Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 - What a Year!

It's been most certainly a busy year for me. I've gotten a lot done around my house; as well as a lot done in my life.

I still have my Little Green Machine; and it's running very well. It did have to get a look at around November as the coils stuffed up and so I was without a car for a few days. However, she's been running well since.

But at the beginning of the year, I got a lot done. The decluttering of this townhouse intensified and I threw out more rubbish and gave away more things I didn't need. I reorganised the kitchen in such a way I really didn't have to look for anything by rummaging anymore - and I discovered Lazy Suzans... yes, those retro merry-go-rounds everyone seems to be using for the fridge, pantry and even the bathroom. 

The chair I worked on in the beginning of the year came home about a month later after it was finished being reupholstered ... and now it takes pride of place in my office where I sit in it after writing for hours on end, want to chill out at the end of a long day, or just sit and read in it whenever I want to - but I never get far and end up falling asleep in the lovely thing.

I scored myself my first tattoo on my right wrist of a semi-colon; for the Semi-colon Campaign. However, I'm not stopping at just that little bit of ink - I've planned to get myself another few before my life is through. I'm saving up to get Angel Wings on the back of my left shoulder. The reason for this is personal and spiritual - besides, if I told you guys, you'd probably laugh - so I'm getting it for my own reasons. When I get a tattoo, I won't be getting it because it's cute, there will be a story behind it. This time, it's hard to explain, but when I do get it, I'll tell you why. It will be next year I'll be doing it, though.

But the year hasn't been all roses. I recently had my sun cancers removed from my arms and my right hand - talk about painful! There were 6 of them and they weren't on the surface, they had to be cut out while I knocked out (this part I didn't mind; as I didn't want to be awake for any of it). And when I did wake up, I found that the ones on the hand the doctor said he was going to burn off, he ended up cutting out. He came into post-op and told me that they were deeper than he anticipated and he had to do what he did. 
These took so long to heal and I had to really care for them - making sure they healed up properly. So, I Googled some after-surgery oils to apply; and found Coconut Oil did the trick - and man, did it work! From the first application, I could feel it working its magic on my scar on my hand. And it's only gotten better since then.

Christmas crept up on all of us. One minute it was my 42nd, Pizza Party at my brother's house with family and close friends, and the next thing you know, I was scaring the crap out of kids on Halloween and Christmas adverts were being screamed at us on the television set. Fortunately for me, I had already done most of my Christmas shopping and had only a few things to pull together - yep, I'm always prepared and start my shopping around September or so. My Christmas Cards are posted off in November and then there's the decorations to put up around the place - which were late this year, but with my hand and arms the way they were, well, I had a good excuse to be slow. But they got there.

New Year's Eve is tomorrow and there's still preparation to get done. I'm looking forward to not spending another depressing one here in the unit complex. The last one I spent here, I was on my own and there were parties going on around the place and yet people knew I was on my own, and not a single one invited me for a drink or to to hang out. So, usually, I'd head to the coast... but I went there to recover from the surgery. This time, I'll be somewhere else. We'll be chilling out and enjoying our night with friends, food and music. That's how it's supposed to be enjoyed. 

So, I hope you are all enjoying your New Year's this year with people you love, at a place you're enjoying yourself. If you're driving take care, don't rush, don't drink'n'drive... and if you've had a few, have a designated driver who will take you home or call a cab (that's what they're there for). We need to see you all into the New Year and into the future. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

It's been a good couple of days with a sour ending last night. However, the good outweighs the bad in my case; as I received what I wanted, and gave more than I received.

On 24th, December, we gathered at my cousin, Kate's, place and had a wonderful Dutch Christmas where we ate more food than humanly possible, exchanged gifts, then scoffed down more food and coffee. Riley didn't know what to expect, as this was her first Christmas away from her Mum; and she hadn't seen a family Christmas where nobody was fighting. I asked how she was going a few times, she said okay, but I knew she was just sussing out the room and watching the party.

Gabe, my brother, loved the single malt fully-imported whiskey from Speyside, Scotland. Dad was impressed I found something that was such good quality for a good price - and Gabe loved it as he tried some of it when he arrived home; was too good to share with his buddies, so he's hiding that one on them - hehehee.
Kat received at pendant from me which was petrified wood. She loved it. I bought it off the silversmith himself at the gallery and she was impressed that I picked one that wasn't too heavy and the colour was just right. 
Mum and Dad's presents were given to them on Christmas Day, so I wasn't unwrapping mine alone here at home. I don't like being alone at Christmas; not since Little Miss Stevie died - it's just to depressing. I still miss her horribly.

At Mum and Dad's place, we exchanged gifts and enjoyed watching 'Arthur Christmas', an animated movie which had us falling around the lounge room laughing! It would have been hilarious on the big screen, but it was brilliantly done. 
I bought my folks two dvds - 'The King's Speech' and 'Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie' and a few other things that I thought they'd love. Then I gave them a hand-crafted box I bought at the Logan Art Gallery; which Mum adored. They said they'd watch the movies down the coast and they would put the box to good use around the house - or even store their coasters in it on the coffee table in the lounge room... 
Lunch was leftovers and freshly peeled prawns. And of course we all ate too much food. But then, that's what Christmas is all about. We split up the food and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon watching another Christmas move with Michael Keaton in it and then I went home just before they left for the coast again.

The sour ending was last night. One of my neighbour's has a new girlfriend, and for some reason or another, we don't really get along (okay, we can't always get along with everyone, that's fine). So, I've kept to myself, minded my own business and done my own thing. She's made sure to pick on me, stick her face in mine and whenever possible scream abusive names at me when I've tried to talk to her about one thing or another. Yep, she rude. I'm not the only person she's rude to like this - so it's not an isolated incident. 
But last night, I was watching a movie and I heard what I thought was teenagers outside my house and to opened the door and told them to shut up; but it was her and her daughter. She screamed abuse at me as I closed the door... but I heard every word and I reopened it told her to piss off and really slammed the door. She upped the antie and became louder until she got into her car and drove away.
Last night, I wrote an email to the right authorities about the months of abuse I've copped because of her. I'm not putting up with her doing this to me.

But today, I was hanging out my laundry when I heard her boyfriend tell her that he heard what went on last night and he wanted her to apologise to me. She told him to bugger off and that she wanted me to apologise to her. He said that I had been very quiet today - and I had - and that they had better start looking for another place to live because he knows I've written an email. She got snotty about it, but didn't knock on my door. I don't expect her to get it that screaming abuse at somebody isn't right... but at the very least, admit it when she's not the nicest person to be around.

