Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Yep... today was a lazy day - very lazy.  After the last week of running around, shopping, bussing it everywhere, window-shopping for a new bedroom suite and then getting home exhausted and just on dusk each time and not wanting to know what to eat... then have a new kettle not work properly and have to return it, I felt that today was my day to bludge my day away.

And I honestly deserved it.

After I bought the paper, made pancakes and did my laundry, I sat down and read the newspaper and ate my pancakes and washed up.  Then, I jumped on here and did nothing but surf the net.  I haven't had any time to do any writing or editing of any books lately either.  So, when I got my butt into my office chair I had no intention of leaving it until I was good and ready.

And at around 1:30pm or so, I got up and decided to have a nice hot shower and wander on downstairs to begin cleaning up the living room.  I threw out the boxes my pizza stone came in and the kettle too, then out went the bits of cardboard which were wrapped up in the new sheets and the plastic that was wrapped around the new sheets too... so two rubbish bags later, I was outside putting them out in the bin.  I then took the new paintings out into the carport and sprayed them with varnish and left them to dry.  They look great; and I have one of them hanging in my bedroom already - and it looks wonderful too as it's on a hook that's already there.
Books were found and piled up, a notebook was found for the computer room/office and then I collected up all the jackets, clothes and throws that were on the back of the lounge, folded them all up and made it look neater.  Then I had a look around and felt the place get colder and decided to close up, make something to eat and sit down and watch some television.  By this time, it was around 4pm. 

Now, I've had some great home-made pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot soup with garlic and curry powder and have been watching some 'Supernatural'... a great night of great entertainment... while I worked on a painting of a flower.  I thought to paint up some new little paintings of flowers to see if they'd sell.  And if they do?  Great.  If not, well, they'll go well as gifts to friends.
It's past 10pm and I'm hoping to get an early night and work on tidying up the living room and kitchen a bit more tomorrow.  I have to vacuum, dust and clean up everything before I go to bed tomorrow night.  Then, on Tuesday morning, I have to call the Wesley Hospital and ask them about the consent form I have - to see if I have to post it in or bring it in next Tuesday.  Now, I know about the Legionaries Disease going on at the hospital; and I haven't been contacted by my doctor to change the date of my surgery.  This is good news; I may not be operated on in the new section where the disease was mostly found.  And besides, the work I'm getting done is just day surgery; so I'll be out the same day.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted about the goings-on about what's happening at the Wesley... and anything else happening with my surgery.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 


  1. If I was in your shoes I wouldn't even take the risk of having any form of surgery at that hospital. My Dad has been there a couple of times now and he hasn't felt the same since. His eldest brother caught Golden Staph from the same hospital. So if I was you I would think twice before they open you up.

    1. Golden Staph is in all hospitals, craftynut, so I can't really avoid it. It's just a matter of them making sure everything is clean. However, I called them up yesterday and they told me that if I haven't heard from my doctor by now, my surgery is going to be done in an old part of the hospital not the new part where the Legionaries Disease was found... as this had to do with the new section and hot water systems in the new section.

      I have no fears of Golden Staph... as it's always around in hospitals.