Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Wet Day

it's our first wet day here at Brunswick Heads, and after the heat and storms we've had, it's nice to have the rain falling from the skies.

Yesterday, mum and i were at ocean shores for a few hours to do some grocery shopping and to pick up some new bandages for my arms - as the sticky bandages were starting to pull and get messy. we also picked up some tiny pads which made getting the old bandages less painful. they didn't look much, but they melted the stcky crap away easier than ever! i ended up shaving as much hair off my arms as possible, the putting the new strips of bandages on. i feel so much better, and getting dressed and showering is so much easier - and i am so much more comfortable in bed too.

today, we're finishing off Christmas cards to post off, and then we are off to Mullumbimby. this is an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of many birds' or or 'place of pelicans' i forget which. it's a beautiful little town which has been a safe haven for tourists to visit for a long time. it's not like Byron Bay and it's not quite like Nimbin... it's somewhere in between.

i do love Brunswick Heads though. it has a feel all of its own - an arty-farty kind of town, with small-town charm. besides i have been coming here with my family since i was around 6 years old, so much has changed around here - and all for the better!

Well, i hope you love the background - surfing os iconic of Australia, so i thought to use it. until my next post, take care, stay safe,and remember, i'm always here.


  1. How long are you down there for?

    1. Since last Thursday... I'm going home home today. the doctor is looking at the stitches this arvo at his Southport office.