Anyway, I hope you've all had a better Christmas than I have in the end. At least most of my Christmas was wonderful. I have got plans in place for next year: save up for a new tattoo on the back of my left shoulder of Angel wings. And I'll be working on a sign post of fictional lands (similar to the one you see in M*A*S*H) to put in my garden. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Day Filled With Cooking!

I wanted to sleep in today - but I didn't because it turned very hot very quickly. Instead, I sat on the computer for a few hours after breakfast and opened a Pinterest account for mainly my craft gear.

Then at around midday, I jumped offline and started preparing the Turkish Carrot Dip. For those who don't know, I've got a label down the side called 'Recipes' and you can find it there. It's a fun one to do and has only 4 ingredients; but you have to be patient and don't use too much garlic or you can ruin this dish. While the carrots were cooling, I started on the two Christmas Cakes. I had to cook the pumpkin in one pot and the dried cranberries and blueberries with spice, some sugar and a cup of water in another pot; then let the whole lot cool (once I put a teaspoon of bi-carb soda into the second pot). Then, it once it all cooled down, the real action of the day started!

I greased the Christmas Tree-shaped tins, lit the oven and put the cooked, grated carrot into the serving bowl of yoghurt with a pinch of salt and garlic... which was kept chilled in the fridge over this time.

By the time the cakes were cooked, the kitchen was a mess and I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was in real need of a good talk. By the time the cakes were cooled, I had the dip in the fridge, the oven turned off and was thinking about what to have for dinner... and my friend had to go because she was having dinner too. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We have plenty to do tomorrow during the day and the night. I have had a good few nights where it's been quiet, except last night where I heard noise but didn't quiet know where it was coming from, so didn't go and have a look for it; instead chose to ignore it. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe this Christmas Season and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Busy Week Coming Up - For Everyone!

Today is probably the last day where I'll be able to sit on my butt and do almost nothing all day. Okay, I've been doing a few things scatter throughout the day, but I'm making sure I'm not burnt out over this week - yep, I'm getting a full-nights' sleep every night.

Okay, I'm still one of those people who can't sleep all that well on Christmas Eve because it's just the little kid inside me who's excited about the whole day of presents and giving and receiving and all the food and fun of it all. I hope I'm not the only one who's like that.

Of course I'm not.

Well, today, got all the laundry done, the sheets on the bed changed over, other laundry put away, the blanket from Winter/Spring put away and Grandma's 1970's quilt put away too. Now, out on the line is just the laundry from the past week and I'm waiting for it to be good and dry so I can get it in about an hour. 
Otherwise, I've washed up everything and been out and about today to donate a Christmas present to the K-Mart Wishing Tree. I handed in a Christmas mug filled with all kinds of teas (all wrapped), a hand-painted picture frame and a hand-knitted dish cloth... I wrapped it all up in celophane so they don't have to unwrap it all and they can see everything in it. The girl who helped me with the card said it all looked lovely... and was surprised that I thought to add in something hand-made, most people just buy something from K-Mart and hand it in. I'd rather make something than buy something; it's got a more personal touch to it.

Then, I was off to Springwood to pick up some money for tomorrow and some decorations to use in a piece I'm working on... I'll see if it works out. If not, I'll be putting it all away and trying again next year. So far, it hasn't worked. I'll have to look into how it worked for my friend who made one on Facebook. I've worked on it 5 times now, and each time, it's fallen apart. There's more glitter around my living room than on the decorations, and some of them are now broken from me handling them so much... so I think I'll just pack it up and leave it alone.

Anyway, I'm ready for the volunteer work tomorrow morning. And that afternoon, I'll be doing some reading and tidying up around the place so I can chill out without being stressed out. On Wednesday, I'll be making a dip and two cakes for Thursday night, where the family will get together at a cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Then, on Friday, Mum, Dad and I will be hanging out for a light lunch for a few hours and they'll head back to the coast, and I'll be back home.

Yep, a week of busy things happening. But then, it's onto New Years' Eve... I don't know what I'll be doing then. This is my first year of not being anywhere for that night. So, I might have a movie marathon of a particular actor or do something else for the night. I'm not sure yet. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Holiday Volunteering

Man! This week has been so busy I just don't know where to start! 

Wednesday, I was out the door by around 8am or so to do my shopping and home well before midday. I had bought absolutely everything I'd ever want for the fortnight - and a few things I didn't think I'd need, but got anyway (as you never know over this crazy time of year). 

Thursday, I went out again to buy the small things I forgot; like my prescription medications. Yeah, I forgot them. How typical of me to do that... honestly, I did forget them. Then, I bought other stuff which was going to be used over the weekend - hopefully - and if not, I'll use it next year.

Yesterday, I was out and about again to look for a bookstore I've been meaning to look at again. But I found out it was closed. Oh, jeez! It was a great bookstore too - Cumquat Books was the best bookstore around Annerley and I wanted to go there again before the year was out. I was told by the person who owned the vintage clothing store that's there now, that the owner retired from the bookstore arena. This is a difficult thing to do - to retire from selling books... it's like retiring from being a Librarian, you kind of never leave the field because your love of books never really goes away. But the previous owner felt she was getting too old for the game; and I could understand that.
But I was put onto another bookstores around Mount Gravatt. It was the Mount Gravatt Bookshop. It's not far from the Mount Gravatt College of TAFE and I didn't know it was there; and this store has been there on Carrara Street for over 25 years. What a great place! It's in a such an unsuspecting place too - in a line of shops off the main road. Lovely!

Today, I chatted to the caretaker of my unit/townhouse complex. We haven't talked about things around the place for a long time; and so I thought to see what was what around (as a long-time resident, I do have the right to have a good chat with him) here seeing the party season was upon us now. Last year, a neighbour a few doors down had over a week of parties which kept half the complex awake and nobody liked him very much. This year, I'm hoping that doesn't happen. If it does, I'll be back to writing to the Body Corporate and seeing what happens, and not being able to sleep because of it.

Oh... yay... how... fun...

Well, I went to my volunteer work today at the gallery and it was empty. There were no phone calls, and I bought my future SIL's Christmas present. I hope she likes it. Anyway, it's been a week of being full-on, doing full-on things and all I want is next week being able to kick back do nothing, sleep a full night's sleep and just work on my garden (yeah, I wish! My hand isn't fully healed yet). Otherwise, I'll see how I go with the new craft work I'm hoping to get done before the next markets in February. So, how's your Christmas preparations going? Have you finished your Christmas Shopping, card-sending and everything else yet? Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe, Merry Christmas to you all and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Up and At 'Em! It's Grocery Day!

