Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Biggest Complainers of Them All

I'm a big contributor and advocate of charities.  I give a lot to them and buy most of my clothes and handbags from them.  However, when it comes to big items, I find these companies become very picky about what they take off your hands and what they leave at your house.

I live in a townhouse complex where the rules are very strict.  Our carports are to be kept clean, tidy and we're not allowed to block them up with furniture or anything that might be a fire hazard.  
So, when I bought a new bed, I found it the most difficult thing to get rid of the old one.  My family tried Gumtree - and nobody wanted the bed or the suite to go with it; even though we lowered the price by $100.  Then, we tried Givvit.com where we got a bite immediately, but the charity who phoned up and arranged to take everything off our hands didn't show up.  They left Dad hanging about at my place for over 5 hours without calling him to explain why.  I suggested the Salvation Army and so we organised getting them in today.  And so, when they arrived - after getting lost on the way here - the guys immediately said no to beside tables and bedhead and grabbed the bed.  
I asked why and they pointed out a broken piece on one beside - on the foot! - which wasn't there before.  I told them I hadn't done it and it must have happened when it was moved a second time when my Dad moved it recently.  Then, they crapped on about it being left out in the weather for a long time and that it was made of 'cheap fibro' and that it would swell up and invite termites.  I had told them it was an authentic early 1970's bedroom suite and they didn't believe me... I told the guy that I wasn't born yesterday and that before me, my parents had the bedroom suite and had had it for as far back as I could remember.  He just shrugged and looked at me.  I felt as though he had made me out to be liar; and this frustrates me!

Anyway, I begged them to please take the suite with them; and they told me that they'd only dump it and it would cost them money to do that.  I countered that in saying it wouldn't cost me money?  Then, I told them I'm not allowed to store things here - not long term anyway - and I don't have a trailer to take it to a dump (not that I know where the Smart Tip is right now).  They just shrugged again, strapped in the bed and closed the door down, then left... 
So, the next time I need to get rid of something big - and I can't sell it online - I'm just going to throw it in the dump.  After all, that's what society expects me to do now, isn't it?

The biggest irony is that this is the same charity which complains that there's not enough people giving to them... that they're needing furniture of all types and kinds.  And yet, when I offer up a bedroom suite which wasn't damaged when I handled it, but did get damaged by accident while I wasn't here, they don't want it.  So, what does that make this charity?  It's telling us that if what you're giving them isn't perfect, they don't want it?  Please!  I'm not giving away brand new stuff to a charity... then it's not a donation, it's a reward and that makes me celebrity... which I'm not. 

So, the next time you want to give away something big when you can't sell it online, what are you going to do with it?  You have a choice:  try hard as hell to give it to a charity (as which point they'll probably not take it because of one tiny, little flaw) or you'll be forced to dump it at the local tip.  It's up to you, but I'd avoid the charities and not waste your time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

UPDATED:  I've been in touch with the Salvation Army through their website and left a comment on their feedback page.  Within 20 minutes of leaving what happened above, I received a phone call from them.  The lady I spoke to told me that what happened should not have; they guys should have taken the whole lot off me - as promised - and the charity would decide would be good to keep and what needed to be tossed out and not the drivers.  She promised that a lady named Karen would be in touch with me and we would discuss further what action needs to be taken to have the rest of the bedroom suite picked up.


  1. We generally take our stuff to the recycling section at the Smart Tip. There is one on Browns Plains Road. Since you now have the 4WD it would be a good idea to take the item there yourself. I will be free to enter! All you got to do is show your driver's license (your proof of address)

    1. Normally, Mum and I take our stuff to Endoes on Wembley Road - as it's close to us and local. However on bigger items, I'd like to give to a bigger company; and the Salvation Army do give things to people who really need them.

      When I heard back from them, the lady told me that my old television was given to a family who didn't have one and couldn't afford to buy one - which was great! But for the guys not to even look under that tarp and to assume it was all made of cheap fibro was degrading to not only me but what I was trying to do. The driver treated me like an idiot and talked down to me... I was frustrated and did stand up to him, but he treated me horribly. But when they've tried to get him to call in to talk about it, he refuses to; and I made the complaint yesterday.

      He still hasn't called his manager to talk about it... I'll call again on Friday and see what can be done about it. I'll just ask them to send somebody else to pick it up and not the same guy.