Sunday, June 2, 2013

... And Now, Fred Is Gone Too.

I've had a sad kinda weekend.  When I arrived home on Friday, I found one of my gold fish - Ginger - had died and was floating on top of the tank.  However, she had been there for a few days and had poisoned the water.
So, after cleaning the water, scrubbing the tank out, replacing the gravel and making sure it was perfect for Fred (the other gold fish), I put him back in.  At first, he was going well.  But he didn't eat anything and all he did was swim around for bit, then settle at the bottom the tank.

He stayed there for the next 24 hours and this afternoon, at around 2:45pm, I watched him as he struggled to breath on the bottom of the tank.  But I just couldn't watch him do that; so I scooped him out and put him on a piece of tissue and he slipped away quietly.  Poor little guy.

These fishies were around 5 years old and were bought at a market by my niece, Riley.  I'll buy a few more at the pet store down the road this week once I get the pump replaced - as the one I bought a month ago has an electrical fault.  It's so sad now I don't have any pets to keep me company... but not for too long.


  1. You have been in the wars with the lost of your pets this year. Only recently I thought after this lot of pets here had their life lived to the full I probably not introduce anymore new ones. There are things on my bucket list I should think of doing (like travelling) before I grow too old. And having ownership of any pets make it harder to go ahead with the plans.

  2. yeah... I've now got a good lot of spare time on my hands, so I'm getting in and doing things I want to do... I am planning on getting another bird, but not until the end of the year (what can I say? I love budgies and I miss having a companion in my house).

    So, I've been working on my art, reading and writing more and I'm also going to do more with myself too... go out and enjoy my weekends with the knowledge I don't have to feed anything when I get home.