Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last Minute Stuff

Today, I was out to Garden City for a few hours.  However, it was a cold day to do it.  I found myself walking around getting things I needed to get and making sure I had everything before coming home.  

Now, I had to get my prescriptions all done up, buy two pairs of track pants - for when I leave hospital and for recovery - and then, I had some general shopping to do for the house.  I bought some flour, steel wool and some picture hooks to use in the bedroom for the paintings.  
Then, once I had all the gear I needed and wanted, I stopped by Gloria Jean's Coffee House and bought myself a bagel and a hot chocolate.  When I settled at a table, I found a book on my iPod and started reading for a while... it was nice to relax for a bit before I took off again to go home; because once home, I had more work to do.

When I did arrived home, I had to put the two pairs of track pants in the laundry and do my hand-washing and hang it all up on the clothes horse to dry.  Then, I washed up all the new stuff I bought for the kitchen, and then I folded up the clothes I took off the clothes horse that was on there first (and was dry) and put it all away in my bedroom.
Now, I have this new bedroom suite, everything fits in it.  All my clothes can be put away and I am able to fold everything and put it all where it's supposed to go.  It's so nice to have a bedroom suite where it has enough room for everything!  And it's made sure I can put my laundry basket where it's supposed to be: in the laundry!  So, I'm glad I have an organised bedroom now; which in turn has gotten me to organise my living room and dining room too, because a few things used to overflow into those two rooms from my bedroom.  Now this doesn't happen anymore.

This weekend, I have a whole lot of last minute stuff to do before I go to Greenslopes Hospital for my operation.  Yes, my surgery was moved to that hospital but it's for the same day - Tuesday - but I have to find out what time I have to be there the day before.  So, I'm still getting the ovarian cyst taken out and everything is going to plan, but I've been sent to another great hospital... and I've been to Greenslopes Private Hospital before.  So, I'm not worried about being there; especially as a day patient.

Well, I still have a few things before Mum shows up and then, I'll be set.  And the best thing I've done ever to date is getting myself a new bedroom suite.  I bought it for two reasons:  firstly, I wanted to get myself something big and major for my 40th birthday; which is a big turning point in my life.  And I normally get myself something big for my birthday every few years.  Also, because I'm going into hospital, I needed something where I'd be able to be comfortable to rest on... not just a new bed, but a lovely new suite where I'd be able to sit comfortably during the day and sleep during the night.  And the firm mattress is doing my back wonders!  I haven't slept so well in so many years!  Buying an expensive mattress was well worth the money!

I better be going.  I still have a few things to get done; and besides, I'm making pizza tonight and I have to get the dough made and wait an hour for it to rise... sounds great, eh?  Well, anyway until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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