Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainy, dull Saturday

This morning, at around 6:30am, I was awoken by the great escaping black chicken. She was urgently clucking around the door of my room loudly, making sure I didn't forget her or her friends in the chook pen at the bottom of the yard.  By 7am, she was still hanging around my door, so I got up and readied myself to go outside... and you know, she was out there on the lawn waiting for me.

But today was the day where I seriously got myself packed and cleaned up the house.  So I cleared the lounge of my painting gear, put away my external hard drive and 'Aloha' pencilcase - with all its bits in it - and then I packed all my stuff out of the pantry, my vitamins and my medications into my milk crate. Then I put the freezer packs into the the freezer so they were ready for tomorrow.
My bag was next. I repacked it neatly and then put all my electronics into my Bookcrossing briefcase.  I still have a few things to go in the way of packing, but it's all last minute stuff to put away tomorrow morning after I get up.  It's mainly the sheets I have to strip from the bed and the duvet I borrowed from Gabe & Kat over the last week. The sheets are mine and I brought them with me, and I'm glad I did as we have had some pretty cold nights.... not to mention some just-as-cold days here.  But I've recovered quite well over the last week; and am feeling better as each day passes.
I am able to walk faster, sleep without painkillers, never lost my appetite, and got back into cooking within 4 days of getting out of hospital... so I was itching to get myself back on my feet again and not lay about the house, and this is good.

Also today, I've been without a computor. I'm typing this post up on a Samgung tablet - and it's driving fekkin' nuts as it's so slow to type anything on this; you're a fast typist normally.
Anyway, the reason I am without a computor is because the one I wascusing here at my brother's house started playing up on me on Wednesday, and by Friday night I found it was making strange whirring and beeping noises... and seeing my last few computers went out making those noises, I thought to save any big problems and turn it off - also they won't lose anything on the hard drives either. So, it's the tablet I'm using and this thing is frustrating.... so many darned typos which I have gone back to fix.

I am also itching to get home to my new bed, my huge collection of books and my internet system....aaaahhh, yes, no place like home. So, how has the first week of the school holidays been for you? Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.

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