Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Busy Morning

Today I had a busy morning.  First though, I relaxed my way through breakfast, taking my time eating.  I don't like to rush when I need to be out on the road, so I took my time eating and planning what I had to get done today; then I packed the car at around 9am and began to get ready to leave.
I had to return some sheets to Garden City and see if I could get either a store credit or my money back.  I had bought the wrong size and lost the receipt; silly really, but it happens.  Anyway,I scored a store credit - so I have $19 to spend at K-Mart Garden City in 6 months.  Very cool.  Might get myself a Stephen King book and something worthwhile to enjoy while I'm there.  In any case I have 6 months to ponder over my choice.
Well, seeing that took all of 5 minutes out of my 3 hours of parking time, I thought to take a wander around the place and see what I could find in the other stores.  I window shopped at 'Riot Art' for canvas' and found they were pretty expensive.  And then, thought it was time to leave.  So, I went upstairs towards where the car was parked and took a wander into 'Wild' and found this little card carrier.  It's very cool and worth the money too.  So, I went to one of my banks and got some money to buy one of them and bought it!  I love the colours and the butterflies on it; and I'm seriously thinking of getting a second one for my store discount cards.  

Anyway, before you knew it, I was back in the car and out of Garden City and driving to Mum and Dad's place.  I had to drop off a parcel which arrived from them yesterday.  Mum had asked me to leave it at their place after it arrived, so I did.  I also fed one of the birds, took a message off their phone and Aunty Helen dropped by too see how things were going.  She asked if I had stayed there and I told her the truth that I had and she understood how the road works could make things too noisy to stay over for the time being - and I don't know how long they're going to be around either - so she said it's understandable that I'm checking on their house a few times a week instead of staying there.  I did say that I've been working on a few projects at my place and showed her photos of my front garden and the new kitchen utensil holder and said that my back yard was next in getting a makeover.  I said the office had been cleaned out as had my bedroom too; and my art area was next on the list to have a major overhaul.  She was really impressed that I was willing to go and spend money on these things; and that getting the use of the Pajero was really paying off.  I said that I wanted to surprised Mum and Dad with what was going on at my place, and that I'd clean up their place once my arm was better than it is now.  But I did say it's only a twinge now... a far cry from what it started out as .  She's happy that my Tennis Elbow isn't as bad as it was before and that I'm on the mend now.

I returned home, at around midday and have been stuffing around on the net for the last hour.  This arvo, I'm hoping to get the antenna on Mum's car working, the washing up done, the kitchen floor washed and the laundry all pulled in and the clothes horse put away.  Those are my aims for the chores this afternoon.  Well, anyway, it's been a day where I'm more relaxed than I was last week.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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