Friday, July 26, 2013

Busy Week - But Fun

This week, I've had my ups and downs.  I began to really make a difference with my front garden.  After buying large river stones, a couple of plants and a planter pot with a few bags of potting mix and a bag of river stones, I had to borrow a gardening tool off Dad before I really got going with this - and did.  However, that's not all that happened.  
On Sunday night, I found my right fore arm was hurting like crazy.  After wrapping a compression bandage on my arm, I Googled tennis elbow and found that I might have it - but thought to ask my doctor about it first.  So, I made an appointment the next morning to see if I did.  And low and behold, I did!  $50 for a proper strap later, I was on the road to recovery and on my way to my craft group, where I had one lady tell me about another exercise to help my recovery along (the doctor had shown me one).  So, I'm using both the exercises and my arm is feeling better each day, so long I rest it for long stretches of time.  But I have noticed that it's not as sore as it was on Monday.  I can grip and carry tiny things and I'm going okay with reading and holding a book... so that's something.  I don't wear the support at night, and put it on in the morning and wear it all day - as annoying as it is - until I go to bed at night.

Anyway, that's not all that has been happening.  I worked on my front garden.  It's been looking as though I only rent my house when I'm a full-time resident and have been for a long time now.  So, with the use of Mum's car, I've been able to get to Bunnings and pick up what I need to get this garden looking the way I want it to.  
So far, I've built a rock wall - which took me four days to do with only one arm and a few trips to Bunnings to pick up large river stones - and I also scored a good-sized blood blister on my right hand (it seems to be in the wars this week, eh?).  This makes typing very interesting; and I'm making all kinds of typos.  And I've also placed a large pot out the front of my place, next to the door, and planted a Draceana Plant in it.  It looks gorgeous.  I love it.  This plant has made my place look better already.  Now, next week, I have to buy another pot the same size, a bag of river stones and start on buying bags of smaller stones for the garden itself, and another couple of stones for the centre of the garden.  That will be another two hours of work or so... depending on the weather.  But I'm in no rush to get this done.  After this garden is done, I'm going to get in and fix up my back yard by repotting my plants... they'll look great.  I'll be getting new pots for some of the plants and moving some from old pots to newer ones - upgrading them a little.  I can't wait to get stuck into the back yard... it'll look great over the next few months.

But one thing at a time, eh?  

Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.

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