Monday, June 10, 2013

Wet Old Monday

It's past 2pm on this public holiday Monday and I've yet to see the rain stop from late last night.  Yeah, it's been pouring on and off heavy and light since around 1am.  This has kept the temperature down to a nice coolish 16 degrees Celsius and dull.

But today, I've been doing a few things around the place to prepare for tomorrow.  I moved the Singer sewing maching step downstairs next to my back door to keep it out of the way for the delivery of my bedroom suite.  You see it usually lives at the top of the steps and would be in the way otherwise.  So, giving the guys as much space as possible would be in my best interest... and make it easier for them too.
The day is probably going to be like today too, so I gotta figure out some towels to wipe down anything that might get wet between the truck and my house.  Now, that might not sound like much, but really it is when you think about it.  I'll put a towel outside so they don't track wet footprints up and down my stairs inside.

Then, Dad and I will get in and move the old bed out of the way before they show up.  The base will have to be moved out of the house and we'll see if it's going to sell on Gumtree.  I hope it does.  But if it doesn't sell by the end of this week, Dad and I will donate the whole setting to Life Line.  We'll see if they can either take it all from us dropping it off or they can pick it up... which would be better for us.
But that's only if we don't sell it.

Otherwise, today has been pretty boring.  With the rain pouring down and the cold, I have been online all day chatting and enjoying the music on ABC Classic FM as they count down the Top 100 music scores in movies.  And it's amazing what's been used in movies from all the times on the silver screen!  I have enjoyed it totally - the good, the bad and the ugly equally.  Even though I didn't vote, it's been wonderful.

Tonight, I'll be getting in and tidying up the house a little more than I did yesterday.  The bedroom will be packed up more than it is now and then tomorrow morning, nice and early, I'll be up, dressed, strip the bed completely.  I'll move the small beside table into the office (out of the way) and pack up the rest of my things on the top of it, move the lamps onto the kitchen table and move the top mattress up against the wall; ready for the base to be removed.  And once the 'Bedland' people arrive they'll be able to move the new bedroom suite in straight away without much fuss.
I'm really looking forward to having this bedroom suite moved in as it'll be the end of one era in my life and the beginning of another.  I bought my original double bed a few months after I began working at RACQ at Eight Mile Plains as an office junior in 1991/2.  It was a big job and one I remember saying I was going to do when I was in high school; and kids laughed at me about... yeah nobody believed me when I told them I was going to work at a big insurance company.  
I bought my first double bed at a second-hand warehouse where it had been used in a commercial and then shipped off to be sold.  So, it was on a television set for a few hours, laid down on by an actor a few times, then re-wrapped and sold off to me.  I had it for almost about 15 or 16 years.  But I have taken great care of it.  That's the thing with beds.  You have to take good care of them.  There's no stains, tears or anything wrong with it... I have found it's just time for an upgrade an when I was looking around, I was hoping to get something for a double bed suite.  But the selection for a double bed was only 1/5 of the selection you'd get for Queen size or even King size bed suites.  So, I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to a Queen size bed to get the bedroom suite I had my eye on.  
So, this is why I have upgraded... and yeah, it's costing me more money than I planned to spend; but it's worth it I think.  I'll be caring for this bedroom suite well.  It's an investment for me as I'm hoping it'll last me a long time; as long or even longer than the suite I've had for the last 11 years.  And the one I've had for the first 11 years here, I was given by my parents who gave me their original bedroom suite from the 1970's.  I just hope it finds a good home after me; as it's a nice suite but I feel as though I'm out-growing it and need something more modern to cater for my clothes and other things in my waredrobe.

Well, it's getting on now and I really do have to work on tidying up a little more.  There isn't much to do, but it has to be done so I don't feel as though I'm being pressured and am running out of time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. How much are you selling your old bed for?

    1. It's on gumtree for $250... for the bed and the suite. you have to pick it up.