Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Cool Day Off

I've had a few hectic days of either catching up with housework or going out driving.  So, today, I thought to have a day to myself and absolutely nothing; besides, my right arm has been giving me the shits.  It's been getting better off and on, but otherwise, the pain in it is dreadful when I move it.

So, it's time to sit down and do zero and let it do its thing.  I do find this hard to do; honestly.  

But I have done a lot of things over the last few weeks when you look back at how long I've been driving - which is only about three weeks or so.  And I'm damned proud as how much has been done around here thus far.
To start with, I got this office cleared out permanently.  And it's stayed nice and clean; which I'm happy with.  My bedroom still needs some work on - especially the chair - but I'm not giving up on it.  I've hooked up both the beside lamps and have just yesterday replaced the bulbs in them.  One of them was the old-fashioned bulb and I have never used it since I received this set of lamps a couple of years ago; so I didn't want to risk the bulb doing something weird or exploding (which I have seen happen before some years back at Mum and Dad's house once.  I was picking up small shards of light globe glass for about week after it exploded!).  Anyway, I went to Bunnings and found myself two new bulbs and bought them, installed them and made sure they both worked well... and they do!

Over the weekend, we had a bit of rain.  So, I did some laundry, caught up with my washing up, put out the rubbish and checked on my finances to see when I could work on the front garden again.  I've got the plant for the other end of the garden and the potting mix, so all I need is another big pot, river stones and a bag of small stones to go on the top of the planter so when I water the plant, it doesn't dry out so quickly - and it'll look great too.  I'm hoping to get a few more pots from Bunnings and more potting mix so I can begin working on my backyard to repot my other plants that really need to upgrade to new pots soon.  But the front garden was the most important project for this year.  I wanted it look like it was something worth coming home to; something I could look at when I walked home and know I did all that work myself - especially that wall next to the front door.  I love that!  It took me a long time to get that wall just right, but it was worth it and a lot of fun.

Craft Group was good yesterday.  I took in 'Books On My Mind' - the painting I've been working on over the last week - and the ladies loved it.  After three hours of writing with paint on the canvas about 10 books, I was exhausted, and it was almost time to go.  So, I packed up and put the painting on the table with all my gear next to it ready for me to pick it all up and leave.  A lot of the ladies had a look at it and were amazed I had read so many books from 2001 - 2013.  I told them that there were still about 25 books that I couldn't fit onto the canvas from My Reading List book and showed them.  They were still amazed that there were books that they noticed I had read, and they hadn't.  And last night, I counted up the books I had put onto the canvas, and found there were 105 books on the canvas!  How cool is that?  I'm hoping to do more work like this, however, seeing Christmas is coming up, I'll be doing some work towards my Secret Santa game played at Craft Group, and painting up a few canvas' with flowers on them for one of the ladies. 

Well, that was my weekend, and yesterday.  I've got shopping to do tomorrow and I hope I can get in and do it all in one day - the fruit'n'veggies and groceries - as I don't want to be going out too often this week.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. How big was the canvas you used?

    1. I'm not sure... it's up on my Facebook page... in my photo album. I've taken photos of it on the easel and you can its size from the photos there. :)