Friday, December 4, 2015

Going Home, Going To The Doctors...

It's been freezing cold over the last couple of nights, and so we've we bunking down with more blankets and socks on our feet. The rain adding to that has made our stay a little more uncomfortable... but seeing i'm going home today, i'm not complaining. 

on the way home, we are dropping in on my surgeon to get my stitches loojed at. he has an office at southport and so we have gotten an appointment at a good time where we'll be on our way to Brisbane. i hope to have the 'boxing mitt' off when i see him; then i'll be able to go backj home and relax at my place... which was the original plan, but i guess the best laid plans don't always play out, right?

yesterday, mum and i were out and about again around Brunswick township. we had a lovely time at a store called 'Whatever' which is one store where you should never miss when you visit brunswick heads. this place has clothes, furnishings, books, tablecloths, sheets, curtains, lamps, bags and all kinds of other lovely things to dream-fill your home with... you know, dream-filling is where you dream of filling your home with things, but realis you far too much crap already to do that.
well, once i spent some money there, we went and looked aroud some other stores. there are some lovely places here...antique stores mainly that are just lovely, but are far too expensive.

we came across one store where it had a whole lot of retro stuff in it from Stars Wars to old Ham Radios and to masks too... then, i noticed the most gorgeous little cat on the counter who was wearing the cutest little collar with a bow on top with diamonties encrusted into it... so cute. the cat's name was 'Pearl', and she was from South America, so we patted her and i told Pearl that she was beautiful in Spanish - only makes sense if you tell a cat who's from a Spanish country they're beautiful in their own language, they'd understand it better... and you know, i think she knew it too. 

but i was searching all these stores for the perfect gift for my neighbours. i had been out to Mullumbimby and around Brunswick Heads, but hadn't found it. then, after lunch, mum and i went to Ocean Shores and i found the gift in FDB's!!! i found a coffee tin and tea tin, they were matching and very retro as well... and i hadn't seen anything like them in brisbane. i also found a butter dish at Target Country for $4.00... something i have been hunting down lately too.

well, i guess the best things show up at the very end of a trip, don't they? i've packed everything, have been ready to been ready to walk out the door for almost an hour, even though we don't leave for another hour or so... dunno really. daylight saving confuses the crap out of me when you have to keep an appointment. until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, i'm always here.

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