Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Planning Afoot!

Yes!  I'm back to planning many things for the inside of my house again.  It's been a while since I focused on the interior of my house instead of the exterior of my house; and for that I'm hoping to get in and spend a bit of money on my place.  So, it's going to be a matter of saving some money - big money and putting it to one side.  This also means I must be more than a little frugal when it comes to the shopping week.

This is another reason why I've been spending up big over the last few weeks while grocery shopping and backing off lately.  I want to save up for some major things.  I'm going to stop spending money from one of my accounts and really save up the money for what I want and buy it; and it's for the art area to make it tidier and easier to access.
I was hoping to buy a wardrobe where the doors will make it tidy, but I think I'll opt for a more open feel where there's shelves and tidy-drawers so I can see what's inside them and label them as I see fit.  It'll be a lot cheaper and easier for me to put together as well.  Then, I'll be able to place the art stuff inside the tidy-drawers and use the milk crates I have already to put on top of the the shelving units.  The only problem I have now is that I have to navigate my way through IKEA without getting lost or having a panic attack while inside the place.  Jeez I hate that place!

Meanwhile, my back yard will be getting the much-needed makeover it's been dying for.  I laid more pavers and moved another few plants around to make it look better so I know what it'll look like by the weekend after next.  I can't wait!  It'll be wonderful to get it all up and running and working out well.  This garden will take more time to work on than out the front as it's not as public as my front garden; and I want to take my time with it because I have the time to work on it now.  
As for the rest of the house?  Well, now I have cleaned out the office and bought a privacy shade (even if it's a temporary one) I'm hoping to get in and clean out my living room and make it more liveable and tidy.  This will mean I'll be looking through the books and figuring out what I need, moving the art books that are stored there to a place where they're better needed and making sure that the art area at the back door is in a better state and more easily cleaned out than it usually it.  This means, I'll be picking up the drop cloth and putting down something else instead of it; I'm not sure what just yet.

Yes... there's big plans afoot indeed!  And I'm not stopping with my planning and working on this place until I'm happy with what I want to get done until it's all done and my house is fixed to how I want it to be.  However, there's a deadline, the it's coming up fast, so I'll have to be working fast and making sure it all falls into place just in time in late October.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.

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