buy anything for a few years and let my money grow.  And so I can also save a bit on space.  
I haven't been able to put my clothes away properly in years.  A fair bit of it just sits in the wash basket next to my duchess and I end up going through the basket to find shirts that I can't fit into the drawers I have now.  So, this is a real need.

Anyway, I'm working on getting myself out there and looking.  And today, Dad drove me to Browns Plains to look at some good shops while we were there.  The problem was, we couldn't find the places we were looking for; not until we asked around and were told about them.

Bedland - not far from Grand Plaza Shopping Centre - is one place which is huge and has just about anything for house.  And their bedroom suites are lovely.  I looked at one which was gorgeous, but spotted one I really liked too.  However, the price was more than I expected.  So, we got the lady there to give us a quote and she said delivery would be free... so that's a bonus!  
Then Dad and I got lunch at Subway where we chatted about the price we were given at Bedland and he asked if we could shop around for a bit - well, of course, that's what today was about.  I loved what I saw, but if we had to mix'n'match, that'd be great too.  Anyway, we went around and looked for more furniture stores and found there weren't that many around the place here in Logan.  So, we came back to Springwood and found a place that auctions off furniture and tenders it too.  We looked at few beds and beside tables; but there were no tall boys.  Dad and I talked about a few things there and decided it was nice to see what range they had but it was probably better if we took the offer at Bedland. 
So, my job tomorrow - when I get home - is to phone the lady at Bedland and see how long it would take to get the bed here with the mattress if we were to order it on Thursday.  If it's the next day or Monday... great!  If it's six weeks' time, nah, we'll get it somewhere else.

Well, Dad and I arrived back at my place at around 4pm and I had pull in my laundry.  The clothes I've got in the wash are now the ones I wear mainly for Winter most days; whereas a good lot of them are in three suitcases and surrounding me in my office... oh joy, I'm sitting in a junk room... yay.  I'm so not impressed by this.  But I am looking very forward to having my bedroom looking new and fresh.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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