Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Specs!

Today, I was up nice and early to take off to the Optometrist at the Underwood Marketplace on Logan Road.  It's been a long time between having my eyes tested; and it's because the buses aren't always reliable and I don't normally have a car.

So, with a list of other things to do while I was up there, I arrived early, parked and found my way there.  Before long, it was my turn to have my eyes tested and we chatted for a bit before he started looking at my eyes.  He said that it had been 4 years since my last visit; and asked why now?  I said that I've been finding it hard to read books; and that my eyes are becoming tired faster.  He did say that my eyes have changed marginally and this would make me feel tired at the computer or while reading.  So, we looked at my private health fund and found I could get 2 pairs of glasses fully covered; or spend a little more for designer frames where I put in a bit of money out of my pocket.  I looked at the fully covered frames and found some funky designs I liked, picked out two with the receptionist's help and she ordered them in for me.

After that, I was off to Bunnings to find another plant for the other end of my garden out the front; and I found one!  Once I found a plant, I was in search for a large pot.  Soon, I found that and I was ready to go and pay for it... but I found the plant wasn't for outside, it was a shade-lover, so I exchanged it for a sun-lover and went to pay for it when I ran into one of my Facebook friends.  It was really cool!  She and I knew the same person; but from different places and she said was amazed I knew her too.
Well, I had forgotten to buy large river stones.  So after packing the car - and having some dork park close to the back of the Pajero, making it hard to open the back - I went back in to see if they had any big river stones.  Unfortunately, they didn't.  So, I was off to the other Bunnings to find they still had the large river stones for $3.97, and so I picked out three of them, went and bought some purple paint and looked for detailing brushes (but didn't find any) and then, went and paid for my stuff.
Once home, I went straight to work on the front door wall.  Within the hour, I had smashed my finger between two rocks and scored myself a good-sized blood-blister (which I burst and put on a couple of band-aides) and then I was back to work to finish up the wall.  And before long, the wall was complete!  I'm so pleased with it!  After I finished it, I pulled the new pot out of the back of the Pajero and put it in the back yard - along with the new plant - and locked up the car... the hour of working was all I wanted to get done today.  I may get more done next week.  I'm in no rush to finish this project.  How are your projects going?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember I'm always here.


  1. Half the population properly wears some form of glasses for better sight or reading. If your past and present relatives wears some form of specs, you properly be wearing them too at some point of your life. I haven't really counted on how many people I know wears any form of glasses but I am always surprised when I see someone who have known for years wears specs out of the blue. I guess it's part of the age factor we have to deal with.

    1. I've been wearing specs since I was in grade 2 - when all the writing on it was blurry one day; and I was sitting in the front row. So, getting glasses and my eyes looked at and tested isn't anything new, but choosing new frames is always fun for me... I love looking at the colours, styles and shapes... and this time, I'm getting arty-farty styles :D