Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Year for Tomorrow

It's a mere 24 hours until I bid farewell to one year and say hello to being another... and I feel as though so much as gone on during this year that I'm not sure where to begin.

Since Dad bought me my car last year, it seems as though all I've done is drive it and enjoy it. I've been to and from quite a few markets, gone shopping in it it, bought a collection of things at Bunnings and found out just how much that little car of mine can really carry!

And then, there's my other hobbies I've delved into as well... like my love for fixing up old furniture. Earlier this year, I found an old chair which somebody threw out - well, okay, one of my neighbours did - and after we unwrapped it from its packing/wrappings, we were stunned to find a lovely old chair sitting before us.  Seeing my neighbour found it, I gave her first shot, but she said no and let me have it. I had fun fixing up that lovely piece.

Before that, there was my standing work bench, which looks like it's always been at my back door now... not only been there since February. It's been an asset to my hobby business and has helped me work better as well. But my art works still leaks into my kitchen and living room - oh well, can't win them all! 

My garden has had a huge make-over during Winter and I'm so proud I've been able to use the car to get in and grab things that normally without it I wouldn't have been able to. I still have other plans for it... and I won't be able to work on those things until next year. I have time for that.

In the past year, I've done some big pieces of writing. I have started organising a book filled with Flash Fiction that I put onto my blog... I'll be looking at getting it published in the next few years into traditional print and ebook as well. Then, there's an Angelic Romance I wrote late last year, which I didn't think would work, but somehow it did. It had everything from love and sex to Knights of Hell and a few new things I made up to keep things interesting. I'm also looking into working on my Fry Nelson works again... it's been a few years since I looked at the books and now it's time to look into editing them properly and making them into something for the public to read. 

Yes, I'll be busy ... but being busy is great. Over the past couple of years, since I have had the use of a few cars, I've been the busiest in my life since I was doing full-time work - and I love it! It's wonderful to be almost back to how I was in my 20's. And it's all because of how I've been taking care of myself and working with my doctors too.  

As for my Birthday? Well, it's another year to be living on this blessed planet we call home. It's another year to enjoy here. Since I've survived Cancer and am living with a horrible medical condition which kills and destroys so many people's lives every year, I am blessed to have the life I have now. It took over a decade to be where I am - well over a decade - and it was all worth the pain and the horrors of it all. I'm just seeing life for what it is and how it is... and that's the glass half full - and what a beautiful glass it is indeed!

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