Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back At Brighton

Well, I'm here at Brighton, minding my brother's house again; resting up after my  time in hospital.  There's the chickens to look after, and one single cheeky chookie who gets out whenever she wants at 6am every morning and takes a wander around the yard all day... she's the one Gabe and Kat have given up on trying to get a handle on.  They just let her go and do her own thing.

Today, I've been to the corner store.  On their way out, I asked if they could drop me off there and I'd dawdle back... of course they could.  So, it took me around 15 minutes to get back here which normally took me 5 minutes at a brisk pace.  But then, Kat asked me to put out some laundry for her.  This was put on at around 8am, and I've only just finished hanging it out bit by little bit... as I'm exhausted and sore still.

However, I've been sitting on the net not doing all that much.  I brought along some knitting and peg painting to get done here as well as some reading too.  So, I have some good stuff to get into; and I've also brought along all the food I'd need to eat with me from my grocery shop from last week.  There's absolutely no need for me to go to the store unless it's for milk - but that won't be for the next few days.  But by then, I'll be a little more able to move around, and more rested up.

The garden here is looking just lovely.  Winter in Australia is just wonderful.  In some parts, it snows while in others it gets really cold, frosty and plants that flourish in the cold, really do come into their own.  So, I'm seeing this happen around my area and around Brisbane right now.  
I arrived here in Brighton, Brisbane, last night, and it got really, really cold.  Mum insisted that I brought along my own flannel sheets; and I'm glad I did!  It was so very cold in the guest house and I had on 2 duvets there and it was cold this morning until around 9ish when the sun warmed up the area.  But even now, closer to lunch, if you're out of the sun, it's quite cool.

I'm hoping to keep myself occupied this week with a few activities.  There's my knitting, painting, reading and other little things that will be relaxing too.  I brought along all 7 seasons of 'Supernatural'  with me on dvd to watch... and then, I've got my books too - traditional ones as well as my e-books on my iPod that I nab for free off iTunes.  So, while I'm healing up, I'll get myself through a few scarves, some Crafty Pegs and quite a few chapters of some books I'm plugging through - no worries!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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