Sunday, July 21, 2013

'Lazy' Sunday

I've had a good day today; and tried not to do anything too much.  Last week was one where I didn't seem to stop; and I've hurt my right arm.  So, tomorrow I'm off to the doctors to see what I've done to myself.

Today, I was up early and off to get the paper.  It was a nice chilly walk to the service station and the price has gone up to $2.50 for the Sunday Mail... and I remember not so long ago, it used to be only $1.00 to buy.  Damned inflation.
Well, this morning, I washed up a bit, made pancakes, read the paper, listened to some nice music and took it easy until around 10am.  This is when I jumped up and put on the two sets of sheets which really needed washing - both Winter sheets - and they were out on the line before long.  Then, I moved the clothes horse out of the way and pulled out the vacuum and took it upstairs and vacuumed my bedroom and the nice tidy office (which both look great after 2 weeks of nothing invading the floors or anywhere that I've cleaned - that's a record!).  I'm pleased with myself.  
Then, I chopped up some pumpkin and got fruit cooking on the stove to make some of my famous pumpkin fruit cake for tomorrow.  I'm taking half the cake with me.  Yummo!  The ladies at the craft group will enjoy it, I'm sure!  Anyway, it's on the counter now, on a plate, cooling off.  
There has been one little drawback with stove though.  The little clicker thing which lights my oven, stove and grill is broken.  It no longer lights them.  How fortunate was it that I happened to buy a proper lighter for the stove that runs on lighter fluid just last Wednesday just in case it did this again (yep, it did this trick once before, and I didn't want to be caught unawares this time).  It cost me around $10, but was well worth the money.  

Now, the laundry is almost dry - even though there's no sun, and only a gentle breeze - and I've got washing up to get done because of the baking.  Otherwise, I've strapped my arm up because it hurt like hell this morning.  Yeah, I'm off to the doctors tomorrow by the looks of this... darn.  Oh well, at least I'll be able to know what I've done to myself.  And it's feeling better because I've strapped it.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm - or cool - and remember, I'm always here.

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