Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Worried Doctors

I haven't written for a while; but it's because of my doctors. They're worried about me. I went into the doctor to get two sun cancers looked at - I've had them for years - and he took a biopsy of one and said the other wasn't a skin cancer.

Then he checked my blood pressure and got me to stand on the scales and said that my weight wasn't what he wanted me to be. Yep, I was too heavy... he told me that I gained 8kg in 5 years. He thought it might be my Thyroid playing up and being underactive; so he said he wanted me to get some blood tests done - which I got done yesterday - and I have to wait for the results to come back tomorrow. I also have call up about the biopsy too.

I'm not worried about any of this as much as my doctor is as I don't have that many worries about my health. I'm constantly working on something - be it my garden, my work for the markets or packing the car for the markets - I'm never just sitting around watching television all day. 

My diet is better than is was last year as I buy my fruit and veggies at the Rochedale Fruit Market now and it's the best place for me to pick up just about anything I want there. Sure it costs around the same as Coles or Woolworths, but really that place has been there for well over 20 years and has been a staple for this area and Brisbane for so long, I don't know anywhere else that's better.

I cook everything at home, don't buy takeaway food and I don't know what to eat when I go out with friends, all because I just don't eat out anywhere. I don't cook with much salt and have cut back on my sugar intake as well as cut out all soft drinks in my life - I drink mineral water instead. 

I just wish I knew why my doctors were so worried about me... I don't see anything wrong.

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