Friday, August 2, 2013

Locked Out!

Today was supposed to be easy.  Really easy.  But it turned into something I hated; something hard and confusing and ... well, I got locked out of my house.  I had the car keys on me and that was it.

I didn't have my spare key on me.
I didn't have Mum and Dad's house keys on me.
I didn't have my other set of house keys on me.

So, I asked a neighbour to help me, and he came around and looked at the only open window of my house - which was my bedroom which fortunately.  Unfortunately, it was set for the wrong side of the house, where it wasn't closest to the front door; so he couldn't get in.  I asked if he knew anyone who had a ladder, but he knew nobody did... so there went that.  He suggested I go next door to the fire station...  so I did.

I rang the bell for them, but nobody was at the station to help me.  Bummer!

So, I smsed my brother to see if he could help me, or had a suggestion.  I got a reply from somebody who asked: 'who is this?'  told them who and they replied: 'WTF, i dont have a sister.' So I rang them and found that I was given a number that wasn't my brother's mobile phone.  Well, darn!  
Anyway, I ended up driving to my Aunt and Uncle's house not far from the Logan Art Gallery to ask if they had a ladder to borrow... fortunately, they did, but it wasn't theirs, it was their son's.  And it was far too heavy to carry on the car or the Pajero; so that wasn't going to happen.  My only choice was to call a locksmith - which was going to be expensive.  
However, I thought to call on Home Assist; as I had been put onto their books only a few days ago, and I thought it was something I could call them about.  I did that and the Logan office was closed for training!  So, I called another office and they said they couldn't help me... damn!... but they could put me onto a locksmith, who put me onto another locksmith in my area. 
The second locksmith helped me out!  He was great.  So long I paid in cash, he cut the price down from $90 to $50 to get me into my house.  And so, with some money borrowed off my Aunt, I was on my way to getting back into my townhouse.  The guy - Tony - showed up, and he followed me through the unit complex and, within minutes, he had my door open!  I paid him the money and he was gone.  

As soon as I had all my keys, I was also gone... gone where?  To Bunnings.  I had another bag of iceberg stones to pick up for the front garden.  So, I did that, drove to my Aunt and Uncle's house back the $50 she had given to me as extra in case he busted the lock by accident (as my unit isn't new; it's quite old) and then dropped in on a friend of mine who lives literally across the road from her.  Susan was so surprised to find me on her doorstep!  She knew I was driving, but didn't expect me to drop by so suddenly.  
We chatted for a couple of hours... her two cats were around.  One of them is black and white and very social.  I patted her and she gave me a nibble and went away; such a cutie.  Then, there's Gizmo who is a lovely white cat with gorgeous markings.  But when I approached him to pat him, he ran away... poor little guy.  I wish I could have gotten to know him better; but I guess some kitties are like that.  Maybe next time - or when he gets to know me better as one of his Mum's friend's - he'll let me pat him.  Anyway, both Susan and I had to take off too soon as I had things to do, and she had to pick up her kids from school.  It was so good to catch up with her.  And it's also so good to be able get back inside my house! Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here. 

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