Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank God It's Friday

Yep, that's all I can say about today... really, I've had a huge week and I'm stuffed.  I just want to go back to bed and crawl under my duvet and go back to sleep again.

But I can't... I have to live out my Friday in the sleepy haze I'm in because that's just how it is.  I've been on the go since Monday working on my garden, shopping and enjoying my life with a car; and people don't realise what it's like to go without a car until you really do for so long.

On Monday, I had craft group.  It was fun, and I found a very lucky ducky of a metal statue - which is sitting in amongst the leaves of a Happy Plant in my backyard as I write.  
On Tuesday, I was out again looking at things for the garden at Bunnings and scored big!  I bought two deleted items from two different Bunnings stores; which were only around the corner from each other.  Very cool.  
Wednesday was shopping day.  I scored a lovely necklace at Life Line for around $7.50 and then walked out, looked to my left and found a basket of bookst sitting there with a sign on the front:  '$3.00ea'.  So, I looked through them as they were all hard cover and I spotted a few Piers Anthony books.  I picked up 4 of his books which turned out to be First Editions and to make my day even better, two of them had been printed in the USA!  I also scored a biography of reclusive writer - Patrick White - and that was a First Edition too!  How's that for a stunner?  I came in under budget for my shopping - despite having to spend a little more money on a few things I needed around other shops - and yet made it home well before midday.  Yep, Wednesday was good, exhausting and fun... I even ordered in Season 8 of Supernatural on dvd and began paying it off.
Yesterday, I was out the door by around 10am, went to Bunnings, bought 2 bags of potting mix, 1 bag of lawn food, looked around and then headed off to a few stores to look for outdoor settings, then drove to Springwood's Reject Store and bought some fairy figurines for the garden and other things and then went to the doctor to get a prescription (and ended up getting all my scripts written up just to be on the safe side) and then I was back home looking at my garden... it was time to get rid of the old white, rotting table in my backyard.  So, I asked Paul, Ian's flatmate to help me, as my right arm isn't quite up to anything too big in the hammering arena yet.  Paul was more than happy to help.  When he saw it, he understood why I needed help with it and gleefully smashed it up and grabbed the recycle bin up the back and put the peices in it.  I appreciated his help.  He also unwrapped some of the figurines and we found one of them was already broken when he opened it... which was disappointing as it was a favourite of mine.  I said I'd take it back and get an exchange; but he said to get it glued back on; I told him I had the receipt still and I'd take it back on Saturday.  So, I bagged it up and it's ready to take back tomorrow.

Anyway, the backyard looks and feels kinda bare without the big white table there, but it was ready to fall down and so, I'll be looking around for something to put in its place to have the plants sit on and the fairies can hide too... it'll look lovely.  And I'm hoping to get a bird feeder to hang from the tree branch soon too, but that'll take time to find.  

However, I was tired from the day - and week - and so last night, I thought to get an early night.  So, I was off to bed at around 10:30pm.  Unfortunately, my next door neighbour had other ideas.  She thought to get some laundry done instead.  So, I went over there and asked if she could possible do her laundry early today.  She sighed and said to go away and leave her alone, closing the door in my face.  I shouted through it that it's on her lease that if she is making noise that's bothering her neighbours that I have every right to come over and ask her to stop it, and she is obliged to.  She still told me to leave her alone and go away.  She finished the load of laundry, hung it out and slammed the back door.  By the time she did, it was almost midnight.  So, today, I called the Body Corporate and let them know and they told me I had to e-mail them.  I did, telling them that the noise of the mixer taps have been going on for a few years, and it's now just dreadful and it would be a good idea to make the landlord get rid of them and go back to conventional taps then I'd never hear anything and the pipes wouldn't knock or rattle inside the walls; and my neighbour could do laundry whenever she wanted without bothering me.

Well, that was my week.  And like I said, I'm stuffed; and now you know why.  If I had gotten a good night's sleep this week, last night, I wouldn't be so tired.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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