Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Christmas Presents bought!

Today, I was up and out the door to get to Garden City to find a good parking spot... yeah, at this time of year, they're difficult to find! I had to buy the last two presents for Christmas - and I was done!

And once I bought my Gloria Jean's Christmas Mug, I thought to settle in and get myself a little ice coffee and just chill out for a bit before going back to the car... really, I had another 3 hours to kill before leaving. So, I sat there with my pressie, enjoying myself, checking out Facebook on the Westfield Shopping Centre wifi (it's free!) and not minding the air-con a bit!

Well, once the drink was gone, I walked back along the old section of the shopping centre and was about to go back to the car through David Jones when I spotted the store called 'Typo'. I have looked at the place before - just before it was officially opened - and thought to have a look at it. Well, this place is chock full of all kinds of notebooks, pens, pencils, retro-looking things and fun stuff I love! 

And I was bad... I was naughty. I bought another notebook! As if I really need another one! But it's very cool and I love it. Anyway, I thought to get it as it's very cool and bought some nice accessories for it too (as you do when you're a writer) like a mechanical pencil and a keyring... yeah, like I need more of those things! 

Well, I made it back home with no money in my purse... and a few things from Bunnings too! No, I didn't overspend there. I got only what I needed - well, only because I could just afford it. Now, I have no money until Wednesday.

And speaking of which, I'm seriously thinking of not going to Coles, but ordering my shopping in online and getting it delivered. I'm not sure if I should or not - just for Christmas - because I really can't stand going grocery shopping at this time of year. The teenagers alone drive me nuts... some of them around my area seem to walk around in a daze for some reason; and no, they're not looking at their phones, they just stare into space muttering about being bored. Weird, eh? Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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