Thursday, July 11, 2013

Room Number 1... The Bedroom!

Yesterday, I pulled back the feather duvet of my bed and opened my wardrobe to reveal what I had done to it... it was overcrowded and needed fixing up.  So, I pulled out the step ladder and pulled down all my bags and sorted through them.  I kept a good lot of the big ones and some small ones and tossed out others which I haven't used in around 5 years.  I made sure there were no tissues, receipts or anything else inside the pockets of the toss-out bags as they're going to a charity.  
Then, I rummaged around the bottom of the wardrobe and found the bag of stuff I kept from the clean out at Mum and Dad's place (you know of the tea chests?  Yeah, I didn't sort that bag out).  Anyway, I grabbed a rubbish bag and a Weetbix tin and sat on the end of my bed and sorted through the plastic bag.  Most of the stuff was old birthday cards from age 10 - 18... a lot of the people who had given me cards I had forgotten; except family.  Then, I looked around at some of the items in my bedroom and found I had quite a few things sitting around here that I had received on my 18th birthday from my friends and I'd forgotten where I gotten them from - except the jewellery box with the bow on the lid... that's from Tina Buchback.  I'd never throw that out as she gave me that when we were closer than ever.  Now, she won't talk to me when I want to talk to her... I really treasure that jewellery box.

Anyway, I grabbed the new sheets Mum and Dad bought me when I got my new bed - as they were still in their bags and wrappings - and unwrapped them and put them in the laundry basket to be washed next week; when the weather improves so I can put them away for Summer.  I used the Spotlight bags they came from as rubbish bags and really got in and threw out whatever I didn't need as I really got into my first day of the Big Tidy-Up.  Then the most unexpected thing happened!

I came across old love letters from Dan - my first boyfriend.

So, I sat down and read some of them... they were so sweet and wonderful and I found one where he wrote it with a sprained wrist.  It wasn't a very long letter, but he endured his pain, and it took him hours to write it to get it out to me.  They were lovely to read and we had only spoken on Facebook a few days ago and he wants to catch up again... to after all these years.  I haven't seen him since just before his son was born.

Anyway, by around 3:30pm, I had tidied up the bedroom, pulled back the duvet, thrown out the Spotlight bags and put the charity bags into the back of the Pajero.  First though, I wrapped up all the fragile stuff in newspaper so it doesn't break on the way to where I'm going to drop it off.  I'm hoping to work on another room soon and toss out more rubbish in one bag and charity items in another.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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