Monday, August 5, 2013

One Month Down - Three Months To Go!

Yep, I've been working hard over the last month to get my house into good working order - good enough where I don't have to borrow Mum's car too much when her and Dad return from overseas.

Over the last month, I've cleaned out my bedroom completely, cleaned out my office, made one trip to a charity store, created a large kitchen utensil hanger and fixed up my front garden - and I did the last one with Tennis Elbow (which is healing very well thanks to my chiropractor who straightened me out and put all my bones in good working order again).  

Now, I'm onto Month Two and I have more plans that are going from blueprint stage and are going to come to fruition.  The main part of the plans for my place is to fix up my back yard so it looks and feels like I'm on holidays, isn't too hard to care for and I want to be around and in it.  
I plan to have a few more plants in it, some statues hiding in it, and add more solar lights to it to make it really light up at night so it looks pretty and I can make it feel good.  
Over the past year or so, I've been working on a few plants slowly making them grow the way I want them to.  And now, I'm hoping to get the rest of the yard to grow the way I want it to and make it feel nice.  It will take another year to get a new outdoor setting that isn't falling apart (as mine is rotting right now) but I'd like to concentrate on the plants and where they're at.

Today, I moved the plants where I wanted them to be, pulled out some major weeds and put down some of the pavers where they were going to end up being.  I'm happy with the results so far.  However, I'm stuck at the moment because the Aloe Vera can't be moved until I repot it next week as it's rooted itself into the soil and the polystyrene container is fragile.  So, it looks like I'm being forced to wait until I have the money next week.  Well, that's okay, my arm will heal better by that time and I've got other things to get done around the house anyway.

I'm on the lookout for this month's 'Good Reading' Magazine - which has yet to be delivered to any newsagents around Logan or Mt Gravatt.  So, I've been forced to subscribe so I don't miss a copy.  Silly really but it'll work out as I get a free copy in the end.  Then, I'm hoping to get something for my office window that will cut the light at night for my neighours - as I'm a night-owl and they're not.  I'll put it up at night and it'll let the light in during the day... I'm hoping to scour the cheap shops during the day and find something that will be worthwhile.  And it'll give my office a nice relaxed feel too.
So, these are my plans for this week - and month - and I hope they work out.  I hope your plans are working out well too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (or cool) and remember, I'm always here.    

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