Friday, July 12, 2013

Busy Friday

It's Friday and I've been busy as hell this week.  But today, this morning, I've been busier than ever; as I'm feeling great - better than I've felt in weeks.

This morning, I looked outside and saw a nice, fine days and knew it was time to get in and do some laundry to put outside.  So, I put on the first load of new sheets - purple ones - and made myself breakfast.  While my porridge was on the stove, I put the wiping up away and sorted out what needed to be washed in the kitchen, then cut up some fruit and organised my vitamins for the day.

I thought of all the things I needed over the next few months to complete this house... and I mean seriously needed, and I really began to list them.  There's honestly a lot of things that would help me out to store things here.  I just need to get them in due time; and one of the major things I need is a rechargeable drill.  I've been trying to buy one of these things for years, but Dad's always stopped me.  This year, I'm going to buy one myself and it'll help me with all kinds of things I need to get done around here; all kinds of projects that need doing.  

Besides the hanger in the kitchen for all the things next to the stove, I'm hoping to get a cabinet for my art area, a foot rest for the office as well as cleaning up my garden front and back... all this will take plenty of time, and I'm hoping to get some of it done by the time Mum and Dad return from their holidays. 

I've wanted to get this stuff done for a long time, but without the resources - like a car - I've been stuck.  So, it's a great convenience to be able to work with a vehicle now.  And now, I'm only using the car when I need it, not because it's here, so if I need to go to Garden City, I'll bus it there - you have to pay for parking, and I'm not paying for that.  Otherwise, I'll be looking at getting things I can get back here in the car from Bunnings or from somewhere else I can afford.

Well, that's what I'm hoping to do soon.  I know this all sounds like pipe dreams - and some of it probably is - but it's what I want to get done here.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool, seeing how hot it's been in the USA and UK and Europe) and remember, I'm always here.

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