Saturday, November 28, 2015


okay...first things first. 

the punctuation and spelling in thev next few posts might be a bit weird, bear with me. i'm typinh with just one hand - and one figer. so these are going to take a really long time for me to type up, and i'm not going to be fussy over my spelling.

it's day 2 after surgery at Sunnybank Privatew Hospital and the pain is bareable, but is worse at night. so long i keep popping the Paracetamol i'm cruising pretty well. i'm also eating everything in sight! I ate Macdonalds yesterday, and those who know me well, you know i can't stand Maccas. i had fillet'o'fish burger... yeah,weird,hey.

Anyway, my folks brought me to Brunswick Heads to recover - and because i basically can do crap all for myself without assistance. i can't shower on my own, can't dress myself, can't cook myself a meal or drive the car... and when you're alone, this kind of thing effects every aspect of your life.

like anyone who's just been let out of hospital, i'm in pain, uncomfortable, grouchy and it take freaking forever to go to the toilet when only one arm works. i'm tellin' ya, those Dyson hand dryers - where you stick your hands inside them to get them going -don't work at all for people with only one hand. so, i'll wash my hands at the toilts, only to have to touch that icky doot handle... so back at the van, i'm using bthe sanitising gel i normally use when i'm out and about to eat; as i can't get my bandages wet.

about half an hour ago, i made myself an ice coffee, and ity took me around ten minutes to do it, mainly because the lid on the coffee jar was hard to remove... i nearly flicked sugar to all corners of the brand spanky new van and the milk very nearly became a new style of shampoo of mine (or conditioner). 

well, i'm going to leave you all now. i'd like to stick around say more, but my arm is tired and sore. until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, i'm always here.


  1. I would of said good luck if only I had known previously before this date.
    It's been twelve months since I had multi cells removed from my back. I know how you feel because I wasn't allowed to do a lot for six weeks.

    1. hey thanks. I still need the good luck because there's a chance of infection. But the stitches come out tomorrow; and I'm looking forward to that!