Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Busy Day Tuesday

Today, I never thought I'd get out of the house... seriously! I ate a late breakfast and had to figure out what was needed in the pantry - as I didn't do a proper shop last week - and then I was off to get the rest of the Christmas shopping done, and a 'supply run' for the pantry to tide me over until next week.

Well, I checked the mail (yep, found my PO Box key - finally, as I had mis-placed it) and collected a parcel. Then, I was off to Spotlight to find a few things there - which was great! I got talking to a lady there about famous people and writing and publishing. She helped me with a few things and I informed her about InHouse Publishing at Underwood... we both won about that today.

Well, once I was finished there, I went to Logan Central Plaza and bought some smaller things for my family for Christmas and then did the top-up, supply run for the pantry. Then, I was off home! I was back home by around midday with a few bags of goodies. 

Once everything was unpacked, I unloaded the new set of shelves I had found yesterday at the back of the complex and moved it to in front of the storage facility. I have to move to next to the stereo for the next few days, as the new washing machine is coming through on Thursday, and I have to clear things out for Dad.
I also have to put things away for the Christmas Tree to come down. Before I pull that down, I'll put some decorations up around the place so it looks lovely. I already had the streamers out the front and the solar lights out in the back yard... now it's time to make the house look festive. 

Well, I have a few hours of work ahead of me. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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