Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot August Days

Today, I woke to a warm muggy morning.  Yep, from a nice cool night, I found today turning into something from one of my Summers or Springs.  But incredibly enough, it's still classed as Winter here.  On the weather report, they told us that instead of getting South-Westerly Winds - as we're supposed to be getting - we are getting North-Westerly winds.  These winds come from the Northern Territory and are hot; thus our hot day today.

So, today, I decided to get in and do a full load of laundry and fill up my clothes line.  All the towels got done, so did everything, right to the hand-washing - except the sheets; they'll get done next time we have a nice hot day.  
After that I closed up the house and took off to the chemist down the road to pick up a prescription and found that there was only one guy on to do all the scripts that came in!  That was lousy!  The poor guy was run off his feet all day; I felt sorry for him that he barely had time to do anything else.  But that's public holidays for ya.
While I was up the road, I spotted the new massive pet store where WoW used to be and decided to have a look at the place before I left to head off to Mum and Dad's place.  I saw there was a vets there and walked past that and went inside the pet store; which was humungous!  I'd never seen anything like it!  They even had a grooming service for your cat or dog and the vets were attached to this place.  I looked at the birds they had on display and found they had hand-raised budgies and the larger variety budgies.  And the guy let me handle one of the hand-raised ones - which were more expensive at $50 each.  The little girl bird - once she was in my hands - started biting straight away and scratching at me.  But as soon as I tickled her around her chin and the back of her head, she stopped and just looked at me... and relaxed.  She laid back in my hand and let me tickle her again only nibbling gently.  The guy was amazed at how quickly the bird was at ease around me... and said that I might be close to getting a new bird soon.  I agreed with him, then he asked how I lost my last budgie and I told him about how Little Miss Stevie passed away.  He said that at her age, she lived a good long life and it was nice of me to take her outside during her last moments; but it was horrible she had a stroke.  He knew how I felt though because he lost his cat last year, and he'd had him/her for around 14 years, and we both know what it's like to lost a pet who have complete trust in us.  It's horrible but after about a year, we move on to get a new pet.  I told him that I was giving myself a year to mourn my little bird and he said that it's good I'm doing that; then I'm not rushing myself into buying something I don't want.  Well, I gave him the little female bird back (and she was ready to come home with me, but I didn't want to bring her home when I wasn't ready in my heart).  Then, I asked about the vet next door - if they dealt with birds - and he said they did.  So!  How good is that?  A vet nearby who works with birds!  I'll have to suss them out before I get another bird to see who their bird specialist is.

Well, I took off from there and drove to Mum and Dad's place where I watered all their plants in their back yard.  The place was looking a little dry and so I did that and folded up the clothes line properly and then left their mail on the table, locked up the house and came home.
By then, it was around midday and I wanted to have a nice ice coffee and stuff around on the computer.  It was getting really hot for the end of Winter.  So, I stuffed around online for around an hour and then washed my hair, read a little outside and - before long - it was around 3pm or so... I thought to have cannelloni for dinner tonight.  And so, I started preparing it and writing up the rest of my shopping list.  So, how was your long weekend?  Hot and sunny like mine? Or was it nice and cool?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.

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