I find that the closer we get to Christmas, the crazier it becomes out in the shopping centres.

So, I came up with a plan of attack today - yes I said attack, because there's no better word for it. At this time of year, I find that I have to stock up on everything I need, and some things that are luxury items, so I don't need to go out.

However, just after I filled the car with fuel, I returned back to the unit complex to get my prescription for my Topamax when I spotted the rubbish truck pulling into the driveway... well, I did a u-turn and went up the road and decided against trying to pull in next to that thing! I'll get my medication tomorrow. It's something that's not really that urgent, and I can work with it at a chemist up the road.

Well, I bought myself things I had on my list, other things I didn't - like 50+ sunscreen. I know that seems over the top, but after the SCC's I got cut out recently, I'm not taking any chances on my skin anymore. I'm hoping to buy some driving gloves from Super Cheap and will wear long sleeves when I drive, so I don't get any more of these things growing on me.

It's been a strange day, though. I have bought all my groceries, all my fruit and veggies and petrol too. Then, I came home, unloaded and took a look at my hand. It looks good; even after I wrapped it up for the outing. But last night, I put Coconut Oil on it before I went to bed - and during the night when I washed it off - and it's looking so much better. I hope it heals better and faster with this stuff. 
Well, I'm hoping to get through Christmas with no problems with the others; as they were basic, whereas the one on my hand was more complex

Anyway, with the shopping out of the way, there's still a little to get done before Christmas. I've also got some volunteer work before the gallery closes until the New Year... nothing like getting in some good work there. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Christmas Presents bought!

Today, I was up and out the door to get to Garden City to find a good parking spot... yeah, at this time of year, they're difficult to find! I had to buy the last two presents for Christmas - and I was done!

And once I bought my Gloria Jean's Christmas Mug, I thought to settle in and get myself a little ice coffee and just chill out for a bit before going back to the car... really, I had another 3 hours to kill before leaving. So, I sat there with my pressie, enjoying myself, checking out Facebook on the Westfield Shopping Centre wifi (it's free!) and not minding the air-con a bit!

Well, once the drink was gone, I walked back along the old section of the shopping centre and was about to go back to the car through David Jones when I spotted the store called 'Typo'. I have looked at the place before - just before it was officially opened - and thought to have a look at it. Well, this place is chock full of all kinds of notebooks, pens, pencils, retro-looking things and fun stuff I love! 

And I was bad... I was naughty. I bought another notebook! As if I really need another one! But it's very cool and I love it. Anyway, I thought to get it as it's very cool and bought some nice accessories for it too (as you do when you're a writer) like a mechanical pencil and a keyring... yeah, like I need more of those things! 

Well, I made it back home with no money in my purse... and a few things from Bunnings too! No, I didn't overspend there. I got only what I needed - well, only because I could just afford it. Now, I have no money until Wednesday.

And speaking of which, I'm seriously thinking of not going to Coles, but ordering my shopping in online and getting it delivered. I'm not sure if I should or not - just for Christmas - because I really can't stand going grocery shopping at this time of year. The teenagers alone drive me nuts... some of them around my area seem to walk around in a daze for some reason; and no, they're not looking at their phones, they just stare into space muttering about being bored. Weird, eh? Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Catching Up With Laundry and An Old Car

Today, I got to use the new washing machine. Now it took me a few tries to get the right program in it right; and it happily sang to me when it finished - now, that's cute! By 10am or so, I had all my laundry out on the line and it was done - well, okay, most of it was done, I have the towels and hand-washing to do on Monday.

I had prepared some pumpkin last night in a bowl of water to cook this morning to make Christmas Cakes in the shape of Christmas Trees! Well, I had them almost ready to put in the oven when I noticed a car being parked outside my townhouse. There's a 'No Parking' sign in the garden, to keep people from blocking my driveway. And so before I put the cakes in the oven, I went outside to let the person know they had to move the car.
She said that she was going to empty it out and that I wouldn't mind, right? I didn't have anywhere to go today, right? I said I was going out in a few hours, but still it wasn't right to park it in what was technically my driveway. I suggested that she park it in the parking spots provided, but she said she had to clean the car out as it was being collected by a tow truck - it was going to the wreckers. I said that an even better idea would be to back it up to the industrial bin at the back and clean it out up there, so she could do her cleaning out up there. 
Well, right then, she cracked the shits at me. She told me that I was reneging on what I just said - that I had let her park there. I hadn't. I said that she could park it in a better spot... not outside my place. This made her start screaming at me. She called me names, and by this time my next door neighbour came up and said he had heard me - and repeated to her what I had said, that I was right. 
She told us that the care-taker told her to park there, that he knew and that to tell me that she was parking there. I told her that I didn't want her parking outside my house; and it didn't have anything to do with him, and repeated that she was in my driveway to remove the car please. My calmness made her scream at me more. So my neighbour walked up to her and told her to move the car up the back; and that insulting me wasn't going to get her anywhere. While he was talking to her, I took the opportunity to go inside - I'm honestly getting too old for bullshit like this from people who can't take no for an answer. 

Now, I didn't yell at her, I didn't insult her, I didn't call her names. She did the yelling, abusing and screaming. She even made fun of me going inside to close my door against her. I wasn't scared of her - why would I be? I'm over 40 and have gotten to a point in my life where I keep to myself as much as I can. Drama plays nowhere in my life except on television - where it's harmless. This woman was making her circus and her monkeys mine; when they were hers and hers alone. 

I spent the rest of the day hanging out on the net, cooling off here at home and reading a bit... then I took off to the Chiropractors, where I gave them the second Christmas Cake. I was going to give that cake to that neighbour as a peace token - but her insolent behaviour blew that for her, my chiropractors got it instead. Goes to show that you gotta be nice to people, you never know what you'll get in return. The first cake is being taken to my Writer's Group tomorrow for morning tea. Until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, I'm always here. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Decluttering Time!

What is it with me, Christmas and Decluttering? These two things always seem to go hand in hand of late... and I'm... enjoying (?) it.

Jeez, I've just turned into a full-blown adult, haven't I? Yep, I did... I'm enjoying throwing things out, organising my home and love going into $2.00 stores and finding containers to use for my pantry, cupboards and storage around the house.

Woah! I'm getting ahead of myself!

Yesterday, I dropped off my latest lot of decluttering - and felt damned good about it! - at Vinnies, and found myself looking around at the shop. Well, I was looking for a Lazy-Susan to put in my pantry to use for my herbs. I hoped somebody out there was going to throw one out - as sometimes, people get tired of them. And I found one that was a real blast from the past! It was a lovely 1970's cracker platter! Isn't it just gorgeous? And I love the lid too! So, for just $10.00, I scored a retro piece I could not only use for crackers, but also use to store my large bags of herbs at the back of the pantry until I need them.

