Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pots and Statues

Just when I thought everything was at a stand-still in my garden planning, found it's not.  I thought to go window shopping yesterday at Sam's Warehouse and found a metal duck.  He was quite handsome and very cute!  So, I bought him to put in my garden as well as a large pot from the same place for the Happy Plant I scored from Letitia Coyne's place at Park Ridge.  Both of them ended up in the shade area of my garden that afternoon after I returned home from Craft Group.

Then, today, I went out to Bunnings to see what I needed later this week to get for the lawn and potting mix.  I knew I needed more pots from the cheap place but I'd get that on the same day.  
Anyway, I showed up at the Bunnings on Kingston/Logan Road and found a garden mirror there.  However there was no price on it, so I asked how much it was and found it was a deleted item; and it was $14.00 brought down from $39.00 which had been brought down from $59.00!  Wow!  How cool is that?  And how could I resist such a bargain?  So, I wondered how much was on my card and took a chance and swiped it... and it let me have the purchase!  Yay!  
I was off to the next Bunnings on Compton Road.  I needed to price a sitting Buddha - and seeing I didn't find one at the other Bunnings, I thought I'd find one at the smaller one.... and you know I did!  It was sitting way up high on top of the shelves where nobody could reach it; but it was perfect for my garden.  So, I asked how much it was; and low and behold!  I had come across another deleted item!  It was $4.00 brought down from $39.00!  How cool!  So, I took another chance with my card and swiped it and - yippee! - it let me have my sitting Buddha!  I got it out to the car, and I found I had to put it into a seatbelt next to me so it didn't break on the way home.  Yes, it looked funny... I felt stupid while clipping the seatbelt on, but really, I didn't want to break it.  

Once home, I took my items out into the back yard, placed the buddha, hung the mirror on the fence and then took photos... and to think I was only going out to window shop, and scored bargains instead for things I did want and need in the yard.  Anyway, I've gotten a few things that I was hoping to buy later on this week.  So, when Thursday rolls around, I'll be able to spend less money and more time looking at my handy-work.  I'm so pleased at how smoothly this garden is going with its transformation.  It's not as difficult as it was with the front garden; as I've got all the plants already here and I only have to add to them... so that's a plus.  

I do have other plans that just came to me last night for this garden.  I want to make a Fairy Garden in the shade area, get rid of the white table (because it's rotten and won't hold up for much longer) and then, it's a matter of getting another table for the area for the plants - a metal one hopefully - and they'll look good, and I'll have a little somewhere to sit and it'll look cute for my fairy garden in the shade. 
Then, there's the lighting which needs fixing up.  I'm hoping to save up for some good solar lights that work on direct as well as reflective sunlight and they light up my garden at night.  Right now, I've got cheap as dirt solar lights that were $15 for 6 and they only lasted about a month before only 2 of them worked.  Now, only 1 of them works when it wants to; and I bought them March last year.

Anyway, that's what's coming up for the garden... I know this was supposed to take only four months, but it's going to be an on-going project.  I'm just getting most of it done before the deadline so there's a major difference we can all notice before the end of October.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

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