Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Full Week of Busyness!

And what busyness was there to be had!  I had a great time driving around in the Pajero, and managed to get myself to places I normally can't.  And by this morning, I thought it was high time to catch up with my housework... or part of it.

On Wednesday, it was shopping day.  I took the car out and did my shopping, spent more money than I intended but arrived home a half hour earlier than I usually did without a car.  Very cool; and even cooler is that I had $30 more in my pocket.
I put this money to good use the next day where I was off Bunnings and bought a plant, some river stones and created a large utensil holder for my kitchen.  Now, I have one of these already, but it only held 4 hooks.  This one was one I wanted to have a number of hooks on it and I wanted to be able to add or subtract hooks from it as I wished.  So, after buying a $3.95 towel rack and eight 50mm hooks at around $1.85 each, and some long screws, I was set.  I used the same first hole in the stud in the wall the anchor the first end and then went from there!  Within half and hour, I had my utensils hanging off it... very cool.
Yesterday, I was was back at Bunnings looking for another bigger clip for one of my utensils, but got the wrong size... darn!... oh well.  
Today, I went back and picked out the next size up... and it was still too small.  So, I'll take it back and get the next size up again.  But while I was there, I picked out a big river stone to add to my front garden.  I've got one there, and now I'd like to add a few more to give it character.  So, $3.95 later, I've got another one to add to the garden in a few weeks' time.  Not too bad.  So far I've spend about $30 on the garden and house; and it's only been a fortnight.  And I've cleaned out two rooms in my place too.  I'm two weeks ahead of schedule for my four-month plan for this place to work... and this is good.
So, what have you been up to around your place?  Any improvements?  Or are you happy with your house the way it is?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm - or cool - and remember, I'm always here.

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