Then, today, I looked at my Tupperware cupboard and wondered just how the hell I was supposed to find anything in there! So, while I was out, I bought 2 plastic office trays and 4 baskets with handles at Variety1 and organised not only my pantry but also my Tupperware cupboard. In one tray, all the lids lived in it, in the other is where the bottoms were all stacked. If the bottoms are too big, they are next to the tray on the right... easy-peasy! 
The pantry got a right clean-out and I organised all my tinned goods, pasta, anything in bottles, chips and some of the stuff in the bottom of the pantry too... it's all looking great so far. I still have to work out some little things that haven't worked in there, but it's all just teething problems really.

The good thing is that I have a bag of rubbish I've tossed out from the pantry of food I've either opened and forgotten to eat, or food that's expired and got shoved to the back of the pantry... how good is that? Now, to work on the fridge! I've got some of it organised, but not all of it! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday - the day of not much else...

Yesterday, I got a lot of things done around the place. Today, I went out with a boot/trunk filled with things to give to the local charity store and came home with a 1970's lazy-susan cracker dish... okay, it was one thing, and one thing I had been searching for for a while.

I pulled it apart took out the insides and cleaned it up, then pulled out all my herbs and spices and cleaned up the shelf, put the lazy-susan platter part at the back and filled it with the bulk herbs I've been using and tossed out one big container that's been bugging me... and over-loading my pantry. Now, it looks more organised than ever!

I've been online for about an hour or so, and I still have a few things to get done around the place; but they won't need to get done until tomorrow morning, after my stitches come out from my surgery. This is good because I've already done a lot of the big stuff, I just have to do the little stuff... like moving a few things from the laundry and cleaning up the floor after the machine has been moved... and seeing if Dad can take the dryer with him (which doesn't work; actually it's a fire hazard because the timer on that doesn't work either, and so it doesn't have a cool-down on it and keeps getting hotter and hotter until it triggers my smoke alarm... and yes, I don't use it anymore for that particular reason).

Anyway, it's going to rain soon, as I've caught two cockroaches and two little spiders inside the house... I just hope we have a good lot of rain because it's been so dry lately. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Busy Day Tuesday

Today, I never thought I'd get out of the house... seriously! I ate a late breakfast and had to figure out what was needed in the pantry - as I didn't do a proper shop last week - and then I was off to get the rest of the Christmas shopping done, and a 'supply run' for the pantry to tide me over until next week.

Well, I checked the mail (yep, found my PO Box key - finally, as I had mis-placed it) and collected a parcel. Then, I was off to Spotlight to find a few things there - which was great! I got talking to a lady there about famous people and writing and publishing. She helped me with a few things and I informed her about InHouse Publishing at Underwood... we both won about that today.

Well, once I was finished there, I went to Logan Central Plaza and bought some smaller things for my family for Christmas and then did the top-up, supply run for the pantry. Then, I was off home! I was back home by around midday with a few bags of goodies. 

Once everything was unpacked, I unloaded the new set of shelves I had found yesterday at the back of the complex and moved it to in front of the storage facility. I have to move to next to the stereo for the next few days, as the new washing machine is coming through on Thursday, and I have to clear things out for Dad.
I also have to put things away for the Christmas Tree to come down. Before I pull that down, I'll put some decorations up around the place so it looks lovely. I already had the streamers out the front and the solar lights out in the back yard... now it's time to make the house look festive. 

Well, I have a few hours of work ahead of me. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thursday - Hurry Up Thursday!

I've gotten better than last week, since I had the bandage removed and since I returned home from the coast. 

No, I can't pick up heavy things with my right hand, but once the stitches come out on Thursday, I'll be good to go! It'll be a frantic bus trip into the city and one home to meet my Dad and brother to get a new washing machine into my house... and how good would that be? That's gonna be fantastic!

I can't wait to get that done.

Yesterday, my hand was hurting me a lot, so I just jumped offline and vegged out on the lounge, watching television. Yep, I was told to rest my hand, so I did. Not a fun thing to do seeing I could see so much I wanted to get done. I ended up watching two movie last night and the beginning of 'City Slickers' and then I washed up and closed up the house, checked my e-mail and went to bed around 10:30pm.

I wasn't so much tired, but I was out of things to do. I'm not allowed to put up my tree or Christmas decorations until next week, and I'm really peeved that I can't do that... I really want them around my house. But I have to put away so many things before I do anything about putting the tree up. Normally, I have my tree up, with the decorations all around the house by now, but the place looks very empty without the tree and pretty decorations up... and I hate that.

Well, by next Sunday, I'll have them up and the place will be looking lovely. I do have the streamers outside and have only just put up solar lights in the garden yesterday; so that's something. But I like to get it all done at once... then when I have to pull it down, it gets done in one day.

Anyway, I hope you're all keeping well. My hand does get sore from time to time, but that's the stitches pulling on the nerves. I can't ignore it, but it's good to know I'm healing really well. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Going Home, Going To The Doctors...

It's been freezing cold over the last couple of nights, and so we've we bunking down with more blankets and socks on our feet. The rain adding to that has made our stay a little more uncomfortable... but seeing i'm going home today, i'm not complaining. 

on the way home, we are dropping in on my surgeon to get my stitches loojed at. he has an office at southport and so we have gotten an appointment at a good time where we'll be on our way to Brisbane. i hope to have the 'boxing mitt' off when i see him; then i'll be able to go backj home and relax at my place... which was the original plan, but i guess the best laid plans don't always play out, right?

yesterday, mum and i were out and about again around Brunswick township. we had a lovely time at a store called 'Whatever' which is one store where you should never miss when you visit brunswick heads. this place has clothes, furnishings, books, tablecloths, sheets, curtains, lamps, bags and all kinds of other lovely things to dream-fill your home with... you know, dream-filling is where you dream of filling your home with things, but realis you far too much crap already to do that.
well, once i spent some money there, we went and looked aroud some other stores. there are some lovely places here...antique stores mainly that are just lovely, but are far too expensive.

we came across one store where it had a whole lot of retro stuff in it from Stars Wars to old Ham Radios and to masks too... then, i noticed the most gorgeous little cat on the counter who was wearing the cutest little collar with a bow on top with diamonties encrusted into it... so cute. the cat's name was 'Pearl', and she was from South America, so we patted her and i told Pearl that she was beautiful in Spanish - only makes sense if you tell a cat who's from a Spanish country they're beautiful in their own language, they'd understand it better... and you know, i think she knew it too. 

but i was searching all these stores for the perfect gift for my neighbours. i had been out to Mullumbimby and around Brunswick Heads, but hadn't found it. then, after lunch, mum and i went to Ocean Shores and i found the gift in FDB's!!! i found a coffee tin and tea tin, they were matching and very retro as well... and i hadn't seen anything like them in brisbane. i also found a butter dish at Target Country for $4.00... something i have been hunting down lately too.

well, i guess the best things show up at the very end of a trip, don't they? i've packed everything, have been ready to been ready to walk out the door for almost an hour, even though we don't leave for another hour or so... dunno really. daylight saving confuses the crap out of me when you have to keep an appointment. until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, i'm always here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Wet Day

it's our first wet day here at Brunswick Heads, and after the heat and storms we've had, it's nice to have the rain falling from the skies.

