Friday, June 7, 2013

WOW! What a week!

During this week, it seems as though I haven't stopped; well, it feels as though I haven't.  Since Monday, I've been out and about doing things and just wish I could sit down and do nothing for a few hours - or a day or so.  Okay, I'll let you in on my horrendously busy week.

On Monday, I was out at my craft group.  I got a good lot of my second last painting started and everyone loved how it was looking.  They were amazed at how it started out as just pencil markings and progressed so far in three hours.
Then, I read a little at Mum and Dad's place.  When I arrived back, Aunty Helen was there and they were chatting about things and I thought to sit and read for about an hour or so before Dad took me home.

On Tuesday, I was up nice and early and got myself ready to go furniture shopping.  However, I wanted to get some housework done first.  I washed up, did three loads of laundry and put away all my clothes from the old bedroom suite into suitcases for this week.  Then in the afternoon, Dad and I went out and scoured the Logan area to find a bedroom suite that was me.  And we found one I loved.  It's called The Westal and has a nice high solid head on it and no foot, but the beside tables weren't what I wanted.  So I asked if we could mix'n'match; when I spotted a set from another bedroom suite and the lady at 'Bedland' said yes.  She said the one I was looking at was called 'The Orlando' and said the tallboy and bedside tables were things I could mix with the one I wanted.  So, by Wednesday afternoon, Mum, Dad and I had ordered in my suite.  

Wednesday had me out grocery shopping.  I also went to K-Mart and bought a set of Summer Queen-sized sheets; but I couldn't find any Winter sheets.  So, I bought the Summer and thought I could find the Winter lot on Thursday at Garden City.  I also bought a kettle at K-Mart and finished up my shopping.

On Thursday, I had to return the kettle to K-Mart as it leaked on the first boil.  I got my money back and went to Garden City to do some other shopping.  Once there, I had my list on my iPod and stuck by it.  I ended up looking for my kettle first - and it turned out to be the most difficult thing to find; finally finding it at Big-W, a nice Kambrook kettle.  Then, I found the sheets I wanted and a mattress protector for the new bed at K-Mart.  Then, at Robin's Kitchen I found a pizza stone and a cutter for $12.95... yep, the place was having a 70% off sale!  I didn't go there because of the stone and cutter, I was hoping to get a kettle, and ended up buying the other things instead... funny how that happens.
Well, my little blue shopping trolley looked and felt very over its usual weight that it fell over a few times - especially on the bus - but I got it home and everything safely off and out of it.  Otherwise everything arrived here safe and sound and all in one piece.  The kettle works, the pizza stone isn't broken.

Today, I was up again early doing laundry.  The day is bright and sunny - for once - and I decided to wash all my new sheets and mattress protector; ready for the new bed arriving next Tuesday!  Yes!  I received a phone call today from 'Bedland' and they advised me of its arrival - mattress and all! - to my little townhouse!  I'm so happy. 
However, I've been busy today too.  I did the laundry, washed up, wiped down the counters, swept the kitchen floor and then went out and checked the mail and did my fruit'n'veggie shopping.  Phew!  What a morning!  I didn't want to do anything else today but sit online and bludge... and you know, I might do just that for the rest of the day.

However, tonight?  I might get in and do some tidying up and moving of a little furniture.  Yeah, I have to ready this place for the new bedroom suite.  So, how was your week? As hectic as mine?  Hope not.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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