Friday, August 9, 2013

Chores On Friday

Today, it's going to be a busy Friday with many chores to do.  I've got a list of work to get done; and I'm hoping to get it finished before the sun goes down.  Fortunately, I've got some cannelloni to defrost all day and so that'll be my dinner tonight... how cool is that?

But I have gotten some chores done this morning.  I put away the wiping up from yesterday, laid the pavers in my back yard and put the plants back and checked the mail.  So, that's three of the main chores done and dusted.
Yesterday, I pulled in the towels off the clothes horse and put it away, put away some stuff into one of my sheds and put out some rubbish into the wheelie bin before it got too cold.  During the day, yesterday, I dropped off a parcel which arrived from Mum and Dad at their place and then fed one of the magpies and Aunty Helen dropped in and we chatted.

Today, I have vacuuming to do, dusting as well, gotta throw out the newspapers and recycling, clean the bathroom and toilets, wash the kitchen floor and then go to the post office and fax one of my banks to move some money across to pay for something.  Then it's back home where I have to make my bed, put on the laundry and start on the tidying up of the art area and figure out which art books to keep and which ones to give away.  I'll also be cleaning out the art area and pulling up the drop cloth and washing it over the weekend so I can see if I can stretch it.  But I have to see if I can buy a hand-held staplegun as I've stretched my own canvas before at a college course some years back.  And I'd like to do it again... but this time make a bigger canvas to work on.

Well, the chores will take a few hours, the canvas and cleaning out and other bits will take a few weeks.  So, that's my projects all lined up, ready to go.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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