Yesterday, mum and i were at ocean shores for a few hours to do some grocery shopping and to pick up some new bandages for my arms - as the sticky bandages were starting to pull and get messy. we also picked up some tiny pads which made getting the old bandages less painful. they didn't look much, but they melted the stcky crap away easier than ever! i ended up shaving as much hair off my arms as possible, the putting the new strips of bandages on. i feel so much better, and getting dressed and showering is so much easier - and i am so much more comfortable in bed too.

today, we're finishing off Christmas cards to post off, and then we are off to Mullumbimby. this is an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of many birds' or or 'place of pelicans' i forget which. it's a beautiful little town which has been a safe haven for tourists to visit for a long time. it's not like Byron Bay and it's not quite like Nimbin... it's somewhere in between.

i do love Brunswick Heads though. it has a feel all of its own - an arty-farty kind of town, with small-town charm. besides i have been coming here with my family since i was around 6 years old, so much has changed around here - and all for the better!

Well, i hope you love the background - surfing os iconic of Australia, so i thought to use it. until my next post, take care, stay safe,and remember, i'm always here.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


okay...first things first. 

the punctuation and spelling in thev next few posts might be a bit weird, bear with me. i'm typinh with just one hand - and one figer. so these are going to take a really long time for me to type up, and i'm not going to be fussy over my spelling.

it's day 2 after surgery at Sunnybank Privatew Hospital and the pain is bareable, but is worse at night. so long i keep popping the Paracetamol i'm cruising pretty well. i'm also eating everything in sight! I ate Macdonalds yesterday, and those who know me well, you know i can't stand Maccas. i had fillet'o'fish burger... yeah,weird,hey.

Anyway, my folks brought me to Brunswick Heads to recover - and because i basically can do crap all for myself without assistance. i can't shower on my own, can't dress myself, can't cook myself a meal or drive the car... and when you're alone, this kind of thing effects every aspect of your life.

like anyone who's just been let out of hospital, i'm in pain, uncomfortable, grouchy and it take freaking forever to go to the toilet when only one arm works. i'm tellin' ya, those Dyson hand dryers - where you stick your hands inside them to get them going -don't work at all for people with only one hand. so, i'll wash my hands at the toilts, only to have to touch that icky doot handle... so back at the van, i'm using bthe sanitising gel i normally use when i'm out and about to eat; as i can't get my bandages wet.

about half an hour ago, i made myself an ice coffee, and ity took me around ten minutes to do it, mainly because the lid on the coffee jar was hard to remove... i nearly flicked sugar to all corners of the brand spanky new van and the milk very nearly became a new style of shampoo of mine (or conditioner). 

well, i'm going to leave you all now. i'd like to stick around say more, but my arm is tired and sore. until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, i'm always here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I might not be here for a little while. This is because tomorrow morning, I'll up nice and early - with the birds - at 5am to head off to the hospital to get the sun cancers on my arms surgically removed.

Yep, they're not going to be burned off as they are under my epidermis - they have to be cut out. I was kind of expecting this. However, if I leave them until next year, they might turn into something worse.

So, you might not see me here or online for about a week - I'm not sure; it depends on how I feel in a few days.

Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Organising, Organising!

Yes, I had to say that twice to get myself going, motivated and my mind into what I have to do over the next few days. 

Next Thursday morning, I'm off to hospital to get the sun cancers on my arms cut out while under twilight. It's going to be painful and annoying, and I won't be allowed to pick up or do anything much for a few days. So, I'm cleaning up the house so my Mum can stay with me.

It's been a rough week last week with my car. But I'm slowly getting back into my old self since those selfish little grots helped themselves to my car - yes it was unlocked, but didn't give them the right to look through it. I live in a secure unit/townhouse complex and I was home at the time. I thought I had done all the right things. It really could have happened to any one of us here.

Anyway, over the last few days, I've been working on the house to clean it up, making it tidy for the time my Mum is staying here. I want her to be comfortable enough to do whatever she wishes without having to clean all the time. 

So, I bought the new dish drainer and cleaned the kitchen up - which was a great thing. The cupboard doors are now nice and tidy too. All that needs to be done now is the floors there and that's all finished. 
Then, I went around and got all my laundry done yesterday - well okay, most of it. I had to do the towels today. Tomorrow I'm doing my hand-washing early in the morning and it'll be dry by the time I go out to my volunteer work. 

I'm going to fix up the office and put away all the books from downstairs and in the office, tidy it up and make it look and feel tidier (as it's gotten a little out of hand since the last time I cleaned it up). Then, I'll be putting away my duvet and blankets from Winter, putting away the rest of my clothes and hiding the Christmas gifts; as well as putting away craft gear I'm not currently using into my wardrobe. 

This will all take a few hours today and some time tomorrow. Sunday is out as I'll be chilling out while it's raining... I don't like doing housework while it's raining. I like to read. 

Well, hopefully that'll all get done and finished before Wednesday afternoon. Yep, I'm just busy organising things... what about you? What have you been up to? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Horrible Week

I've had the worst week around. 

On Monday, I went okay at my Craft Group - as our class was put on hold for that day - so we could do our own thing. This is good, as I worked on my own stuff and looked at clothes from a shopping trolley, scoring well! 

Tuesday was a busy day at my folks' house. I returned home, unpacked the car, locked it up and left it alone. The next day, I found my car had been broken into! OMG! I felt so violated that I thought I was going to be sick. After calling the police to report it, they said they'd get the fingerprint people out and gave me a QP number. Yesterday, they came out around 9am and fingerprinted my car, apologising for the hold up on how long it took them to get to me. I said it was okay - seeing how they had their hands full from the investigation going on with the teenaged girl at Marsden. Anyway, the policewoman got what she needed, photographed everything and left after filling out her report. 

