Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Grocery Shop Since My Op

Today I'm exhausted and sore - but not too bad.  I went for my first grocery shop since my operation two weeks ago and I'm glad it's over - both the shopping and all the slow walking around.  Yep, I wasn't quite up to speed today as I'm usually a brisk walker and get things done fast... however, today, I felt like and looked like I wasn't in much of a hurry.  This made me a target for the charity people to say hi to me, and I had to tell them I could stop and I had to get my shopping done... then I slowly walked away.  They didn't believe me, but then, they're not me.

I had a good morning making sure I didn't do too much, except just walk at half the speed I usually do and feel as though I was on slow-motion the whole time.  But I did get all my shopping done; and I bought a new case for my iPod.  It's cute and I found that it won't slip out as it clips in and is a nice red colour too.
Even though I took my time and did everything right, I still forgot a few things too.  And the strange thing was that I had to hunt around for one of those shallow trolleys to use so I wasn't bending down into it too much; and hurting myself.  Anyway, I got through the self-service area and was out at the cab rank by around midday and hadn't overspent.  I did get a few small luxuries, but not many.

I bought myself some white paint and some charcoal from 'Dollars & Sense' and I also bought a box of Fortunate Cookies too (something I love to indulge in sometimes) and then I made sure I had money to get home - which I did - and called for a cab and came home.  It took me around half and hour to unpack everything, make myself a drink and get onto here... boy!  Am I tired!  And I'm thankful that it's the last week of the Winter school holidays too.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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