Friday, July 12, 2013

The Office - Part Two!

Every time I've wanted to clean out this room, it's always in two parts... yep, it takes that long to finish it.  And today, I was re-organising the bookcases... jeez, that's exhausting!  I was up and down the darned ladder to much, pulling down books and moving them around looking for one particular book, I felt as though I was going mad - but never fear! - I found it and put its dust cover back on it.

The first thing I did with this room was find all the books that belong to the left over dust covers... and it was frustrating when I couldn't find them all and put them with their partners.  This took most of the two days I spent running around this room looking for the last two books - which happen to be right at my feet next to the third bookcase!  Boy did I feel like a ditz! I must have walked past these two books about a dozen times and not seen them!  Have you ever done that and not noticed something until you were right next to it?  Yeah, happens to me a lot.

Well, I tossed out another bag of charity stuff today - which included some books and something I hadn't used in 5 years or so.  And there's one bag of rubbish to go in the wheelie bin for next week.  Now, I have to go through two bags of paper rubbish and put away two more bags of books sitting in front of the wardrobe in here.  This shouldn't take long.

The next room will be the living room.  Here, I'll be looking at the entertainment unit where all my VCR tapes are.  I have to stack them all up and make sure they're stored okay.  Then, I'll have to make sure everything is where I can get at it; as well as easily put away in case I have visitors coming over - or in case I just want to tidy up to go out.  
Anyway, downstairs shouldn't take very long as I've done it out before.  The main things I'll be doing down there is working on improving storage around the place.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm - or cool - and remember, I'm always here.

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