I could finally go out and do some much-needed shopping at the Rochedale Fruit'n'Veggie Market and other things I needed to do as well. I'm glad I did because I really needed to get away from the house. 

Yesterday afternoon, I hung out with my neighbours and we talked about what happened and they said that they'd be more aware about what goes on around here... and said it was weird that my place was picked. I said I was told if the car hadn't been accidentally unlocked - and was locked up - they would have broken a window to get in. But as it is, they found nothing of value and won't come back to it as my car is 'worthless' in their eyes.

Anyway, this is the reason why I haven't been posting here lately. I've been really wrung out and stressed. I'm getting there, but still feel tired and really need to catch up with my sleep (yeah, not sleeping well still either). Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, November 9, 2015


It's been a busy month already as my car broke down, I've not been well last week (but am better now) and we've had our first storms for the Summer. 

And the best thing is that National Novel Writing Month has started up and this year I'm taking part! So far, I've written more than 6,000 words and most of that is on my phone - which my Dad seems to think I'm fiddling around online with. He asked me yesterday if I've got FOMO... and that was only because he'd only just learned about what that meant in the newspaper that moment. I said no, that I was writing a book for NaNoWriMo (which I had to translate for him). He doesn't understand why I was writing it on my phone, and doesn't understand why people would be challenged to write a 50,000 word book in a month; but I guess that's just him. Being a writer, I love the idea to be challenged this way.

Anyway, not everything is about the written word. I'm also cleaning up the house for next week, and so far, I've conquered the kitchen completely! 


I bought myself a new dish drainer and it's completely changed the way I wash up and how everything dries out. It's a double-decker one I bought from a kitchen outlet store where you buy all the bits to build a kitchen from scratch - it's an amazing place on Compton Road - and I have been saving up money for this for a few months an I am happy to have been able to afford one that cost around $50 and is sturdy enough to last me around a decade. My last one was from IKEA and it lasted me around a decade too, but I'm going to scrub that and recycle it for something else.

Anyway, the only things that need to get done until next week are the bathroom and toilets, the floors downstairs need vacuuming and washing and the lounge room needs to be tidy; as Mum might need to sleep on the fold-out. I also have to make sure the sheets for the fold-out are clean too.

Mum is coming here to help me over a few days later on this month as I'm going into hospital on 26th, November to get some sun cancers taken off my arms. It'll be day surgery and I'll need somebody to take me there and back home... also it'll be just a matter of having somebody there to help me with laundry, a bit of shopping, washing up and putting out the rubbish or heavy lifting around the place... nothing too much; until the stitches heal in the first few days. I'll be going under Twilight as these aren't as bad as my Melanoma was in 1996, but there's more than two of them, and they have a blood supply, so they will take time to do.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to get some things done this week, like find a new washing machine - seeing mine has had its day. The timer is broken and if I stop and start it, I'll just break the gear box in it. I've said to Dad it's not worth fixing as I've already spent over $250 in getting the service guy out over the last couple of years here - spending another $100 on it isn't worth it. Besides, the last guy who was here looking at it, advised me to just get another machine when it stuffed up again; that it was on its last legs. And when you think about it, my washing machine hasn't failed me since I bought 13 years ago. I've used it weekly - sometimes more - to do my laundry and it's always done its job no matter what. It's been a good little machine; and it's the timer on it... I can't complain about it breaking now, why would I? And what is the cost of another washing machine? $500 - $600? If I start fixing it now, I'm going to putting money into a machine I could be spending on a new machine.
But until we get a new machine, I'll be going to my parents' house to use theirs on a weekly basis - which is a bummer as it's taking me out of my routine of doing my laundry here. Yesterday was funny though: I showed up at their house at 7:45am and they were still in bed. Dad did say to be there early so I could get it all done - which I did - and he asked how many times I do laundry, I said weekly and he said, 'Oh, okay, you'll have to come here every week then.' I just hope not for too long.

Yep, this is has been my week; and the reason why you haven't heard from me for a few days. So much going on and not enough time to tell you all. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Everything Happening At Once!

Man, I wonder sometimes what I did in a past life to have everything happen all at once... you know what I mean? 

Well, I had two doctor's appointments one day after another - and they were two specialists, which cost a huge amount of money too! One of them gave me good news, while the other said, 'Yes, those sun cancers will have to come out of your arms... see you in three weeks at Sunnybank Private at 6:30am.'

Then, while I was at the Wesley Hospital, I bought some Epilum from the chemist there - and it was the home brand stuff; which I was usually okay with. However, within three or four days, I was anything but okay. I had the sweats, had little to no appetite, was extremely thirsty and couldn't sleep; in other words: I was going through withdrawal on a major scale and had allergic reactions left and right as my skin began to crawl and itch all the time. So, on Melbourne Cup Day, I took off to my nearest chemist and tried to trade my home brand pills with some 'real' Epilum - without success; I had to take it back to the chemist I bought it from. Bummer... oh well, they understood and let me buy some more of the 'real' Epilum this time.

Anyway, later on in the morning, I drove to Mum and Dad's place because I still wasn't feeling great (and I couldn't take my next dose of medications until later that day), when on the way there, my car started stuffing up at the lights. It was missing and grumbling all the way there! Damn! So, I told Dad and we went for a drive... just when I wanted to sit down and do nothing but watch the Big Race #7 that day... no, Dad was focused on getting my car looked at all day. He had me running around the place, up and down the stairs and driving around Slacks Creek looking at mechanics to see what we could do with my little car... most of the stuff we talked about didn't stick with me, it just went straight over my head because of how horrible I felt. I don't think Dad believed me that I felt sick... just because I wasn't blowing chunks didn't mean I wasn't feeling disgusting.

Anyway, yesterday, I was at Moss Street at 8:10am after shoveling down breakfast, after a shower and after emptying out my car of anything important... Dad had found a place he had taken my late Uncle's cars to get looked at before we sold them, and he wanted me to meet him there at 8:10am... I was there before he was, the guy was great. He asked what happened and when he heard what year my car was, he knew exactly what was going on - and said he'd look at it for us.

Today, I got to pick up my Little Green Machine and she was purring along just wonderfully! I thanked Mum for loaning me her car for a day and a bit and we went our separate ways. I also had bought some lovely bananas for her and Aussie Garlic at the Rochedale Fruit'n'Veggie Market as well just so she didn't have to go to the trouble of looking for it.

