Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Birthday

What a wonderful day it was yesterday! I woke to a lovely sunny day of clear, blue skies, and the promise of a typical hot Summer's day in Brisbane - and yet it's the middle of Spring!

I made myself some percolated coffee in my Corning Ware, ate breakfast and organised myself for the day to be at my brother's place at Brighton for lunch. But first, I had to pop over to Mum and Dad's place for morning tea; so I phoned them first - only to find they were just getting out of bed! Well, that's okay. I wasn't in any rush.

When I arrived at their house, they had a few presents for me of Miche Shells for my handbag... these are removable shells for a particular style of handbag which you can use. I have had one for a few years which I found at Life Line for around $12 and thought it was a weird bag - that was until I looked it up online and found out it was a huge thing I had stumbled upon. So this year, I decided to become more involved in it and give away over 15 handbags I just don't use anymore and work on using this one type of handbag instead... one bag, many shells, many uses - very cool!

Well, Mum and Dad bought me 4 shells and I got a holder for them all too! Then, Mum bought me new eye shadow and then we had coffee and were off before we knew it, to Brighton... yep, I left my Little Green Machine at their place and went with them in the big white 4X4 to Gabe and Kat's. 
Riley was there with her boyfriend (who I hadn't met yet) and Vivienne and Geoff Treagus came along with their lovely little daughter, Zoe; as well as Will Cornivus - who is a close mutual friend of ours too. Once they were all there, Gabe got into it and started cooking up the pizzas! 

It was a great day of food, drinks, friends and music... along with the chickens and Jay the dog too. After the cake was cut and we had some of that, it was soon time to take off. Gabe had made a huge pile of pizzas to have for later that week and we had all had a lovely day of sitting around and enjoying the shade of the marque outside. It was a lovely day for me as well as everyone else.

I found that one of the best presents I received - besides the Miche shells - was a card my niece made for me which was 'Supernatural' based. It has the Impala on the front and plenty of 'Supernatural' quotes too... such a wonderfully-crafted card by a brilliantly-talented person in my life, which I'll never get rid of. 

Well, that was my Birthday this year... lots of fun, pizza, friends and family around me - what more could anyone ask for on their birthday? Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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