Friday, July 19, 2013

Oils Ain't Oils

Today, I was going to stay home and do nothing but catch up on housework - you know the deal: vacuuming, dusting, bring in the laundry and wash up.  Well.... that didn't quite go to plan.

I was going to pass by my folks' house to pick up some motor oil for Mum's Pajero and had asked Ian - a neighbour of mine to fill it up with a litre of it.  Easy-peasy, right?  How wrong could I could be!  I got there and found there was nothing looking like oil to be found - oh yeah, an empty can of motor oil, but nothing to fill Mum's engine with.  So, I tried phoning them, and found she had turned off her phone to get a good nights' sleep (something I can't do because I need my phone to use as an alarm clock).
So, I grabbed some money and went to Super-Cheap and asked the guys there to help me with finding a good one for Mum's car that won't destroy it.  He asked me what she recommended and I told him, and he looked it up for me and found me the Castrol range I had found under their house and told me which may work for the car.  I picked out the mid-range one and grabbed a funnel (to make it easier to put in) and then, at the check-out, I found a chocolate-scented car smelly thing and bought that too... I mean, why not?  It looked like an ice-cream cone too!  Very funny; and I strung it onto the gear shift so it wasn't too distracting.

Then, I was off to Bunnings!  I had some hooks to pick up for the kitchen.  I found the row they were in last time I was there and found a clip for the pizza lift handle - but it turned out to be too small - so I attached it to my house key and put Mum and Dad's house key onto it; so I'll never forget their house keys ever again!
Then, it was off to the gardening section of Bunnings to find a plant for out the front.  I was in search of Draceana Tree/plant for out the front of my house; but not one that was too old or too expensive.  So, I asked the lady there and she told me they were very popular for small places and grew well in pots as they grew the size of the pot they were put into, but they needed drainage.  So, I grabbed a bag of riverstones and went to the checkout.  I'll buy the large pot next fortnight.  I want it to be a good, large on and I'll make sure it'll be nice enough that nobody can tip it over.
I chose a Draceana (pronounced: Dra-ceena) plant because it's slow-growing and has nice soft leaves and doesn't need too much watering.  And it's such a lovely plant, once it's established too, I've always loved plants that don't need too much caring for.  I can't wait until next pay when I can go and get a pot for it and plant it!  How cool is that?  

Well, it's going onto 2pm and I've been home and hour or so and the clouds have scudded over the sky.  So, it looks as though I arrived home just in time for rain.  However, I also have to wait until the engine of the Pajero cools off until Ian can put a litre of oil into it; and I bought a 5lt container of it.  I'm tired, but have gotten a lot done; which I'm happy with... and it's more than I had planned to get done this fortnight.  So, I'm ahead of schedule for the makeover for my house and garden.  Very cool!  Are you making over a part of your house, garden or life this year?  If so, which part?  How far along are you?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here. 

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