Thursday, December 10, 2015

Decluttering Time!

What is it with me, Christmas and Decluttering? These two things always seem to go hand in hand of late... and I'm... enjoying (?) it.

Jeez, I've just turned into a full-blown adult, haven't I? Yep, I did... I'm enjoying throwing things out, organising my home and love going into $2.00 stores and finding containers to use for my pantry, cupboards and storage around the house.

Woah! I'm getting ahead of myself!

Yesterday, I dropped off my latest lot of decluttering - and felt damned good about it! - at Vinnies, and found myself looking around at the shop. Well, I was looking for a Lazy-Susan to put in my pantry to use for my herbs. I hoped somebody out there was going to throw one out - as sometimes, people get tired of them. And I found one that was a real blast from the past! It was a lovely 1970's cracker platter! Isn't it just gorgeous? And I love the lid too! So, for just $10.00, I scored a retro piece I could not only use for crackers, but also use to store my large bags of herbs at the back of the pantry until I need them.

Then, today, I looked at my Tupperware cupboard and wondered just how the hell I was supposed to find anything in there! So, while I was out, I bought 2 plastic office trays and 4 baskets with handles at Variety1 and organised not only my pantry but also my Tupperware cupboard. In one tray, all the lids lived in it, in the other is where the bottoms were all stacked. If the bottoms are too big, they are next to the tray on the right... easy-peasy! 
The pantry got a right clean-out and I organised all my tinned goods, pasta, anything in bottles, chips and some of the stuff in the bottom of the pantry too... it's all looking great so far. I still have to work out some little things that haven't worked in there, but it's all just teething problems really.

The good thing is that I have a bag of rubbish I've tossed out from the pantry of food I've either opened and forgotten to eat, or food that's expired and got shoved to the back of the pantry... how good is that? Now, to work on the fridge! I've got some of it organised, but not all of it! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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