Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rooms 3 & 4 - Kitchen & Lounge Rooms

Yesterday, I made a start on cleaning out the kitchen and lounge rooms.  But I took my time and didn't get as much done as I normally would have.  
In the kitchen, I pulled down a stack of old, cracked plates my Nan owned, wrapped them in newspaper and put them into a rubbish bag and then put them out into the bin.  These plates have been getting small cracks in the sides of them, which have been slowly growing over the last few years; and finally, two of them popped when I put hot food onto them.  So, to cut my losses, I wrapped the rest of them up and threw them out.  They're lovely plates, but if I can't put hot food onto them without them breaking, they're of no use to me; and no use to anyone else.

Anyway, once that was done, I moved the lounge and opened up the doors below the television set in the entertainment unit and pulled out everything in it.  I forgot I had so many VCR tapes of movies I had replaced.  And so, I decided to donate them to a charity.  I put my other VCR tapes - still in their synthetic bag in the back of the cabinet and then sorted everything out, making sure I threw out what I didn't want, put back dvds I wanted and the small treasure chest full of dvds too and closed it up.  I ended up with more space than I first started with.  The movies ended up out in the back of the car with the other donation stuff to be donated today.

This morning, I drove to do my shopping for the first time ever!  It was great to be able to check the mail, go and donate the things needing donating and go to Woolworths and then drive to Coles without having to walk kilometres while carrying all that stuff with me physically.  Having the car was a great convenience, and I got my shopping done in a lot shorter time than I normally do - by around half an hour - and I bought some of my fruit and veggies at Coles just to save me time too.  

I'm not as exhausted as I normally am after going shopping; which is another plus with driving a car.  But I do find driving itself exhausting itself, so there's where I get tired from it.  I really could get used to this.

There's still things to get done around here.  I'm working slowly at making the house tidy, but I'd like to work on the garden soon too.  So, this weekend, I'm hoping to get my butt to Bunnings and pick up some bags of potting mix and a large pot and a plant too with granite (to fill the bottom) and then, I'll be able to put one pot out the front and care for it.  However, first things are first:  the whole backyard's potted plants will be repotted - as needed - and then, I'll work on getting new pots for ones that need upsizing and then there's the front garden to work on next.  I can't wait! Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.

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