Friday, November 20, 2015

Organising, Organising!

Yes, I had to say that twice to get myself going, motivated and my mind into what I have to do over the next few days. 

Next Thursday morning, I'm off to hospital to get the sun cancers on my arms cut out while under twilight. It's going to be painful and annoying, and I won't be allowed to pick up or do anything much for a few days. So, I'm cleaning up the house so my Mum can stay with me.

It's been a rough week last week with my car. But I'm slowly getting back into my old self since those selfish little grots helped themselves to my car - yes it was unlocked, but didn't give them the right to look through it. I live in a secure unit/townhouse complex and I was home at the time. I thought I had done all the right things. It really could have happened to any one of us here.

Anyway, over the last few days, I've been working on the house to clean it up, making it tidy for the time my Mum is staying here. I want her to be comfortable enough to do whatever she wishes without having to clean all the time. 

So, I bought the new dish drainer and cleaned the kitchen up - which was a great thing. The cupboard doors are now nice and tidy too. All that needs to be done now is the floors there and that's all finished. 
Then, I went around and got all my laundry done yesterday - well okay, most of it. I had to do the towels today. Tomorrow I'm doing my hand-washing early in the morning and it'll be dry by the time I go out to my volunteer work. 

I'm going to fix up the office and put away all the books from downstairs and in the office, tidy it up and make it look and feel tidier (as it's gotten a little out of hand since the last time I cleaned it up). Then, I'll be putting away my duvet and blankets from Winter, putting away the rest of my clothes and hiding the Christmas gifts; as well as putting away craft gear I'm not currently using into my wardrobe. 

This will all take a few hours today and some time tomorrow. Sunday is out as I'll be chilling out while it's raining... I don't like doing housework while it's raining. I like to read. 

Well, hopefully that'll all get done and finished before Wednesday afternoon. Yep, I'm just busy organising things... what about you? What have you been up to? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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