What a week, right? I'm feeling so much better - but I'm stuck with medication I don't have a use for and I don't know what to do with. I might hand it over to my local doctors' and see if they can use it; seeing I can't. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Birthday Discounts

I went out yesterday to Garden City and had a day to myself - something I haven't done in a long time. Usually I stay home and do some needlepoint or painting. But I wanted to get away from the house instead.

I had some Birthday Discounts I had to cash in at Garden City and when they come around, they usually only last a month; so thought I should jump on them while I had them. I also had to pick up some art gear too... mainly magnets for a new line of work I'm looking at.

Anyway, I packed my handbag, locked up the house and was on my way. I always have fun going out to these places as sometimes I never know what I'll be doing - like yesterday was a bit of a pantser day. I had a fair idea of what I needed to do, but no list of things. I did look at other stores of things I haven't seen before and wanted to just have a look at for a while before Christmas came along (yeah, I suss out stores for presents before I spend my money).

Well, I went to Riot Art and bought some large magnets for a project I'm working on, then was off to Priceline and bought something there as well. And then walked all the way up to the other end to Strand Bags where I had a membership with them and had a Birthday Voucher to use there as well; so I used that. I bought a new purse for myself. It's very cute, green and bigger than my other Roxy purse. It also hides a lot more things than the Roxy purse too; which is good. 

Then, I was off to Gloria Jeans for my free coffee - yep, it was my Birthday coffee. I had that with a piece of orange and almond slice; very lovely and not too sweet. While I was there, I changed over stuff from my old purse to the new one and texted Mum to drop in to see her for a few minutes. 

Well, by the time I got home it was just past 1pm or so.  I jumped on here and looked around the internet and then thought to get offline and start looking at something to eat - by then it was around 3pm. I had had fun yesterday being out and about - something I haven't done in over a month, and should do more often. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Simple Courtesy

I was at my volunteer work yesterday, and it was really busy! A collection of schools were getting together to play for the public as an art piece to show off 'Artwaves' 2015 in its last weeks here in the Logan Art Gallery. 

About 50 people showed up - and this included the performers and audience. Then, there were people who just showed up to look at the art around the gallery, and then there were teachers and organisers who help set up the drum kits, and other pieces of instruments from the Logan Entertainment Centre... yep, there was a lot of working going on from 10am until the starting time at 1pm.

However, as the music started, and people were entertained, we noticed one terrible thing was happening: once the musicians finished playing, their parents took them off home. They didn't stay to listen to the rest of the other musicians play. Jillian - the art gallery assistant, and my supervisor - thought this was very rude and inconsiderate of the parents to set such a bad example for their kids. 

When I was young, and playing for Yamaha Music, we did a concert over at Chandler. I was told not to leave, that we had to stay for the whole concert because we all had to be out on the stage to take a bow at the end of the two or three hours we were there; also it was considered bad form to leave in the middle of the concert as there may have been music agents in the audience (they didn't know if there were or not) who might like what we were playing, and to leave would close off an opportunity for us as musicians.

When I told Jillian this, she was surprised I had been a professional musician when I was young, but I wasn't good enough to take on the stresses to be in an orchestra or a band, so yes, I learned to play an instrument, played in front of an audience in a school band, in a symphony, on my own and then I stopped playing and left it alone for many years before I took up singing.

So, please teach your kids the courtesy to stick around at concerts they're involved with - even if they think it's boring and they are on stage right at the beginning - they will most probably be expected to get out there right at the end to take a bow, be in the credits and be part of the limelight of the show... and they'll end up loving the sound the audience makes when the auditorium fills with the sound of applause - of appreciation of their talents - and they will want to do it again long after the curtain has closed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I got my results back from the doctors late yesterday afternoon, as the nurse called me.

I don't have Hashimoto's Disease - better known as an under-active Thyroid. However, this disease runs in families and runs in mine. This is a good thing for me; so long I keep to a healthy diet and keep my weight down I'll be good.

However, the apple core sample on my arm is another story. The doctor wants to see me as soon as possible. It's a skin cancer - well, two different types - and it'll need treatment. It has nothing to do with the my primary one (my melanoma on my leg) which is a good thing, and what I expected. But I still have to get it seen to.

Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Worried Doctors

I haven't written for a while; but it's because of my doctors. They're worried about me. I went into the doctor to get two sun cancers looked at - I've had them for years - and he took a biopsy of one and said the other wasn't a skin cancer.

Then he checked my blood pressure and got me to stand on the scales and said that my weight wasn't what he wanted me to be. Yep, I was too heavy... he told me that I gained 8kg in 5 years. He thought it might be my Thyroid playing up and being underactive; so he said he wanted me to get some blood tests done - which I got done yesterday - and I have to wait for the results to come back tomorrow. I also have call up about the biopsy too.

I'm not worried about any of this as much as my doctor is as I don't have that many worries about my health. I'm constantly working on something - be it my garden, my work for the markets or packing the car for the markets - I'm never just sitting around watching television all day. 

My diet is better than is was last year as I buy my fruit and veggies at the Rochedale Fruit Market now and it's the best place for me to pick up just about anything I want there. Sure it costs around the same as Coles or Woolworths, but really that place has been there for well over 20 years and has been a staple for this area and Brisbane for so long, I don't know anywhere else that's better.

I cook everything at home, don't buy takeaway food and I don't know what to eat when I go out with friends, all because I just don't eat out anywhere. I don't cook with much salt and have cut back on my sugar intake as well as cut out all soft drinks in my life - I drink mineral water instead. 

I just wish I knew why my doctors were so worried about me... I don't see anything wrong.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Birthday

What a wonderful day it was yesterday! I woke to a lovely sunny day of clear, blue skies, and the promise of a typical hot Summer's day in Brisbane - and yet it's the middle of Spring!

I made myself some percolated coffee in my Corning Ware, ate breakfast and organised myself for the day to be at my brother's place at Brighton for lunch. But first, I had to pop over to Mum and Dad's place for morning tea; so I phoned them first - only to find they were just getting out of bed! Well, that's okay. I wasn't in any rush.

When I arrived at their house, they had a few presents for me of Miche Shells for my handbag... these are removable shells for a particular style of handbag which you can use. I have had one for a few years which I found at Life Line for around $12 and thought it was a weird bag - that was until I looked it up online and found out it was a huge thing I had stumbled upon. So this year, I decided to become more involved in it and give away over 15 handbags I just don't use anymore and work on using this one type of handbag instead... one bag, many shells, many uses - very cool!

