Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 - What a Year!

It's been most certainly a busy year for me. I've gotten a lot done around my house; as well as a lot done in my life.

I still have my Little Green Machine; and it's running very well. It did have to get a look at around November as the coils stuffed up and so I was without a car for a few days. However, she's been running well since.

But at the beginning of the year, I got a lot done. The decluttering of this townhouse intensified and I threw out more rubbish and gave away more things I didn't need. I reorganised the kitchen in such a way I really didn't have to look for anything by rummaging anymore - and I discovered Lazy Suzans... yes, those retro merry-go-rounds everyone seems to be using for the fridge, pantry and even the bathroom. 

The chair I worked on in the beginning of the year came home about a month later after it was finished being reupholstered ... and now it takes pride of place in my office where I sit in it after writing for hours on end, want to chill out at the end of a long day, or just sit and read in it whenever I want to - but I never get far and end up falling asleep in the lovely thing.

I scored myself my first tattoo on my right wrist of a semi-colon; for the Semi-colon Campaign. However, I'm not stopping at just that little bit of ink - I've planned to get myself another few before my life is through. I'm saving up to get Angel Wings on the back of my left shoulder. The reason for this is personal and spiritual - besides, if I told you guys, you'd probably laugh - so I'm getting it for my own reasons. When I get a tattoo, I won't be getting it because it's cute, there will be a story behind it. This time, it's hard to explain, but when I do get it, I'll tell you why. It will be next year I'll be doing it, though.

But the year hasn't been all roses. I recently had my sun cancers removed from my arms and my right hand - talk about painful! There were 6 of them and they weren't on the surface, they had to be cut out while I knocked out (this part I didn't mind; as I didn't want to be awake for any of it). And when I did wake up, I found that the ones on the hand the doctor said he was going to burn off, he ended up cutting out. He came into post-op and told me that they were deeper than he anticipated and he had to do what he did. 
These took so long to heal and I had to really care for them - making sure they healed up properly. So, I Googled some after-surgery oils to apply; and found Coconut Oil did the trick - and man, did it work! From the first application, I could feel it working its magic on my scar on my hand. And it's only gotten better since then.

Christmas crept up on all of us. One minute it was my 42nd, Pizza Party at my brother's house with family and close friends, and the next thing you know, I was scaring the crap out of kids on Halloween and Christmas adverts were being screamed at us on the television set. Fortunately for me, I had already done most of my Christmas shopping and had only a few things to pull together - yep, I'm always prepared and start my shopping around September or so. My Christmas Cards are posted off in November and then there's the decorations to put up around the place - which were late this year, but with my hand and arms the way they were, well, I had a good excuse to be slow. But they got there.

New Year's Eve is tomorrow and there's still preparation to get done. I'm looking forward to not spending another depressing one here in the unit complex. The last one I spent here, I was on my own and there were parties going on around the place and yet people knew I was on my own, and not a single one invited me for a drink or to to hang out. So, usually, I'd head to the coast... but I went there to recover from the surgery. This time, I'll be somewhere else. We'll be chilling out and enjoying our night with friends, food and music. That's how it's supposed to be enjoyed. 

So, I hope you are all enjoying your New Year's this year with people you love, at a place you're enjoying yourself. If you're driving take care, don't rush, don't drink'n'drive... and if you've had a few, have a designated driver who will take you home or call a cab (that's what they're there for). We need to see you all into the New Year and into the future. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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