Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drivin' Drivin' Drivin'....

This is all I seemed to be doing today... driving the Pajero everywhere.  And I'm grateful to be able to just get in it and go because of the independence of it and being able to haul large things around in the back of it too.

I was away early this morning to go to The Underwood Marketplace to pick up my two new pairs of glasses and donate my old pairs of glasses.  I spotted a sign in my optometrist's where you can donate your old pairs of glasses so they can use the lenses for people who need reading glasses in Third World Countries but can't afford to buy them.  Instead, they get them given to them by people who have donated their old pairs because they don't need them anymore.  I think it's a great idea.
Before I went there, I went to Bunnings and picked up everything I needed to finish off my garden - well most of it anyway.  I picked up another big, round pot, potting mix, a bag of river stones, 4 bags of tiny silver stones and 2 bags of 'ice' pathway stones.  This all cost almost $100, but I put it to good use once I arrived home this afternoon.  All I need to do is buy another bag or so of the 'ice' pathway stones and the front garden will be finished; as I haven't put them out yet.  And seeing they're $10 for 20kg bag, I'll go and get another bag tomorrow and finish the job totally... then I'll be able to work on the back yard for the rest of the time my folks are on holidays.  

For the rest of the day, I tried to hunt up a copy of the August edition of 'Good Reading' Magazine, but couldn't find a copy to save myself.  So, I've sent off an e-mail to Rowena Cseh to let her know I can't find the magazine - which is now 4 days late in delivery; and I've searched 2 places I normally go to find her magazine, and they haven't go them.  This does concern her when the magazine usually shows up at those places, but she said she'd look into it for me.  I hope it doesn't take much longer for the copies to reach Brisbane... if I receive a copy in the mail, it just means there wasn't enough; as I'm regular reader of the magazine, and do really enjoy getting into books that are recommended in that magazine. 

Anyway, I went to the chiropractor and she was shocked to hear I had Tennis Elbow and checked me out; telling me that I was all out through my shoulders and neck and that my tendon will heal better after the adjustment.  And you know, when I arrived home, I felt so much better and my arm didn't hurt as much as it has in the past week... it just feels like a pinched nerve now and isn't aching as much.  This is good!

Well!  That was my day!  I ended up potting up the sun-loving Draceana plant and putting the remaining potting mix I haven't used yet in the back yard.  Otherwise, the 20kg bags of rocks are still in the back of the Pajero... waiting to be used in the front garden.  I can't wait until this project is completed!  My back yard is next to be done up... all the potted plants will be sitting on their own tiles so the weeds don't bug them so much; and so they don't dig into the ground so much as well.  I'll have to see what kinds of reject tiles I can get from Bunnings over the coming weeks/months I can use.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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