Well, Mum and Dad bought me 4 shells and I got a holder for them all too! Then, Mum bought me new eye shadow and then we had coffee and were off before we knew it, to Brighton... yep, I left my Little Green Machine at their place and went with them in the big white 4X4 to Gabe and Kat's. 
Riley was there with her boyfriend (who I hadn't met yet) and Vivienne and Geoff Treagus came along with their lovely little daughter, Zoe; as well as Will Cornivus - who is a close mutual friend of ours too. Once they were all there, Gabe got into it and started cooking up the pizzas! 

It was a great day of food, drinks, friends and music... along with the chickens and Jay the dog too. After the cake was cut and we had some of that, it was soon time to take off. Gabe had made a huge pile of pizzas to have for later that week and we had all had a lovely day of sitting around and enjoying the shade of the marque outside. It was a lovely day for me as well as everyone else.

I found that one of the best presents I received - besides the Miche shells - was a card my niece made for me which was 'Supernatural' based. It has the Impala on the front and plenty of 'Supernatural' quotes too... such a wonderfully-crafted card by a brilliantly-talented person in my life, which I'll never get rid of. 

Well, that was my Birthday this year... lots of fun, pizza, friends and family around me - what more could anyone ask for on their birthday? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Year for Tomorrow

It's a mere 24 hours until I bid farewell to one year and say hello to being another... and I feel as though so much as gone on during this year that I'm not sure where to begin.

Since Dad bought me my car last year, it seems as though all I've done is drive it and enjoy it. I've been to and from quite a few markets, gone shopping in it it, bought a collection of things at Bunnings and found out just how much that little car of mine can really carry!

And then, there's my other hobbies I've delved into as well... like my love for fixing up old furniture. Earlier this year, I found an old chair which somebody threw out - well, okay, one of my neighbours did - and after we unwrapped it from its packing/wrappings, we were stunned to find a lovely old chair sitting before us.  Seeing my neighbour found it, I gave her first shot, but she said no and let me have it. I had fun fixing up that lovely piece.

Before that, there was my standing work bench, which looks like it's always been at my back door now... not only been there since February. It's been an asset to my hobby business and has helped me work better as well. But my art works still leaks into my kitchen and living room - oh well, can't win them all! 

My garden has had a huge make-over during Winter and I'm so proud I've been able to use the car to get in and grab things that normally without it I wouldn't have been able to. I still have other plans for it... and I won't be able to work on those things until next year. I have time for that.

In the past year, I've done some big pieces of writing. I have started organising a book filled with Flash Fiction that I put onto my blog... I'll be looking at getting it published in the next few years into traditional print and ebook as well. Then, there's an Angelic Romance I wrote late last year, which I didn't think would work, but somehow it did. It had everything from love and sex to Knights of Hell and a few new things I made up to keep things interesting. I'm also looking into working on my Fry Nelson works again... it's been a few years since I looked at the books and now it's time to look into editing them properly and making them into something for the public to read. 

Yes, I'll be busy ... but being busy is great. Over the past couple of years, since I have had the use of a few cars, I've been the busiest in my life since I was doing full-time work - and I love it! It's wonderful to be almost back to how I was in my 20's. And it's all because of how I've been taking care of myself and working with my doctors too.  

As for my Birthday? Well, it's another year to be living on this blessed planet we call home. It's another year to enjoy here. Since I've survived Cancer and am living with a horrible medical condition which kills and destroys so many people's lives every year, I am blessed to have the life I have now. It took over a decade to be where I am - well over a decade - and it was all worth the pain and the horrors of it all. I'm just seeing life for what it is and how it is... and that's the glass half full - and what a beautiful glass it is indeed!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No News - Good News?

There's not much going on at the moment. I've been busily stitching away with a new project at my Craft Group, the Agave next to my car port is finally flowering after around 20 years of being in the same spot and I finished up my niece's 16th Birthday Present... now, I have to search around for an appropriate box to put all her pressies into.

Otherwise, I haven't really been all that busy. 

Last Saturday, we had a lunch at Mum and Dad's house with the whole family. It was great. Riley and I talked about all kinds of stuff, from art to writing. She's been looking in on my Flash Fiction blog lately and loves what I write; but enjoys my poetry more than anything else. She asked me why I don't write poetry anymore.  I don't know why I don't, I guess I have to have the feel for it to write it.

Anyway, Mum gave me her Corning Ware coffee pot... and what a lovely pot it is! I love many things from the 1970's. It was a daggy decade of our times and I totally enjoy what came out there. So many bad things came out of the 1970's - like Fondue - and so many good things came out of those years too - like Corning Ware. 
This range of cookware will last you a lifetime if you look after it. And Mum has looked after hers. I found all her Corning Ware at the back of the cupboards and they looked brand new! So, I'm doing out my cupboards to fit the rest of it all into my kitchen; so I can use them. I don't want the set split up, and I will take care of it all too.

My garden has been flourishing since I fixed it up... and so just before the first lot of rain and storms, I put out some fertiliser into the pots and watered it all in.  Two days later, it poured rain, making the garden look better than ever! I'm looking forward to a great Summer of flowering Agapanthus lovely new plants around my postage stamp backyard... I just hope I have it all done up by next Winter - or just after - so it looks so much better for next Summer.

Well, so much for not having anything to say - there was plenty! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It's that time of year again.

Yep, the days are getting longer, warm and lovely. The nights are still on the cooler side and hay fever is playing around with our sinus'.

But I really get into my garden to make sure it works out in Summer - because it's just cool enough some days to make it outside to work on it. And besides, I love gardening.

I do it on a good budget too.

This year, I got in and worked out a plant which will grow in the half-pot on the fence - so long I bought longer hooks for it; which I did at Bunnings. Then, I had to divide up the Agapanthus and put those in their own pots before it got too much hotter. 

There's still a few things I want to get done before the heat really kicks in, but I'm not in too much of a hurry.  Yes, there's a list of things a mile long and the one thing I'd love to do is get more statues into my garden... that's one thing which is really lacking in my place. I have to look into buying statues that don't fall apart to keep around the place, which look great and keep the place looking lovely.
Bunnings have some, but I'd like to have some where they don't develop cracks in them - unlike my Buddha statue... but then I got that one for only $4.00 and it was a deleted stock. So, I guess it was deleted stock for a good reason.

Anyway, I'd like to have some bigger, taller plants to grow along the end fence to give me some privacy and so I can enjoy my garden more. But I guess that'll take time to do - to get the pots, the get the right plants - and like I said, I have time to do this.

Well, at least I have some of the garden done... it does look great; and I'm looking forward to making it into something I want to work on more. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.