Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Very Full Weekend

This weekend has been full as full can get!  I have barely had any time to myself; and it was fun too.  Yesterday, I went out to the Logan North Library to a World-Building Workshop for sci-fi month and totally enjoyed it.  Rebecca Timmis ran it and I got more out of it than I expected.
But on the way there, I had to drop off to Mum and Dad's to pay one of their bills and then pick up some pasta on the way home.  However, as I drove up Vanessa Boulevade, I was greeted with an unexpected sign on the corner:  'Road Closed: Local traffic only'.  Seeing I was local traffic, I went through to find the roadworkers had closed the road from just before Mum and Dad's house to just before the Well-Being Centre.  I stopped at the road blocks and observed the old driveway of No. 41's and used it to get to Mum and Dad's driveway.  Some of the road workers were amazed I did; others didn't care.  But then, I had to get out of the place... and this amazed them more I did get out.  
Well, that was the fun part of the day.  When I returned to pick up the pasta, I found what they were doing to the road.  They were putting in preparations for a traffic-slowing island just beyond Mum and Dad's driveway to slow people down.  While they're doing this, they're also replacing the stormwater drains under the road too.  
A strange thing happened when I arrived that morning though.  I parked the Pajero, got inside the house, paid the bill, looked at the itinerary, then left... it took all of 10 - 15 minutes to do all that.  Well, I left by the same way I got in and by the time I arrived back to the corner Vanessa Boulevarde, there had been a head-on collusion between 2 Barina's on the corner!  There were tow trucks there, a fire engine and cops all hanging around... and I was gone only a few minutes!  How could this happen so quickly?  I was shocked.

Today, I was out and about across Logan City.  I was out the door by around 11am or so.  I picked up some Devil's Cut Bourbon & Cola for my cousin.  He was going to fix Mum's antenna for me, and I thought to give it to him.  
But first off today, I was off to Park Ridge to visit a friend - and fellow author - Letitia Coyne.  She offered to help me with plants for my garden, and I also found Gus there, my late-friend's cat.  He's settled in nicely and greeted me with his usual stuffiness, but otherwise let me pat him.  Then, we found a tick on his head!  Oh wow!  A tick!  Poor guy, he didn't like it that we pulled it off.
But then, after I collected the plants I had chosen, put then in the back of Mum's car and Letitia and I had said our farewells, I was driving down the road and I began to get itchy.  My mind began to play tricks on me about ticks.  I felt horrible and itchy and wondered if there were any on me!  Blech!  Well, instead of obsessing over it, I thought to drop off to my place and dump the plants in my back yard first... so that if there were any ticks on them, they could drop off and go where they want to go.  Besides, I really needed to grab a drink and get a few things before continuing on to my cousin's house to get the antenna fixed on Mum's car.
I called Anthony and Maria before I left my place and then headed off, and before long, I was there.  Anthony and his son Kory was just finishing up mowing the lawn when I pulled into the driveway and I left the keys on the dash of the car and he went ahead and fixed the car.  Then, I grabbed what was needed from the car and told Maria I had picked up some 'Devil's Cut' Bourbon & Cola for Anthony for fixing up the antenna and she put it in the fridge and I also brought along a plant for her to add to her plants.  
Well, she and I chatted for the time it took for the antenna to be fixed - which was only about an hour - and then I packed up and went out to the car and pulled from the back seat a Large Leaf Jade I had brought over for her.  She was amazed at it!  I told her to keep the stakes in it until the roots re-established (as I back-filled it only a few days ago) and then it would need repotting into a bigger pot next Winter.  Anthony said it was gorgeous and it would make a great addition to their plants.  He asked where I got it from, and I told him it was a pup of my original Large Leaf Jade I received 11 years ago as a housewarming gift and that this one I've given them is around 2 years old; and it'll grow really well now it's well-established.  Maria's thrilled with having a big plant like this, and happy that it's such a lovely plant.  And Kory thought it was cool plant too when he saw it.  He touched the leaves and asked what it was and I told him about it.  After finding a place for the plant on the patio, I said my goodbyes and came home.
But once home, I pulled out the vacuum and two extension cords and vacuumed out the back of Mum's car... and I found a tick rolling around the back of the vehicle!!!  So, I shook out the rug I've been using and vacuumed that too!  Then, checked the boxes I had in the back and changed the bag in the vacuum too!  And once I put away the machine, extension cords and locked up the car, I had a shower (putting my clothes completely separate from my usual laundry) and washed and scrubbed myself and washed my hair (scrubbing my head)... but I still feel itchy!  It's psychosomatic.  I know I don't have any on me, but it's something my mind is playing game on me about.  Ick, ick ick!  So, just to be completely sure, I'm going to be off to the doctors tomorrow and have them check me over completely.  I don't want to take any chances with these little buggers.  
So, how was your weekend?  Relaxing?  Or busy like mine?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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