Monday, July 1, 2013

June Was Something Different!

Man!  Was June something different indeed!  From the very beginning of it to the very end, the month of June seemed to have significant changes happen in it for reasons I found amazing!

From losing my two little fishies after returning from house sitting my folks' house for a week while they were returning from up north, to going into Greenslopes Private Hospital only two weeks ago for day surgery, it all happen so quickly that I'm only catching up with everything now - but only just.

But I'll begin with furniture shopping.  Yep, I wanted new bedroom furniture to update a very dated bedroom suite.  Mum and Dad had given my suite to me when I moved in 10 1/2 years ago and my old double bed was due to be replaced.  I just needed something firmer and better-made as I'm turning 40 this year and my back wasn't what it used to be.  So, I thought to get a bed and a suite to make it a great year for myself.  I spent about a month looking at catalogues and going to furniture stores I could access by bus; then asked my Dad to help me get to some by car.  We found one place at Browns Plains called Bedland where everything was solid wood, well-made and I didn't have to wait 2 months for delivery.  So, when I found the bedroom suite I loved and the mattress my back loved too... well, it was set!  And the whole thing arrived a mere week before my surgery at the Wesley Hospital.
And just before that was to go ahead - only days in fact - the Wesley Hospital had a huge case of Legionnaires Disease which was throughout its hot water system... so all new surgeries were cancelled and new admissions too; this included me.  Fortunately, my doctor got me sorted out and my surgery was moved to Greenslopes Private Hospital.  And now, I'm healing quite well.

I spent the rest of that week feeling as though somebody poked me in the belly button really hard with a chop stick!  Not a fun prospect, but it felt like it.  Anyway, it wasn't long before I started to feel better and I was off to Brighton to house sit my brother's house while his family went to Emerald to dig for gemstones.  Very cool.
I had a good time there with the chickens been cheeky and funny.  I did some reading, knitting and cooking.  And by mid-week, I was able to walk a bit of distance; and then by the end of the week, I was back to my fast-walkin' self again.

Today, I went to my craft group where everyone asked me how I was.  The ladies there were lovely.  They said I looked very happy and full of energy.  I told them it makes a lot of difference when you get something cared for when it causes you a lot of pain; and has done for a long time.

But over the last week or so, I've had Mum and Dad here looking at my place and caring for me.  Dad's taken care of a few things in my house which I've been trying to get him to look at for a while.  He put a big towel rack in my bathroom and a proper medicine cabinet with mirror on the wall... very nice!  The bathroom is beginning to look like a proper little bathroom now, and not a quickly fixed-up one (which was what happened when I moved in a little over a decade ago).  Now, I have a place to put larger towels and Dad's got other plans for above my toilet where he wants to put shelves in for extra toilet paper and other stuff to get it all off the floor... and he knows that I don't want my dryer, but it's just an awkward thing to remove without the help of another person.  

Now, it's the 1st, July... the beginning of another month and the beginning of more things to happen for this year.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.    

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